Weekly Photo Challenge : Self Portrait . . .

I have skipped a few challenges due to my busy schedule. I saw this week’s challenge and I was electrified because taking photos of myself has become a habit since I got my own camera.

A lot of people say that I look different each time I take a self-portrait.

Harajuku 2008

I can’t remember if this was in 2007 or 2008. We had a photoshoot showcasing Japanese fashion. After a busy and rainy day, we lounged at Starbucks inside Fully Booked. I sat beside the glass window of the top floor facing the busy streets below when I took this shot. I deleted my Multiply website when I signed up with Facebook and WordPress. Camera used: Canon IXUS 850 IS

Las Vegas 2010

This was a snapshot I took right after my makeover for our company’s Christmas party in 2010. The makeup artist hated my eyebrows but he did an uber great job of changing my facial structure. I can never replicate this look! *sob* Camera used: OLYMPUS FE-4000

Bangs 2011

I wanted to have a haircut but I love my long hair so I couldn’t give it up. What I tried was having bangs — which proved to be a challenge. I had to iron my hair so I can get this emo-look on a daily basis. Camera used: Samsung CHAMP (my current phone)

Sennheiser HD418

I was ecstatic when I got a new Harajuku polo from a recent event I went to. I wore it along with my Sennheiser HD418 and a series of self-portraits followed. This is one of my favorites. Camera used: CANON EOS 500D (blurred on the lower right of the photo LoL)

Halloween 2011

Halloween is one of my favorite occasions, particularly because I am less ridiculed by people for wearing dark makeup, loud clothes and Gothic accessories. My bangs have brown to my chin. Camera used: CANON EOS 500D

Glam Rock 2011

Our company’s Christmas party this year had Glam Rock as the theme. I was truly hyped up since I am rock music enthusiast (not glam, though) and I made some effort with the makeup and clothes. I didn’t hire any makeup artist this time around since I have my own resources. Camera used: CANON EOS 500D

Goth 2011

This is my general everyday look. A lot of people see me as a weird person for liking the Goth fashion but after a while, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I love who and what I am.


Weekly Photo Challenge:



Weekly Photo Challenge : Opportunity

“There is a time for risky love. There is a time for extravagant gestures. There is a time to pour out your affections on the one you love. When the time comes -- seize it, don't miss it!” - Max Lucado

CARPE DIEM!!! Opportunities are seldom seen so it’s best that we seize them the moment they present themselves — whether in a form of a gift or a challenge.

[Gift] Love stories are often cheesy but they’re always passionate and honest. I met my boyfriend through an online game. It may be shallow to some, but I am proud to say that I love him even before we met IRL. I do not regret meeting up with him when the opportunity arose either. We’ve been together for almost eight years now. Our houses are too far from one another so our dates are always planned ahead of time. Not a moment is wasted whenever we go out. We only meet up once a week so we see to it that these rare opportunities are always treated as special.

[Challenge] My work has been stressful from day one up to now. The tasks may look the same but I handle them differently, individually — every single day. On top of that, I frequently cross paths with the people I loathe. It mostly drains my energy and my colleagues would even tell me how awful I look when I am stressed out.  Still, I wouldn’t put up with the hardships if I do not love my job. Aside from the good pay, I also love the recognition from my bosses. All those tiring moments disappear when they tell me that they need me. “I know there is a lot of pressure and I understand that but I won’t depend on you if I don’t see your potential. You have been doing an excellent job.” (These are the exact words from my boss’s email. Tee-hee!)

Photo Info:
I am unsure what kind of jellyfish this is but it’s so pretty, swimming around in a tank. This is one of the highlights of Manila Ocean Park [link]. Notice that its head formed a heart shape from this angle. It was really difficult and it took me several shots before I got it right! This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge [link].

Weekly Photo Challenge : Possibility

This puppy is only a few weeks old. We don't have a name for it yet.

I am not sure if puppies at this age can already see their surroundings or at least view the silhouette. It often cries when it can't feel anything moving near it.

Tee-hee~ Little puppy is sleepy~ That's the mom's feet on the upper right of the photo. LoL! These are merely snapshots. I'm really not that good taking photos of moving subjects --- like kids and pets --- that's why I used multishots to get decent photos. *sigh*

Wanda is our pet Havanese but she mated with mongrels thus her puppies come with different appearances, temperaments and personalities. Some of her brood are feisty, some are timid, some are playful, some are noisy, some have long coats, some have short coats, some grow into large dogs, some are small, and all of them are ALWAYS HUNGRY!!! ☻

This puppy is one of Wanda’s fourth batch of litter. It’s barely a month old and we don’t have a name for it yet. We don’t know what its appearance and temperament would be a few months from now. I am also unsure if mom would decide to keep it or donate it just like the others. So many possibilities and only time can tell what is in store for this little bundle of joy. ☺

This is my official entry for this week’s photo challenge: [Possibility]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

“Words of comfort, skillfully administered, are the oldest therapy known to man.” — Louis Nizer

These are two of my favorite teddy bears — Huggin and Thuggles. I always keep them beside my bed. Huggin is a big teddy which was a gift from my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day of 2011. “Huggin” was derived from Lots-O’-Huggin‘ BearThuggles “The Angry Teddy Bear” was a birthday present from by boyfriend in 2007. He always has that feisty look due to the overlapping fur on his eyes. ♥

Camera used: my Epiphany


This is my entry for this week’s photo challenge theme. [link


Weekly Photo Challenge : Sunset

Sunset in Manila Bay Feb 2011

Sunset in Manila Bay Feb 2011

Sunset in Manila Bay November 2008

Manila Bay serves as the gateway to commerce and trading between the Philippines and abroad. A lot of cargo ships cross these waters on a daily basis. Watching the sunset from there is truly breath-taking and relaxing at the same time.

Both photos were taken beside Manila Ocean Park on separate occasions. I took the first photo using Epiphany whereas the second photo was taken using my defunct Nokia N70.

Sunset in Bolinao

My first time to take Epiphany away from Manila was during the Bolinao Trip with my colleagues. There were plenty of sea urchins in the shallow waters thus I couldn’t really swim nor wander off too far. Even so, I still enjoyed looking at the view and breathing the fresh air. It took away much of the stress I was getting from work. LoL!

Prison with a Great View . . .

This shot was taken in the 37th floor pantry of our office, one of the few that we took.  I dubbed it “Prison with a Great View” because work is like a prison during stressful times and looking out the window shows me a breath-taking view of the city. It also reminds me so much of the movie “I Am Legend” … It’s beautiful yet it’s creepy.

This is my entry for this week’s photo challenge [link]

Weekly Photo Challenge : Path

I am unable to produce new photos due to the rainy season. I feel so lucky that my stock photos apply to the themes for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

This week, the theme is “Path” …

After forty-five years . . .

This photo is from the 2010 Bohol Trip with my boyfriend. This man-made forest consisting of Philippine Mahogany trees is one of Bohol’s greatest projects. The locals planted seeds about 45 years or so ago in hopes of conserving the ecosystem. Their efforts finally paid off and the result is an amazing path of evenly-proportioned trees. They are uniform in height and width because of their proximity to one another. The ones that have more rooting space grew bigger.

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