Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

“A year, ten years from now, I'll remember this; not why, only that we were here like this, together.”

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

“I dig my toes into the sand ~ the ocean looks like a thousand diamonds ~ strewn across a blue blanket”
— lyrics from “Wish You Were Here” by Incubus

I had been on a few out-of-town trips with either my fiancé, friends or colleagues. Each time we find ourselves in the beach, it became a pilgrimage to take a snapshot of our feet semi-buried in the sand.

Happy Feet ♥ Bohol 2010

WHITE. This snapshot was taken in the Virgin Islands of Bohol. Fine-grained white sand greeted us as soon as we unboarded our boat. We walked on the shoals barefooted. My trip to Bohol with my fiancé is still one of my favorite memories. I really want to go back there soon. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

“In order to preserve your self-respect, it is sometimes necessary to lie and cheat.” --- Robert Byrne

Cheating — may it be on exams, dieting, lovelife, career, etc — is always wrong in a number of levels and it has become my main regret. I am just so glad that I was able to stop my cravings before it was too late.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Hope

The Montenegro liner was loading about 15 trucks and smaller cars into its hanger.

The passengers lined up on the pier while silently and patiently waiting for the process to finish.

The ship was bound from the Batangas Pier to Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro.

It was around 9PM on the 23rd of December 2011.

Everyone was hoping that they could go home in time for Christmas and celebrate it with their love ones.

I used my new prime lense and was actually hoping to take a photo of the ship, however I forgot to set it on manual focus and the lady in the middle became the subject instead. LoL! This is my entry for the weekly photo challenge.