MMORPG that I play / played ~ ~ ~ (Part 5)

Playing MMORPGs is one of my stress-relievers. I have been on hiatus for quite sometime due to my busy schedule but I still get to play once in a while.


ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Dawn of the Enlightened Ones ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Dawn of the Enlightened Ones ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

Philippine Ragnarok Online [Valkyrie Server]

One of the best-striving MMORPGs locally is pRO and I believe this is due to the game’s features and community. This is still my most favorite among the lot.

Dada and I went back when the Renewal job classes were introduced.

Leveling up was a lot easier than its glory days and we obtained the 3rd jobs in just two months! This is due to the daily quests in Alberta and the mod-EXP provided by the game publisher. I surpassed Danaera’s level in a small amount of time!

Although, i did not have as much fun as I had before. Apart from attaining the Arch Bishop class and trying out new skills, most of the stuff I found there are the same.

I decided to quit the game — again.

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Arisen - Moonshadow

Allods Online [link]

Moonshadow is an Arisen Savant who can be a DPS or a Healer depending on the situation. She is always seen with her trusted pet, Hellion.

I’ve been fascinated with summoners since I was in grade school. So, when there’s an MMORPG with such class, this always becomes one of my choices (with being the Support: Cleric/Priest/Healer as the first option).

The Summoner class is versatile and is a good support character in the absence of a Healer. Since Allods’ gameplay is much like World of Warcraft‘s (wherein players are better off questing than grinding; and that quests are done alone most of the time) then I knew I should pick a character that can both do damage (when questing) and heal (when raiding).

I stopped playing because my old PC could not handle the graphics — that and the fact that the game was quite dull.


Kindred Mage

Forsaken World [link]
This game is a mix of WoWRappelz and Cabal Online.
The graphics are awesome to behold — especially the Vampire classes. The avatars are sexy, showing plenty of skin and the costumes are very intricate. The skills are super flashy too!
Quests are brutally long, tedious and repetitive. The maps are so big that mounts and warps become requirements in order to jump from one place to another.
The pets look horrible as well.
I didn’t last a week in playing this game.

Eden Eternal - Shaman

Eden Eternal [link]
Eden Eternal is like the cute-sy version of World of Warcraft (most of the games are patterned after WoW anyway). Quests, items, equipment, achievements and instances are identical in presentation.
One feature of EE is the versatility of the characters. A player can change job classes whenever needed and there is no penalty in doing so.
My main character is a Healer, but she can turn into a Warrior or a Ranger when the situation calls for it. LoL!
Although, like most of the games I tried, we reached a point wherein boredom kicked in —- normally after we reached a certain level and got stuck at a dungeon.

MMORPG that I play / played ~ ~ ~ (Part 1), (Part2), (Part3), (Part4), (Part5)



RPG : Metanoia . . .

Go figure what job classes these guys have. LoL!

MMORPGs have become one of the most prominent computer games and people of all ages are addicted to them — playing hours on end just to gain experience points, level up and obtain powerful items.

Meet Nico, an average kid who pwns in an MMORPG called “Metanoia” but fails in real life. His avatar (in-game character), aptly named “Zero”,  uses a Yo-yo that allows him to make mid-range to long-range attacks.

One Summer day, a “World War” tournament was announced so Nico and his friends formed a party with hopes of winning (I remembered the stupidity of Leroy Jenkins while I was watching the PvP scenes). After the event, they realized that there’s so much more interactive games to enjoy in the real world than just immersing themselves in the virtual world.

During their absence in Metanoia, a great catastrophe unfolded (similar to a zombie apocalypse). It not only controlled the avatars but  it also hypnotized the gamers. It’s up to Nico, his friends and the rest of the Metanoia players to reverse the spread and destroy its source.

~o~o~o ஜ۩۞۩ஜ o~o~o~

RPG:Metanoia is the first ever full-length 3D feature film in the Philippines, which took about four years to complete. Because of this, the movie has received both positive and negative feedback from its audience.

۞ The Good ۞

A breakthrough movie experience. Something fresh, something original (locally, that is). Unlike the recycled and never-ending “Part 1” to “Part N” of those usual Manila Film Fest entries.

Cultural nostalgia. From houses to the vehicles; from the contents of our rooms to the food we eat; from our friends to the games we played together as kids. The writers and animators have indeed captured these elements.

Bad-ass characters. The one who really caught my attention was Mang Ernie, the Magician. He’s the guy wearing the top hat, barong and carrying an umbrella. They cooked up a nice concept for him. He’s PWNING! I won’t spoil further. Aside from him, there’s also the Monk-type “K’mao” (derived from “Kamao” or fist) and Sumpak the sort-of Gundam HeavyArms of the group. The foreign dudes and dudettes are also cool.

