Trip to Enchanted Kingdom – Feb 2009 ! ! !

Event : Dada and Bebe goes Out-of-town (extension)
Date : February 14, 2009
Venue : Enchanted Kingdom
Photos : [click here]

Dada and I planned on going here as part of our week-long out-of-town trip but EK is closed from Monday to Wednesday so we had to re-schedule it. I don’t consider this as a Valentine’s Date. Dada said he doesn’t celebrate Hearts Day so I treated this like a regular stroll on a huge theme park too.

This is my third time going to EK in a span of one year! Weeeee~~~ I’ve been to EK about six-seven times since it opened. Addict mode~!

Other trips to EK that I put in my blog:
1) Teletech Summer Outing 2008 [link]
2) OtakonEK 2008 [link]

I got 3 free tickets when I volunteered for the Press Conference of OtakonEK last September 2008.

Dada and I met up in the Ayala-MRT station around 9:30 AM. We headed to Glorietta and waited in line for the EK shuttle. There were a lot of people and the shuttle service was delayed for a couple of minutes. *sigh*

Upon arriving in EK, we immediately stashed our stuff on the locker area so that we won’t have a hard time roaming around.

We went to the Amazon Grill and had lunch. The barbecue and side dishes were soooooooo delicious! Dada also gave me chocolate marshmallows for desert (there goes my diet!).

The rides we took were the ff:
1) Roller Skater (mini roller coaster)
2) Wheel of Fate (giant ferris wheel)
3) Anchor’s Away (swaying pirate ship)
4) Rialto (motion sim theater – feat. LEGO Racers)
5) Flying Fiesta (wave swinger)
6) Space Shuttle (Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster)
7) Jungle Log Jam (log flumes)

Roller Skater – We proved that the backmost seats bring more excitement.

Wheel of Fate – It looks like a glowing spiderweb at night. Dada said that this ferris wheel is where a lot of couples go to either confess their love for one another or to break up. LoL!

Anchor’s Away – There was a kid who threw up while the pirate ship was swinging back and forth. They halted operation for about 15 minutes to get everything cleaned. XD

Rialto – Not much exitement because it lacks the 3rd-person perspective.

Flying Fiesta – It looks like a UFO at night.


Jungle Log Jam – it was cold but we didn’t get too wet.

We were not able to ride the Rio Grande because it was closed and we were not able to see the fireworks because it was getting late.

I bought a red bonnet, a spill-proof mug and I also bought a photo from the Space Shuttle ride. Dada bought a pouch for his cellphone.

We got back in Makati at 10:30 PM. Dada escorted me back to the condo and I kissed him goodnight before we parted ways. ^_^


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Trip to ’88 Spa and Resort’ ! ! !

Event : Dada and Bebe goes Out-of-town
Date : January 30 – February 1, 2009
Venue : 88 Spa and Resort (Laguna)
Photos : [click here]

I filed a week-long vacation leave because Dada and I were supposed to go to Cebu and watch the Sinulog Festival. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t push through so I got frustrated and I insisted that we go out-of-town because I don’t want my leaves wasted. Thanks to my teammate’s suggestion, we found a very nice alternative88 Spa and Resort ! ! ! We headed to their Makati office during our day off and made reservations. We paid the package of 3 days and 2 nights and it cost us 5K Php.

We waited in Alabang but we had a hard time looking for an air-conditioned bus. I suggested to Dada that we should’ve gone to Cubao because that’s where the HMT terminal is but he said it’s quite far. I got disappointed because one of the bus conductors told us that aircon buses bound to Calamba use the flyover (which is directly above us). It took about half an hour before we finally boarded a bus — an ordinary HMT bus. Anyway, it can’t be helped. I just thought of the nice things that would happen once we’re there. Besides, he’s the one carrying my stuff. Hehe~

Calamba reminds me of Mamburao (there’s a mix of city establishments and a provincial ambiance). I wanted to escape the city’s hustle and bustle so I requested Dada that we stay in the resort instead of going out to eat there.

Around 12NN, we reached 88 Spa and the receptionists told us that our reservation was for January 29! OMG! Well, the receptionist in their Makati office who talked to Dada had a hard time with the dates but she noted that it should fall on a FRIDAY. Good thing there were available rooms so we didn’t encounter difficulties. We stashed our bags in the room we rented and then had lunch in their restaurant.

