Canada’s Next Top Model (Cycle 2) winner is LOVE~

I consider myself as a model-and-photographer-wannabe so I frequently watched America’s Next Top Model and Canada’s Next Top Model in the cable channel called VELVET. It’s just now that I really had the chance to see most of the episodes because of my schedule.

Some ANTM winners ended up being TV actresses instead of ramp models! They should’ve joined the American Idol instead! CNTM – Cycle 1’s winner ended up tragically when she opted to quit the modeling business because she said she wasn’t given enough opportunities and her winnings were still subjected to income tax. What does she expect? Modeling is also a job so everyone in this business is also entitled to pay their taxes, duh!

Anyway, Cycle 2 of CNTM caught my interest far more than ANTM did because their photography ideas are wilder and extraordinary!

Like all other fashion reality shows, the contestants were all given tips and challenges to see who could step up to the next level and have the chance to fulfill their dreams of becoming a true-blooded model.

My pick amongst the ten girls was Rebecca Hardy. She is just so beautiful, she has a strong personality and her photographs are full of angst! She stayed focused on her goal of winning the contest and she lets her photos do the talking — unlike most of the contestants who kept on bickering at each other and bash other girls’ mistakes to cover their own flaws!

Rebecca Hardy, Sinead Brady (1st runner-up) and Tia Ayrton-Hill (3rd runner-up) were all absorbed by Sutherland Models.

* AOL video containing Rebecca’s CNTM photos and some behind the scenes [link]
* Rebecca’s portfolio [link]

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Cosplay + Photoshoot

July 28 – myDESTINY 2nd Annual Cosplay Competition

    I was with my boyfriend during the morning and then we headed to Robinson's Galleria sometime around 12nn. I introduced him to Jeiro, who's already geared up for the cosplay! My boyfriend left shortly after 1pm then Jeiro and I went to search for familiar faces so we can request them to stash our stuff.

    One of the event volunteers approached us and asked us to sign up for the contest. We told her that we just came to costrip, but since we dunno where else to place our bags, we immediately agreed! BAD IDEA! We were asked to stay in a particular area so we weren't able to roam around and take pictures of other cosplayers. We were also asked to introduce our characters on stage and that got me really nervous. I don't like the feeling of being in front of a large crowd.

    We saw Hester during the afternoon so after the catwalk, we immediately left the fountain area and headed to the FHL Furniture stall, where we held a mini-photoshoot. Then we stayed in Chaicofi before we changed clothes and went home.

July 29 -  Hikarian Maidens Photoshoot

    I told Maiya that I only wanted to go as a backup photographer, but since she said there are already 5 photographers present, I should just join them as models instead. Yesterday, I spoke to the other model and I thought she didn't want me to join them so I got pissed off… but that's settled and we continued with the shoot.

    The 5 photographers were Jake, Leo, Homer, Erving and Lawrence. There were supposed to be six or so models but only 3 of us showed up (Maiya, Faye and me).

    Faye said we're supposed to hold the photoshoot in UP-Diliman but I told them that based on experience, it's not comfy. Either the weather is too hot or too cold in UP. So, we headed to Faye's house instead. We thought that Faye's mom will not like the idea of us holding the photoshoot there, but I was wrong. She even provided us make-up and gave me extra accessories. Hahaha!

    I left my camera at home and I didn't get the chance to take some shots but I enjoyed being a model. It's really fun!!! Here are the photos taken by Erving [link]


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Mangaholixx Plans

Dada showed me this photo a few weeks back, when I convinced him to join the Mafia costrip for Mangaholixx.

To Cosplay Panic :
Gomen ne, we can't select any character from the Katenkyo manga that will fit us well so we'll use these characters as reference. Tee-hee-heeeeeee~~~~ :3

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Cosa Nostra (Mafia aftermath) . . .

The Wait…

    Haha! 7am daw… Mmffftt! 7AM I was still dozing off and dreaming. I left the house around 9AM already, been constantly blocked by the MRT security guards asking all sorts of questions as to why I was carrying an MP5 in public. "Manong, ORANGE yung nozzle o. Toy gun lang po yan!" Upon reaching Market Market, Hester and I strolled around and did some shopping. The Panic folks also bought some stuff before we headed to the venue. It was 12:30PM or so when we reached Chi's place.