Virtual worlds. They’re not as detailed on textures as most commercial MMORPGs but they will pass. Lighting played a good part as well.

Story. it’s actually a mix of the positives and negatives. Some of the comical parts or jokes are corny and old. The moral values that this film implies are also old, but are told in a different manner that’s why i consider it as a good trick. If the people watching know nothing about MMORPGs, they will most likely get lost between the “switching of worlds” but for those who have little or extensive knowledge on online games (like me), they may appreciate this film better.

۞ The Bad ۞

Voice acting. Our celebrities still need to learn a lot regarding this field. im not sure if it’s a requirement for the voice actors to be “famous” and all, but if it wasn’t a necessity, they could’ve auditioned other worthy people who can do much better — for a lesser fee, I bet.

Subtitles. There were instances when subtitles were needed (not gonna spoil further). Considering that this is a local film which is obviously meant for local viewers and the dialogues were in Tagalog, why were the subtitles in English?

Audience impact. Again, if the people watching know nothing about MMORPGs, they will most likely get lost between the “switching of worlds” … This is also one reason why other MMFF entries are jam-packed with movie-goers whereas sa movie house showing Metanoia, one can practically run around because not too many people were watching. It is possible that this film’s gross revenue will not be that high.

۞ The Ugly ۞

Frame rate. RPG is an action-packed film. Choppy or skipping frames kill much of the hype and stress the eyes. Granted that this is our first local 3D film but c’mon… in 1995, PIXAR already established fluidity in Toy Story. Even the local commercials with 3D rendering look much smoother than this. According to some viewers, only the scenes in Metanoia had poor FPS whereas it’s pretty fluid in the real world. Film experts said this is a “creative decision” to differentiate what is real and what is not; and, give an idea on what it’s like to play an MMORPG when your PC cannot handle the graphics. LoL! IMHO, that has to be the DUMBEST “creative decision” because not everyone can understand the technicalities these filmmakers are trying to convey.

~o~o~o ஜ۩۞۩ஜ o~o~o~

This will be the one and only local film I’ll be watching this year, and that’s only because I got curious as to what this movie had to offer a gamer and an animation fan such as myself.

Regarding purchasing a DVD in the future, they can forget about it because I am certainly not buying it.

I give this movie :

How I Met My Dada ♥ ♥ ♥

How I Met My Dada ♥ ♥ ♥

This is probably the most unusual, risky but at the same time romantic experience I had in my entire life!

This is how it goes (people who do not know pRO nor MMORPG stuff may not get this, though). . .

During the ßeta days of Philippine Ragnarök Online (pRO), Anki (my boyfriend that time, ex-bf now) and I planned on being the first couple to be wed in-game (using my swordsman and his thief). We invited a lot of Game Masters and our online buddies to attend the ceremony but we still lacked one person — that was the priest.

We were leveling up in the Prontera (the Capital town) fields when we met an acolyte named Deers. Since he was the first priest-to-be that we approached, he agreed on “blessing” us. He said he researched and practiced what to say on the ceremony. Hahaha! He also requested to have his buddy, Rei (an archer) watch the celebration.

Unfortunately, Anki stopped playing pRO before the wedding because he was petitioned by his parents to get Australian citizenship. I also halted because I lost my job and was pressured to help with my mom’s business. Rei and I still talked over the phone, though. His voice reminded me so much of my college friend, Dan, that’s why I liked talking to him.

Several months later, Rei convinced me to play pRO again but we left the Chaos server and moved to Iris for a fresh start. I made a priest named – Rain –. That was the first time I created a FS character. After a week, Rei introduced me to A£endar (knight) and ay1ko (swordsman), which he said were his friends. He then told me that the knight was actually the alternate character of Deers.

A£endar and I often party-up during night time and got to talk more. I told him that Anki went abroad and he didn’t have the chance to play since foreign IP addresses were blocked from entering pRO servers. He also told me his real name and we often talk on the phone. Because we were getting close, Rei often teased us and he said I might have a crush on him (A£endar). I told him I got scared because his voice was intimidating and the picture that formed in my head was of a tall, fat nerd with thick black-framed eyeglasses. Hahaha!