They ONLY serve Korean dishes! We don’t know anything about their cuisine so it was a good thing that the crew were Filipinos so they gave us an idea about the food. The first we ordered was their Beef Bulgogi (marinated beef with mild sauce). The waiter told us that Koreans mostly want separate servings but Filipinos are okay to share the same viand. Hahaha!

We didn’t know that they serve side dishes along with the main course. I like the Egg Kimbap (Korean version of the Tamago Sushi) and the Goguma (sweet potatoes). Dada liked the Marun Panchan (dried sweet and spicy anchovies) and the Yellow Mango Shake.

Other dishes that we ordered during our stay were the Clubhouse sandwiches, Samgyeopsal (grilled pork strips) and the one that made me cry because I couldn’t eat it — the Pork Bulgogi (spicy pork version of the Beef Bulgogi). The food bills for our entire stay amounted to 3.6K Php.

We wandered around the resort and looked at the nice things that we could find. 88 Spa has a total of about 7 major swimming pools plus a few jacuzzi. There were also a lot of cottages and rooms, ranging from the basic to the more extravagant ones. The crew included towels and toiletries in our room which they constantly change everyday. The comforters are very warm and the pillows are very soft. What I didn’t like was the bed — it was huge but I felt really iffy because it was as hard as a rock!

Since it’s a Korean-themed resort, most of its patrons are also Koreans. In fact, during our entire stay, I think I only saw about two other Filipino families and about 2-3 Caucasian couples.

We mostly stayed in the hotspring pool near our room because it’s only about 27°C and is deep enough to submerge Dada’s body. LoL! He said he can’t swim but I envy him because he can walk on the 6 ft part of the pool while I have to exert effort in order to stay afloat! @_@ Anyway, I let him carry me while we’re there and I just hugged him. Hahaha! Yeah, so much PDA but I enjoyed it. XD

Aside from the swimming pools, 88 Spa also has massage centers, a mini-zoo, a fishing pond, a horseback riding area and a very nice view of the mountain side. We also found several erotic statues that made us laugh so loud!

I was so amazed by the scenery and I am so thankful that I have my trusted CANON P&S with me. I took about a thousand shots but only got 80+ good and not-so-repetitive photos. LoL! XD

On our way back, we stopped by Glorietta and had lunch in Sakura, a Japanese restaurant. After eating, Dada escorted me to the jeepney terminal in Ayala. I went back to the condo to get my workout gear before I rode a bus going to Fairview.

Sigh, 3 days and 2 nights came by quickly but those were really fun and memorable. This is the first time I went out-of-town with Dada for more than a day and I hope there’s more to come. Weeeeeeeee~~~~~ ^__^

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Trip trip trip FEU-FERN fieldtrip 2008 . . .

Event : Popay's Fieldtrip 2008
Date : November 27, 2008

Venues :
Philippine Science Centrum (Marikina) [link]
Jollibee Commissary (Laguna) [link]
Manila Coconut Palace [link]
Manila Ocean Park (Pasay) [link]

PHOTOS: [link]


Several weeks ago, Popay (my youngest sibling) asked me to be her chaperon during her field-trip. I was hesitant at first (because the fee was P1,200!!) but since it falls on my day-off, I eventually agreed. Besides, I thought that it would be a great way for me to relieve stress and forget about my problems.

Popay woke me up 10 minutes before 5AM and she was very excited about the whole thing. I only had 5 hours of sleep since I updated some of my websites last night. Groan~ Mom prepared warm water for our bath and she also drove us to FEU-FERN.

We reached FEU-FERN at exactly 6AM, just in time for the roll-call. It's been years since I last stepped inside any campus and it's getting a bit nostalgic and annoying at the same time because it's very noisy. The bus left around 6:45AM and our first stop was the Philippine Science Centrum.

The tour-guide on that bus was "Kuya Rich". I can safely say that he's a lively fellow and he knows how to prevent boredom while waiting for the next pitstop. He played Q&A's with the kids and gave them prizes whenever they give a correct response. Popay got a Disney Princess pencil and an eraser from him. Haha!

En route to PSC, Kuya Rich gave us some facts about the city of Marikina. Well, I am no stranger to that city since I spent my toddler years there. Marikina is known as the "Shoe Capital of the Philippines" [link] since it has a lot of  quality shoe factories. My Tita used to work in one during her younger years. Recently, it's also been dubbed as "Little Singapore" [link] since it's the cleanest city in the country today (thanks to Bayani Fernando [link]).

