Kamikazee Fan Sign ! ! !

Kamikazee made a fan sign with my name in the center! OMG! *swoon*

Kamikazee is my favorite local rock band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

My eccentricities can either be awesome or awful for other people.

Some have accepted who I am and they would prefer that I have this “dark” aura while some want me to change and loosen all the weirdness.

Either way, I am just glad that all of them are aware of my unusual habits and tolerate them…

Heeyy, I don’t bite! ☻

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I am uncertain if this outfit will pass as a Punk-Lolita ensemble.
Some elements are there but the overall aura is portraying my feisty side rather than the elegant one.
Regardless, I enjoyed looking at and editing my self-portraits.
It’s been a while since I did something out of my ordinary routine.dress and arm warmers ☻ LolitaCookie
knee-high socks ☻ American Boulevard
hair ☻ Entourage
make-up ☻ me (products from NICHIDO)

camera ☺ CANON IXUS 850 IS
editing tool ☺ ADOBE Photoshop CS3