We were supposed to meet up on the War of Emperium launch in Glorietta but I didn’t have enough cellphone credits to tell him where I was. I won in the Senior Division of the fan-art contest while Alodia won the Junior division. She mocked my drawing and told her “friends” that theirs were much better. Well, too bad ‘coz I nailed it and they didn’t! LoL! Anyway, that’s another story. XD

I played pRO and announced to my guild-mates about my victory. Deers (yes, A£endar revived Deers and he is now a full-fledged priest) then sent me a private message telling me that he and his friends were in the event too. He said he saw someone who he thought was me and he just wanted to make sure. The way he described the girl he saw didn’t match with my features so what I did was I gave him a link of my Yahoo profile which contained my most recent picture.

We then talked on the phone for several hours. We sometimes ran out of things to say and we would stay quiet for 20 minutes or more – sometimes he sang, sometimes I sighed, sometimes we said “hello” to check if the line’s still active. He then confessed his feelings to me “You are out of my league but I think I love you.” he said. I said “thanks” and “sorry” because I was not ready to give up my relationship with Anki. He said he was willing to wait for my answer.

I made some thinking the following day. It’s been six months since Anki left and only made phone calls once a month. He even greeted me “Happy Anniversary” and I told him “It’s not something I can consider ‘happy’ but it’s okay.” Before he left, he promised that he’d go back so we could spend our birthdays together … but when I asked him again when he’d be going home, his reply was “I don’t know, depends on when I’d get my Australian citizenship…” That could take another year or two. I am not strong enough to continue a long-distance relationship. My love for him slowly faded together with his promise.

Deers and I talked again. I was very anxious but I really wanted to hear his voice. It was a very long night and we mostly stayed silent. I summoned all my courage to say that I love him. I told him that I’ve decided to formally break up with Anki because I want to be with him from now on. I know it’s odd saying “I love you” to someone I haven’t seen IRL but what I feel for him is real.

April 13, 2004 . . . We scheduled our meet-up in the Ayala-MRT station. I was standing in front of Mercury Drug when I spotted a tall guy wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, just like he described what he would be wearing. I didn’t have my eyeglasses on but I had a hunch that it was him — and I was right! He approached me and introduced himself. I was picturing him to have a “nerdy” get-up but it was totally different from what I saw. He’s like a playboy / rockstar! He has all the physical qualities that I like in a guy — tall, chinky eyes and has a deep voice! JACKPOT!!! XD

I gave him a bracelet that I bought from The Bead Shop — it has a capsule with grain of rice (with our names on it) submerged in a blue liquid. I was lucky at guessing because blue is his favorite color. We spent quality time but I didn’t think that he’d be serious with regard to our relationship — it turns out that he is!

The Priest Ran Away with the Bride!!!

This in-game wedding was held a few years after but it's reminiscent to what happened IRL. LoL!

We’ve been together for SIX AND A HALF YEARS now (and still going stronger!!!). WOW! It all started because of pRO. I know that I am very lucky to have him — he has accepted me for who I am, even if I am not pretty. Haha! Relationships that started with chatting or gaming rarely works and I am so happy that ours does. Sure, we still encounter problems and it gets a little bumpy along the way but that doesn’t hinder us from loving each other.

Like what’s engraved on the personalized key-chain I gave him …

“If the things that happened to me never happened … I would never have met you, I would neve have your love and I will never know the true meaning of happiness.”™

Enchanted Kingdom trip 2008

Dada and Bebe goes to Enchanted Kingdom (2008)

Maintain Balance Between Good and Evil . . .

True Neutral

A neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. She doesn’t feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos. Most neutral characters exhibit a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil-after all, she would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones. Still, she’s not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way.

Some neutral characters, on the other hand, commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They see good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. They advocate the middle way of neutrality as the best, most balanced road in the long run.

Neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion.

Neutral can be a dangerous alignment because it represents apathy, indifference, and a lack of conviction.

The “true” neutral looks upon all other alignments as facets of the system of many things. Thus, each aspect–evil and good, chaos and law–of things must be retained in balance to maintain the status quo; for things as they are cannot be improved upon except temporarily, and even then but superficially. Nature will prevail and keep things as they were meant to be, provided the “wheel” surrounding the hub of nature does not become unbalanced due to the work of unnatural forces–such as human and other intelligent creatures interfering with what is meant to be. Absolute, or true, neutral creatures view everything which exists as an integral, necessary part or function of the entire cosmos. Each thing exists as a part of the whole, one as a check or balance to the other, with life necessary for death, happiness for suffering, good for evil, order for chaos, and vice versa. Nothing must ever become predominant or out of balance. Within this naturalistic ethos, humankind serves a role also, just as all other creatures do. The may be more or less important, but the neutral does not concern himself or herself with these considerations except where it is positively determined that the balance is threatened. Absolute neutrality is the central or fulcrum position quite logically, as the neutral sees all other alignments as parts of a necessary whole. This alignment is the narrowest in scope. (1)