When I was in grade school, we also got to visit PSC but I can no longer remember the venue. PSC has changed a lot and some of the experiments I remember were no longer part of their exhibit. They've been replaced with some electronic contraptions and thingamajigs. One stayed, though.. The classic "Finger Tingler" [link]. LoL! Popay asked me to buy her a rainbow spring and she played with it the whole day! Haha!

The next place we went to was the Jollibee Commissary, which is a large "kitchen" where they cut, grind, process and pack the goods that would be delivered to Jollibee stores across the country and the globe. We gathered in the A.V.R. to watch a presentation of the commissary before they let us view through the "looking glass" how things are done. I have never seen so many patties and buns in my entire life!!! LoL! Too bad they didn't allow cameras within the comissary so I wasn't able to take any shots. This is the most boring part of the field trip.

Since we're late, Kuya Rich told us that we're just gonna take our lunch aboard the bus while we head to the Coconut Palace. I got very worried because the "porcelain goddess" (as Dada coins it) was calling me. My bladder wasn't that strong against long trips. Good thing some guardians needed to buy food so we had a brief stop-over and I was able to relieve the need. GAAAHH!!!

Two of Popay's Korean classmates (Min and Steve) sat beside us and played DJMAX-2. These kids are waaaaaayyyyy better than me! They beat my high score in one of the hard songs! Min shared with us his bento, a Tupperware-full of Korean riceballs he called "yabachuba".

We reached Pasay after another hour and it was raining hard. Good thing there were so many things to look at inside the Coconut Palace so by the time we got out, the rain already stopped. The building was like a huge hotel with different Filipino motifs for each room. The most noticeable designs in the palace are the hexagons and octagons within doors, windows, ceilings, walls, floorings, the swimming pool and even the building itself! I think they got the idea from cut-coconut-shells.

Kuya Rich gave us a trivia about the Cultural Center of the Philippines [link], one of the notable landmarks we saw (aside from Star City [link]), on our way to the Manila Ocean Park. He told us how we'd know if a play is being held either on the main theater or on the mini-theater inside CCP. There are two fountains in CCP, one larger than the other. If the smaller fountain is visible, then there's a play going on in the mini-theater. If it's the larger fountain, then there's a play in the main theater. He also joked that CCP is known as the "Largest toilet bowl in the Philippines" because CCP looks like the porcelain goddess on a bird's eye view. LoL!

We reached MOP at 3:46PM. Kuya Rich gave us our tickets and told us that we can proceed on our own so long as we return to the bus at 5PM. I told Popay to walk slowly since we're not allowed to look back once we enter the Oceanarium.

My trusted P&S digicam (Canon IXUS 850-IS) ran out of battery during the first few minutes of our trip in MOP so I got disappointed and I panicked – A LOT! My options are either to use my N70's main camera or take no pictures at all! I can't afford going home with no souvenir photos! NOOOOOOO!!!! T____T Alas, I decided to use my N70 and hope that I can salvage some shots using ADOBE. it was a really hard task for a novice photographer like me to shoot with so-so equipment (the 2-megapixel main camera of N70), little lighting (FLASH photography is taboo in that area) and models who won't stay put (the sea critters a.k.a. 'fishes'). Since we can't use the flash of the camera and the fishes swim here and there, most of the photos I took are blurry. I had to take 4-6 shots of every aquarium and hope that at least one from each group is good enough for post-processing.

Popay and I bought some souvenirs before we boarded the bus at exactly 5PM. We're the first ones to arrive and it brings back the classic "Filipino-time" attitude. I really hate it when people make me wait! The last guardian-and-student pair arrived 45 minutes later! We could've gone to the fish-spa or did more shopping if we only knew that they'd be super late! Darnit … ¬_¬

We got back in FEU-FERN around 8PM. I called up mom so she could fetch us but she said she couldn't. It turns out that there's another screening of a local tv-drama going on in our neighbor's house and she cannot maneuver her car properly because of the other cars parked on our side of the street. Groan~ We took the trike going home instead.

I began editing some photos and had a chit-chat with Dada before I went to bed.

Sigh, long day… but it was fun!

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OtakonEK 2008 ! ! !


I woke up around 5:38AM and put on black nail polish. Good thing it dried up fast so I was able to finish within an hour.