The Mansion…

    OMG! My dream house! It's huge! It's just perfect for the photoshoot, especially on the 2nd floor. It has the vanity mirror of all vanity mirrors! Haayyy, nakakainggit si Chi. X___X

The Photoshoot…

    Heheheh! Masaya! I didn't expect to see Louie there too! Grabe may nadagdag na namang GAY (este, lesbian pala)! Hahahah! Nandun din si Kuya Lawrence. Golly! ^_^ It was a long, exhausting yet exciting day. Darn, my digicam ran out of batteries even before the pictorial started. Haayyyy… Pengeng pics na lang ulit! X___X

The Family …

    Not really official… eto lang yung medyo malapit.. hahaha!

    Hester = Capo di Tutti Capi (Boss of All Bosses)
    Shinji = Capo Bastone (Beat Head – Underboss)
    Angel = Consigliere – (Counselor/Advisor.. pero sa totoo sexy-tary yan XD)
    Louie = Capo Crimine (Crime Boss)
    Chi = Consigliere – (Counselor/Advisor… pero Lawyer daw e… hahaha!)
    Shin = Uomini D'onore – ("Men of Honor")
    Faye = Uomini D'onore – ("Men of Honor")
    Meiko = Soldati (The Soldier)

Aftermath …

    Thanks to Louie sa paghatid. Hahaha! Dinner in Tokyo-Tokyo with Angel, Shin and Hester. Sarap! Haayy.. Nakatulog ako sa bus pauwi. Sakit din ng paa ko coz of the boots. @__@ Pero masaya. Weeee!!

Up Next …

    Pirates Photoshoot!!! Weeee!

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Dyahe naman talaga!!! Grrrrrr!!! >__<


Emo Dolls that will make Barbie cry~!!!

    I was lookin' at my deviantART account when I stumbled upon a famous blog entry from one of my favorite artists and she included there a picture of a very cool doll – the BJD. I got so intrigued because these porcelain FF-like figurines look awesome! They're like mini-cosplayers… ehem.. mini-emo-cosplayers! Mmmmm~~~ X3

    I searched the Internet for more info and I found out that they cost thrice as much as my cellphone unit. Urrrgghhh!!! Alodia said she bought BJD's for 50k each (she currently has three daw). Wow! @__@ Si Shinji rin meron… and Chi! Huhuhuu~ Inggit ako T__T

    I really want to have my own BJD so I plan to save money and order one from Luts for my birthday. Hahahaha! That is kung may topak pa rin ako…  Either that or save money for cosplays na lang! XD

Huge Pimple!!! Grrrrr!!!! >__<

    According to our Team Leader, I have to lead an open forum in the office tomorrow (regarding how to meet the metrics and all that) but I have this HUGE pimple in my nose! It's so irritating! My team mates might just focus looking at it and not listen to what I'm gonna say in front of them. Aside from that, there's also the photoshoot this Saturday. I hope the concealer will work wonders. Dyahe talaga! Huhuhuuuu~~~ T____T

Naruto~Narutards —- Ninja-Inspired Photoshoot!!!

    I'm a Naruto fan but I don't have a huge /no1 sign on my head. I don't have any clothes nor items related to this animé. I was really surprised when Ash announced the photoshoot plans in the ML. Hehehehee~ Good thing I still have my Fei Feiring costume and my 10-year old nunchaku. I wasn't able to find my arnis and my kodachi though. Sayang!

Sana Saturday naaaaaaaa!!!!!

    Like Ash-kun and Angel-san… I can't sleep! I'm so hyped-up with our group's upcoming activity this Saturday. Photoshoot and Pool Party on the same day! Wheeeee~~~ Maybe lack of sleep is the reason why I got the huge pimple too. Boohoohoo~ T___T Anyway… I'll check the stuff we'll need once I get home from our Friday shift. Sana makatulog ako nang maayos! @__@

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