True neutral characters are concerned with their own well-being and that of the group or organization which aids them. They may behave in a good manner to those that they consider friends and allies, but will only act maliciously against those who have tried to injure them in some way. For the rest, they do not care. They do not wish ill on those they do not know, but they also do not care when they hear of evil befalling them. Better for others to suffer the evil than the true neutral and his allies. If an ally is in need, the true neutral will aid him, out of genuine love or because he may be able to count on that ally a little more in the future. If someone else is in need, they will weigh the options of the potential rewards and dangers associated with the act. If an enemy is in need, they will ignore him or take advantage of his misfortune.

True neutrals are offended by those who are opinionated or bigoted. A “hell-fire and brimstone” lawful good priest is just as offensive as a neutral evil racial supremacist in their eyes. They do not necessarily strive for philosophical balance. In fact, they may avoid philosophical considerations altogether. A true neutral may take up the cause of his nation, not because he necessarily feels obligated to do so, but because it just makes sense to support the group that protects your way of life. True neutrals tend to believe in lex talionis forms of justice.

However, a true neutral being with a highly philosophical outlook may hold that law, chaos, good, and evil are all necessary forces in the universe. But all are of equal import, and none should be allowed to take precedence over another, unless an imbalance should be perceived–in which case corrective steps must be taken until the balance is righted once again. Hence, the motives of a highly philosophical true neutral character are perhaps the most difficult for any other alignment to fathom, for such a true neutral being will usually act first to preserve the balance, second if he deems it his business, and third if it is in his own best interests. For these reasons, being nature’s mediators, true neutral characters should be diplomatic and tactful, but they may also come across as being strange and enigmatic until one gets to know them and their “world view” better. This is because some true neutral beings look far beyond the immediate situation to the overall balance of the cosmos. Most true neutral characters will, throughout their lives, tend more or less toward one of the other alignments, dependent upon their perception of the state of the world and what force should be balanced. Such a “deviation” will be temporary, until the true neutral being recognizes and modifies his actions in accordance with the new balance. For example, once the strong evil forces in an area have been conquered, and the balance restored, the true neutral character will stop acting “good.” In, addition, this attitude of balance will ordinarily be reflected in a true neutral’s choice of companions and should thus be demonstrated with reasonable consistency. As all things in the cosmos are equally important and necessary, life is as valuable as death to the true neutral being, because life is inevitably followed by death. In this character’s view, one’s time will come when it is supposed to come, and no sooner or later. (2)

True neutral is typically the most misunderstood of all alignments. One common misconception is thinking that true neutral characters seek a balance by deliberately following a certain alignment one day and an entirely different alignment the next. Such behavior makes true neutral characters unpredictable, and the cumulative effect promotes chaos more than anything else. True neutral characters tend to remain nonjudgmental and uncommitted to any moral, legal, or philosophical system beyond the basic tenets of their own society. Despite this fact, true neutral beings do not resent being into struggles involving different viewpoints. True neutral individuals do not lack interest, ambition, or passion–they value their own well-being and that of friends and loved ones. They may struggle passionately on behalf of themselves or others, as well as feel compassion for those they barely know. In fact, since most humans are true neutral, it is the alignment of the majority of people encountered in day-to-day situations. (3)

A true neutral character will keep his word if in his best interest. He may attack an unarmed foe if he feels it necessary. He will not kill, but may harm an innocent. He may use torture to extract information, but never for pleasure. He will never kill for pleasure, only in self-defense or in the defense of others. A true neutral character may use poison as long as there is an overwhelming need. He will help those in need if it is in his best interest and works well alone or in a group. He responds well to higher authority until that authority attempts to use the law to hamper his ability to pursue his own self-interest. He will follow the law unless breaking it is in his best interest and he’s reasonably sure that he will not be caught. He will never betray a family member, comrade, or friend unless the situation is dire. True neutral characters are indifferent to the concepts of self-discipline and honor, finding them useful only if they can be used to advance their own interests. (4)

Here are some possible adjectives describing true neutral characters: diplomatic, judgmental, enigmatic, aloof, distant, self-reliant, mediatory, even-handed, fair, indifferent, and impartial.

Well known true neutral characters from film or literature include: The Watchers (Marvel Comics), Horace Slughorn (Harry Potter), and Tom Bombadil (Lord of the Rings).

Equivalent alignment in other game systems: Neutral (Warhammer).