I left the condo around 7:15AM because Dada was supposed to give me the ROSE installer before I leave. We met up in KFC beside the Ayala-MRT station 15 minutes later. Well, he forgot to bring the installer so we just had some chit-chat. I wasn't sure if he was serious or if he was just teasing me when he said "'wag ka na pumunta sa EK" (don't go to EK anymore) because he was smiling. So I told him that there would be several conditions if I am to do that. I asked him to reimburse the expenses I had so far with the OtakonEK preparation and that we have to go to EK next month. He then said "Sige na nga, umalis ka na lang!" (Alright then, just go!). Hahaha!

We met up with Jeiro and Ten around 9:15AM and we headed to the EK shuttle service. The situation was contrary to what we have expected — there were less than 10 cosplayers waiting. Dada gave me his ATM card sleeve and shades pouch so I can put my money in there. He noticed that my Lolita bag was so cluttered so he snagged it from me and arranged my stuff so that everything would fit inside — yes, he's OC! He also asked me to text him once in a while so he'd be updated as to what's happening. He said he would sulk if I don't! Well, I would be texting him often even if he didn't tell me. ^_^

The shuttle left at 9:30AM and we reached EK around 10:30AM. I was shocked to see a lot of vehicles already parked and what's more, a lot of cosplayers are already dressed up! In short, WE ARE SO LATE!!! I forgot the fact that about 90% of the cosplay community is composed of wealthy kids so they have their own cars and personal assistants. LOL!

Jeiro and I changed into our cosplay clothes in the ladies room outside the park because the marshals wouldn't let us in if we're not dressed up. What shocked me more was that there's this teenage girl cosplayer who, probably was in much of a hurry and couldn't wait until one of the cubicles became available, undressed herself in a vacant portion of the ladies room! The door of the CR was open and there's a HUGE mirror in front so she's a free game to those nose-bleeding guys standing outside. OMG! It was hilarious!

After getting lockers, we started strolling inside the park. There were plenty of people who asked us to take photos with them and we gladly agreed. Some kids got scared of me, though. It's probably because they see me as a huge walking-and-talking doll with a Sharingan! There's this one cute Chinese baby who got curious and kept on staring at me. I wanted to take a photo of him with me but I got shy asking his mom. Besides, he was too delicate that I got anxious because I might hurt him. I'm really not good with kids… A lot of people would also pass by and murmur "Oh my! She's got red eyes!" Jeiro and Ten laughed when I told them that I get that comment a lot when I wear these contact lenses.

We entered Eldar's Tent and I got to see Jaja. I got the Victoria headdress from her and also bought another annulet to complete my Lolita ensemble. There were a lot more items I wanted to buy from her but I couldn't decide that time! Shucks!

We were not able to eat while inside EK. The restaurants were jam-packed with normal people, cosplayers, and other patrons. So we decided to just have a drink and rest a bit before we continue strolling around.

We didn't join the cosplay competition because I don't want to feel the pressure and I wanted to go around the park as much as we can. I also didn't have time to take photos of other cosplayers. They paraded around the park, according to one of the employees, and they asked us why we didn't join. I told her "Namamasyal lang po kami tsaka ine-enjoy yung rides. Hindi po kami kasali dun." (We're just strolling around and enjoying the rides. We're not part of that.) Anyway, I did indicate on the online pre-registration that I will not join the contest.

While occasionally posing for photo-ops and all, we also tried some rides and tested the "KAPIT" POWER of our blond wigs!

STAGE 1 : Roller Skater *CLEARED!!!*
STAGE 2 : Anchor's Away! *CLEARED!!!*
STAGE 3 : Flying Fiesta *CLEARED!!!*
STAGE 4 : Wheel of Fate *CLEARED!!!*
Bonus Stage : Grand Carousel *CLEARED!!!*
STAGE 5 : Up! Up and Away! *CLEARED!!!*
STAGE 6 : Rio Grande *CLEARED!!!*
Hidden Challenge : Space Shuttle *NOT ENOUGH POINTS!!!*

The last ride we took was the Rio Grande and that's where I got drenched up to my undies. The Rio Grande and Wheel of Fate photographers took about 4-6 shots with me in it and and I liked them all but it was too bad they do not sell soft copies anymore. It would be too expensive if I buy all of them! Hah! Nevermind . . .