The Ten Neutral Commandments

A list of Ten Commandments for a true neutral religion may look like this:

1. You shall avoid lies.

2. You shall not kill the innocent.

3. You shall not murder.

4. You shall help the needy if such action aids yourself.

5. You shall honor those who honor you.

6. You shall follow the law unless breaking the law can advance you without harming others.

7. You shall not betray others unless your life is in jeopardy.

8. You shall aid those who aid you and harm those who harm you.

9. You shall not promote an extreme viewpoint.

10. You shall advance yourself without harming others.

Ten True Neutral Sins

Likewise, a true neutral religion may list the following as sins. This list is given in the order of least severe infraction to most severe.

1. Trying to persuade others to take a stance on a moral or ethical issue.

2. Failing to assist a friend or ally.

3. Killing for any reason other than survival.

4. Breaking your word to a friend or ally, unless life is threatened.

5. Needless torture.

6. Making a sacrifice for someone unrelated to you.

7. Refusing to kill when important to your survival.

8. Betraying an ally or friend, unless life is in danger.

9. Showing mercy to a dire enemy.

10. Taking sides in a conflict that doesn’t affect your survival.

The True Neutral Adventurer

The following two lists detail common actions undertaken during “adventuring” that are considered honorable and dishonorable for the true neutral alignment. An honorable action is one that is in keeping with the spirit of this alignment, while dishonorable actions tend to be those which bring shame to the character in the eyes of his or her alignment peers. Note that an action which is considered honorable by one alignment may be considered dishonorable by another alignment and vice versa.

The following actions are honorable for this alignment:

Defeating a superior opponent

Dirty Fighting

Fleeing a fight with a superior opponent

Gloating over a victory

Perpetrate humiliating prank on enemy

The following actions are dishonorable for this alignment:

Allowing the enemy to attack first

Being taken prisoner

Convicted of a crime

Defeated by an inferior opponent

Killing a host who has provided you food or shelter



True Neutral and Society

A true neutral being…

Values his family, but will not heed their requests necessarily.

Will provide for friends, and expects to be repaid in some manner.

Does not seek positions of authority over others.

Fits in with their society.

Supports their nation.

Supports the law when advantageous to do so.

Is not concerned with politics, most likely.

Will keep his word, generally.

Will take risks if the benefits are great.

Will not aid family members in need if personal discomfort is required.

Will not betray a family member, unless the circumstances are dire.

Has few close friends and would never betray those he has, unless circumstances are dire.

Is generally well liked by his community, but normally will not seek to improve the community.

Will support his nation when profitable to do so, but will not act against his nation if profitable.

Believes people deserve the treatment they are willing to endure.

Is not concerned with those less fortunate.

Will not harm others for profit.

A true neutral government rarely influences the community. Those in power prefer to pursue their private goals. True neutral societies tend to adopt whatever government seems most expedient at the moment. A particular form of government lasts as long as the ruler or dynasty in power can maintain it. The people cooperate when it suits them. Such true neutral territories often act as buffer states between lands of extreme alignment difference (for example, between a lawful good barony and a vile chaotic evil principality). They shift allegiance artfully to preserve their borders against the advances of both sides in a conflict.

True Neutral and Other Alignments

True Neutral vs. Neutral Good

Neutral good and true neutral characters both believe that any means should be used to achieve desirable outcomes, but they disagree on exactly what types of outcomes are desirable. The neutral good character uses a variety of means to promote and further the cause of goodness, but true neutral characters are not interested in a selfless pursuit of beneficial results for others. Where neutral good characters are altruistic, true neutral characters are interested in their own affairs. True neutral characters will behave altruistically when it comes to friends, relatives, and allies, but for the most part will return the kind of treatment they receive from others. Neutral good characters, on the other hand, will behave altruistically even when dealing with others who are not friends or relatives, and may even forgive enemies that have done them grievous harm in the past (provided their enemy has truly mended his ways). True neutral characters will not extend the olive branch in such situations and may take advantage of their enemy’s weakness to protect themselves from further machinations. True neutral characters follow a morality of reciprocity. Neutral good characters follow the Golden Rule.

True Neutral vs. Neutral Evil

Although true neutral and neutral evil characters are both primarily interested in their own advancement and welfare, neutral evil characters ruthlessly pursue their self-interest, even at the expense of others. The true neutral character will use any means to benefit themselves, but will not follow this philosophy to its extreme conclusion through an unrestrained pursuit of self-interest. The true neutral character understands that more benefit for the self can be garnered by behaving altruistically sometimes, especially when they have been the beneficiaries of the altruistic behavior of others. If someone treats a true neutral character well, they can expect that character to treat them well. The neutral evil character does not believe that one good turn deserves another, however. The neutral evil character will of course accept the altruistic generosity of others, and may even appear to return the favor on occasion. The neutral evil character will not behave altruistically for the benefit of others, only for the benefit of the self. Any actions which seem good are merely actions which the neutral evil character has determined will give him a greater benefit in the future, often to the detriment of their benefactor. If someone treats a neutral evil character well, they can only expect good treatment from that character as long as the current relationship offers the best advantage to him. As soon as the neutral evil character can benefit to a greater degree by betraying his benefactor, he will. True neutral characters see such behavior as detrimental to self-interest (and unfair to those who have helped them) and thus will not betray benefactors. Neutral evil characters have no such qualms about burning bridges if the reward is great enough.

True Neutral vs. Lawful Neutral

Lawful neutral and true neutral characters are similar in their morality. Both of these types will tend to return the treatment they receive from others. They differ in their outlook concerning legitimate authority and the structure of society. True neutral characters believe that laws should be followed as long as the law benefits themselves. They will also follow laws out of fear of punishment. If they can break a law which does not support their self-interest, and there is a good chance that they will not be caught breaking the law, true neutral characters may break laws. However, true neutral characters prefer to follow the law, because usually it is in their best interest to follow laws. Lawful neutral characters follow laws not only for their own self-interest, but also because they believe that one should always follow the law, even laws that run counter to self-interest. The lawful neutral character takes issue with the true neutral because the true neutral character will readily admit that he mostly benefits from the law, but he will not go out of his way to support the law. True neutral characters feel that lawful neutral characters are too obsessed with established laws and customs to realize that they may be better able to support their own interests by advancing personal freedom as well as law and order.

True Neutral vs. Chaotic Neutral

Chaotic neutral and true neutral characters have a similar moral outlook. They tend to follow a morality of reciprocity, behaving altruistically toward benefactors and egoistically toward malefactors. Their difference involves their outlook on laws and society. The true neutral character wants to work within the law and will observe most customs and mores because it it in their best interest to do so. True neutral characters don’t want to “rock the boat” but will on occasion if their self-interest is overwhelmingly served by breaking the law or flouting custom. The chaotic neutral character sees no value in laws, customs, or mores. A chaotic neutral character may appear to follow many laws, but does not do so because they believe in any inherent value to such systems. The chaotic neutral character believes in the pure freedom to pursue their own self-interest (and for others to pursue their own interests in the same manner). Although the true neutral character does not believe that the law should be followed all of the time, neither do they believe that laws are completely useless. They believe that chaotic neutral characters actually limit themselves by refusing to consider that sometimes self-interest can best be served by order in society. Chaotic neutral characters feel that true neutral characters limit themselves by paying lip service to laws and customs that they do not necessarily support.

The Philosophy of True Neutral

True neutral is the philosophy that harmony and freedom are both important in society and that altruism and egoism are both legitimate ends. It is a philosophy of pure equitistic consequentialism. This philosophy holds that people should pursue a rational self-interest while balancing the needs of the state or social order with the freedom of individuals to pursue their own agenda. True neutral can also be associated with ethical equitism and skepticism. As the philosophical “average” of altruism and egoism, equitism holds that harm to others should be minimized when advancing the self and that harm to the self should be minimized when advancing others.

True neutral philosophers generally maintain that there is metaphysical balance in the multiverse and thus may support doctrines of soft determinism, pragmatism, conventionalism, and/or instrumentalism. They may believe in free will or choice. They could also embrace skepticism or suspend judgment on philosophical issues. They tend to be moral relativists, holding that values differ from society to society, from person to person; that they are conditioned by the peculiarities of the society in which they arise; that they are not universally applicable at all times or in all places; and that they are correct or incorrect, desirable or undesirable only relative to whether or not they conform to a common norm or to common acceptance.

The ideal government for this alignment is any social order that balances the needs of the state and the individual and allows beings to pursue their own interests as long as they do not violate the rights of others. True neutral beings want the benefits of the social order to be applied equally to all. Any form of justice that is fair and impartial is desirable.


I took Facebook tests and got the same results.

MMORPG that I play / played ~ ~ ~ (Part 1)

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG)is a type of game that allows hundreds, thousands or perhaps even millions of people on a large area to gather around, interact and play in a virtual world simultaneously. Some MMORPG’s last for years and hold events like tournaments and guild meetings.

This contains the MMORPG’s that I have played and are currently playing. (yes, quite a long list!)