On the way to the locker room, I saw my crush but since I was not prim and proper after the Rio Grande ride, I got too shy to ask a photo with him. Instead, I just said "Hi!" and then left. *sigh* I wish I can see him on the next conventions. *dreams on* I also saw a lot of my cosplay friends and online buddies. I just said "hi!" to them too. We were in so much of a hurry to change our clothes because we were soaking wet!

We wanted to try the Space Shuttle but there was no time left too. *sob*

I guess it was also okay to leave early since we're not cramming and there's no competition in the dressing areas and transpo.

The shuttle left at 6PM and we arrived in Glorietta after 30 minutes! We had dinner in KFC before going home.

I reached our house around 9PM and everyone was already asleep. I tried editing some photos while talking to Dada via the YM phone. *sigh*

Well, there it goes. One month of waiting for this event and it's over just like that. Hah! Ang bilis! I had loads of fun though. I hope there would be another event like this next year!


More photos at my OtakonEK-2008 multiply album [link]


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Trip to Enchanted Kingdom 2008


Enchanted Kingdom trip 2008

Event : Teletech Summer Outing 2008
Date : May 18, 2008
Venue : Enchanted Kingdom, Sta.Rosa, Laguna
Photos :

I invited Dada (my boyfriend) to join me in EK since we’ve been planning this for a long time already. Chan-su-desu~

We had a bit of a problem when Dada’s ticket was claimed by another person the day before. I had to talk to several people in charge to give us a spare ticket since it wasn’t our fault that we didn’t receive it anyways. Stupid is the person who gave the ticket to another stupid person without asking for an ID. Of course, it was our ticket, he/she/it should give it to us and to no other! I was so frustrated that I was shedding tears on our way to EK. We then found out that the culprit was one of my teammates. Funny thing was, he saw me on the office premises and he never mentioned about it. I then found out that he “secretly” planned on getting the ticket so he can take his girlfriend along. What a CHEAPSKATE! I swear I’m gonna cut his manhood when I have the chance! That @$$h073 will receive no mercy from WRATH! Haha, just kidding. I will leave the corrective action to my TL. I’m leaving the company after this anyways. When I see him in the new company, THEN I will do some killing! XD

We arrived in EK around 9:45AM. There were already a lot of people and uber long lines for each of the rides. Boohoo~

We saw Lucy (Dada’s friend who’s from Teletech-Roxas) while we’re eating pizza. She then joined us in our adventure~ Weeeee~~~

The rides we took were the Flying Fiesta, Anchor’s Away, Rialto, Theater 4D and Roller Skater. We also stayed in the arcade for a few minutes. We weren’t able to ride the Space Shuttle because of the uber long line and we’re running out of time. T_T

We left EK around 6:30PM and arrrived in Teletech-Novaliches around 7:45PM. ^_^

Trip to Baguio 2007 …

Day 1 – May 10, 2007

    2:19 AM, I woke up late because my alarm clock did not ring. I got out of the sleeping quarters and looked for my team mates, but they're all gone. Apparently, they all headed to the bus station – without me. I called my TL and asked for directions. 3:00AM, I rode a taxi going to Cubao, hoping I'd catch up with them. 3:45AM, I found them all waiting in the lounge. 4:00AM, the bus left and headed to Baguio. I slept most of the time and didn't bother looking at the scenery.

    11:00AM, the bus arrived in Baguio. We then rode a jeepney going to Hancock – Tip Top, where our transient house is located. After we unpacked our things, TL said we'll go shopping in SM-Baguio. I brought my digicam, cellphone and wallet with me so I could take pics and buy stuff. Ish and I had lunch in Kamimura, a Japanese food joint, while the rest of them went to Pizza Hut. Afterwards, we bought some things in the grocery. Since some of the guys took a while to shop, I decided to pass by Surplus and browse for some clothes. When I got back, they're GONE! I informed them of where I'd go but they didn't bother telling me that they're gonna leave already. WTF, this is the second time I got ditched by "my team mates." Some others were left behind too so I rode a cab with them.

    When we reached the transient house, I immiediately borrowed the heater and took a long bath. Then after dinner, the Miss-41 mini-pageant started. My TL asked all of us to introduce ourselves but I told them I don't wanna take part in it… It's just not my cup of tea. I became their photographer instead.