Philippine Ragnarok Online [link]


pRO is the mother of all MMORPG’s in the Philippines (well, OzWorld was the first MMO here but I don’t know if it’s considered an RPG or just merely a chat game)!!! I was one of the ßeta players of pRO. Back then, only 100 people were playing in the Chaos server. It was really fun and I got a chance to speak with the GMs in-game and IRL. I also took part in the events and even won an artbook signed by Myoung-Jin Lee (creator of the Ragnarok manhwa).

The avatars of pRO are 2D isometric figures roaming around a 3D environment. There are numerous job classes available and thousands of equipment to choose from. Only the head gears, weapons and shields are visible, though. The armors stay the same and you can never tell what armors a player has until you hit him/her with all your might.

The pets are tamed monsters from different maps. I know I’ve collected ALL of the available pets in-game. LoL! During the ßeta days of pRO, it was hard to tell if a pet was hungry or not because there are no indicators. Still, all of my pets stayed with me, became loyal and very talkative so I know I took good care of them!

These are the characters I have in pRO (in order of appearance) … they also appeared in several pRO fanfics/fanarts I made:



1) Meiko (Knight) – a.k.a “Meiko of Chaos” … She is a hybrid STR-VIT knight who usually travelled alone. She was my ßeta character and one of the cutest! After a long hiatus from the Chaos server, a lot of people still recognized her when I did a short comeback. Yeah, she was very famous back then. LOL!

The story I created for her was that she’s a “partial soul” of an elf who fell in love with a human priest. In the fanfics I made, she always carries a plush doll of that priest. She often visited Raxis in his dreams and showed him the paths to take on their journeys.

2) Meifa – She is my mage-turned-archer character. She never reached 2nd job because I had to stop pRO for a while.

The side story I created for her was that she’s the wife of Hans Von Kroft (my ex-boyfriend’s Merchant) who ran an inn where Jayle works for.



1) – Rain – She is my Magnus Exorcismus Priest, the Ultimate Ghost Buster! Yeah, she travelled with boss hunters a lot as she can both be a support character and an Undead Killer. Hehehe~

In my fanfics, she served as caretaker of Meiko (Wizard) and blocks all of her suitors. Not that she’s a lesbian or anything… She just wants the “partial soul” to find the other halves of herself.

2) Danaera – She is my most famous character and is well-loved by everybody. Who wouldn’t love a Full-Support priestess? LoL! She’s one of the few characters who had a Glast Heim warp portal (until LUG erased it! GRRR!). With her, I met a lot of friends both online and IRL.

In my fanfics, she is a kidergarten teacher in Prontera who’s married to a Hunter named Rèéds. She initially taught Jayle the Play Dead and First Aid skills. LOL!

3.a) Meiko (Wizard) – She is an INT-VIT wizard which I used for the first half of my playtime in IRIS. Unfortunately, her build isn’t too useful in the longrun so I had to delete her.

In the fanfic I made, she is very calm and reserved. She knows that she is only a “partial soul” but she refuses to merge with the others.

3.b) Meiko (Hunter) – a.k.a. “Meiko of Iris” … She is my full DEX huntress. She’s supposed-to-be my main character but it’s uber hard to level her up alone. She’s a good trapper, though.

In my fanfics, she’s the another “partial soul” of the elf who fell in love with a human. She doesn’t recall any memory of her past and she’s a real b!+ch to strangers. She serves as the Head Huntress in Payon and guardian of Peone (the wife of Payon’s ruler in the Ragnarok Manhwa).

4) ~Jayle~ – She is my Overcharge-Discount (OC-DC) Merchant and is the main reason why all my characters have money. LOL! I initially wanted her to be a Crusader but my boyfriend told me that it’s best to have a Merchant as part of my stable of characters. At that time, Jayle was the only available candidate.

In my fanfics, she is my main character. She started out as a novice who wanted to become part of Prontera’s elite goup of Kights, like her idol, Meiko of Chaos. She travelled a lot with Raxis in search for clues on how they can return to their own dimension and she fell in love with him in the process. She gave up her dream of becoming a knight and helped the Von Krofts running their inn.

5) Elaise – she is a CRIT Knight I made for farming purposes.

In my fanfics, Elaise is the name of the elf who fell in love with a Priest. They were supposed to escape Geffenia when a curse was put on her, causing her souls to scatter around Midgard.


6) Yanagi Sakoshida – She is my INT-DEX ninja

In the fanfics, she is also in love with Raxis and she proclaimed herself as his girlfriend – which really annoys Jayle.