    Its was 2AM and I felt tired. The front gate is locked and there's no other way to our room so I called our teammate who has the key to open it. She said "sandali lang" as she asked another teammate if she's also gonna use the front gate. Unfortunately, Ms.Drunk#1 is already too drunk and crashed in another person's couch instead. I waited for Ms.Keyholder for about 5 minutes but she still hasn't opened the gate. I'm really fuckin tired. I sat down as I waited some more. After about 5 minutes, Ms.Drunk#2 went downstairs and said she needed to pee. Ms.Keyholder and some others followed and tried to pacify her. Of course, that again prevented me from getting out of the gate! Ms.Keyholder kept saying sorry to me but I'm not buying it. If she opened the gate immediately in the first place, none of this happened.

Day 2 – May 11, 2007

    The team went to several places, viewed some sights, took pictures and bought stuff. I went to Maharlika with Mommy Gem, Ish, Ifliza, Salvy, Zelle and her family. I was able to buy some clothes and souvenirs that amounted to less than 500 bucks. I saw a gorgeous katana in one of the shops, but it's worth 3.5K so I felt disappointed. Besides, If I buy that, the security guards in the bus station might confiscate it. ~__~

    Going back to the transient house was a tough one. Not only it was raining, taxi drivers became assholes and are getting picky with their passengers. After an hour or so of waiting, we decided to go to the jeepney terminal instead. It was gruesome as we walked 3 overpasses while we're drenched. I managed to keep my cellphone and digicam dry throughout the ordeal. Thank goodness we're able to make it. I immediately went to the shower and took a bath – without using the heater.

    Salvy decided to sleep with me and the folks downstairs because she said she felt something in the second floor. I just laughed as she explained to me what that is. We had a little chit-chat before we went to bed. She thought I am a femme because I am "astig" when I'm on The Floor. After talking for a bit, she realized that I'm the absolute opposite of what she first thought of me. But I did confess to her that I love it when people think I'm a lesbian. It only means I look cool.

Day 3 – May 12, 2007

    Everything seemed well today. We go to several more parks, took pictures, bought strawberries and peanut brittles. I didn't take a bath anymore since it's getting late and I just packed my stuff. We arrived at the bus station around 2:30PM. The bus left by 3PM.

    This time, I wasn't able to sleep and I often took pictures of the scenery. It was still raining and there was so much air pressure as the bus cruised down the mountain that I thought my eardrums would burst! I called Dada several times to update him as to where I was.

    I got home by 11PM and I greeted Tita a Happy Birthday. I gave her a t-shirt and a cigarette case. Leidi prepared a strawberry shake for me and Popay. I then had a little chit-chat with Dada (and we planned for our date the next day).

    Thank goodie, I'm home!!! There's no place like home!!!


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Trip to Grotto

    Last time I remember going to Grotto was when I was in 6th Grade and that was when my playmates from Bagong Silang invited me over to join them. I recall that it was 2 AM when we rode a trike going there so it was still dark. When we did the Station of the Cross, we just followed a white flag with a torch on it so we wouldn't get lost.

    After 13 years, I return to this solemn place with Dada and his relatives. It's not really my thing to do this yearly pilgrimage as I am agnostic, but I am thankful to Dada's parents for inviting me over. I got a chance to take pictures using my sister's Premier DS-3087S and my Nokia N70. It's another great experience for me and I will treasure this forever.

Enjoying the Scenery ...

    It's like I'm back in Mindoro, with all the towering trees and grasses. The Stations of the Cross were also a good sight. Tita Bituin and Tito Oscar (Dada's parents) asked me to read the contents of the 8th Station… I was really nervous! Thank goodness it didn't rain or everything will be ruined! The weather was relatively hot and I was really sweating. Dada constantly wiped my face with his towel and offered me food and drinks. He also carried my bag. ^_^

Planning to Step on the Next Level …

    After the Station of the Cross, we headed back to the Picnic Area to rest and have something to drink. Dada and I had a little talk too.

     He said that we should always resist temptations because he does not want to end up like his brother. I have no qualms with that because it's for our own good naman e.

    He told me that he wants us to plan our future carefully now that he's graduating. We decided to save enough money so we can settle down. I told him that it's okay if we just have a civil wedding as long as we can have a house of our own. He smiled when he remembered about his promise to me a few years back — that we'll get married once I'm 25. Hahaha! It's a nice thought, but I'm in no hurry like I always tell him.

    A few days more and it'll be our 3rd Year Anniversary. Weeee!!!

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