7) Pink Soda – She is my Gun Slinger. I made her just for fun. She retired early. LoL! She’s not a part in my fanfics.

Meiko of New ChaosDanaera of New ChaosJayle of New Chaos


My Boyfriend’s Characters :


1) Deers – He was originally intended as a Magnus Priest but when Dada recreated the character, he decided to go full-support for my huntress, Meiko. When Dada quit pRO, I still used Deers to help me finish quests and serve as a tanker.

In my fanfics, Deers is the human who fell in love with Elaise. He escaped the ordeal in Geffenia and promised to bring Elaise back to life by collecting all of her “partial souls”. In his quest to do so, he often crosses paths with Raxis and Jayle.

IRL, this is the Priest that Dada was supposed to bless me in my in-game wedding. Turned out, this priest ran away with the bride! LOL!

2) Rèéds – He is a DEX-LUK Hunter. His arrow damage isn’t that strong as pure DEX hunters but it’s greatly compensated by his Falcon. A lot of people in Glast Heim are annoyed at him due to his Auto-Blitz’s persistence. LOL! Because of that, she is Danaera’s favorite party member. XD

In my fanfic, he never appeared but Danaera did mention his name in one of her classes.

3) Riverstine – He is a CRIT knight that Dada used for farming and PvP purposes. He’s also not part of any fanfic I made but I used his name in place of “Deers”

4) Raxis – He is a Ninja I created when I tried maintaining Dada’s account. I didn’t use him much.

In my fanfics, Raxis is an Assassin who was drawn to Jayle in his quest to return to their own dimension. They first had a bit of an argument but when things got settled, he promised to assist Jayle in every way he can. Raxis is the one who holds Lucifer’s Lament, a key that can open the gates of ancient Geffenia. That’s why Deers is always after him (much to his annoyance) even though he always rejects him .

In my revised fanfic, I’m planning to make Raxis a Sage, to explain the reason why he can both wield a sword and cast magic spells.


This is also the most memorable game I played, as this is where I found my new love. My ex-boyfriend and I were supposed to be wed before he goes abroad but after several months of planning, “The Priest Ran Away with the Bride!” Hahaha, yeah, that’s how it started. I stopped playing pRO in two occasions. First time I halted was right after the ßeta days because I lost my job and got busy helping with my mom’s business. When I had the chance, I went back in the Iris server and stayed for another year. I completely halted playing pRO when I got swamped with work and was introduced to other MMOs.

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MMORPG that I play / played ~ ~ ~ (Part 2)

*** please excuse the date.. i just want this on top of my blog entries~

Rising Force Online – Philippines [link]

RF-Onlineis the second MMORPG I played. Like pRO, I also got addicted with it. It’s full 3D rendition and awesome graphics are really a big shift and it boasts its PvP among its other features.

I only got to make one character here, which is a cross-class Warrior-Summoner. My boyfriend has several characters, but his main was an Arch-Magus. He and his bestfriend usually helped me level up and gave me items.

I enjoyed pRO because I get to meet a lot of people, collect headgears and raise pets. In RF, they don’t have any of those. Sure, you get to meet people but only if you’re strong, active and politically-inclined. Yes, there’s a lot of politics and assholes in this game and that really ticked me off. PvP offers a good adrenaline rush but that’s only until you are KO’d with just one hit.

After less than a year, I decided to quit the game.

My Bellato cosplay [link]Mring’s Death Note — The BEST CORA ELITE EVAAAHH!!! [link]


Tales of Pirates [link]

ToP is an international MMORPG that is Free-to-Play. It’s also rendered in 3D and the characters are really adorable, equipped with super cute armors and pet systems!

ToP allows multiple game clients to be opened at the same time so I created two characters to keep me going, a cleric and a wizard.

Though the game is cute and all girl-ish, I got really ticked-off with their system. Monsters spawn on the exact location so you can just stay put in one spot and wait for it to come out. On top of that, kill-stealing is ALLOWED! WTF!

I stopped playing after two months, I think.


Rappelz [link]

Rappelz is a 3D MMORPG with similar characteristics of RF-Online. However, this game sucked big time. Everything about it is just so WRONG! The pets look HORRIBLE, the PvP stinks, the maps are confusing and the quests are soooooo tiresome even for a lowbie!

Maybe I was just too bored so I played this game. I am only thankful with this game because it reminded me to upgrade my RAM. Hehehee~


CABAL Online [link]

CABAL returned much of the trust I lost with MMORPG’s. Its graphics are better compared to most MMO’s I have tried.

The avatars have that angst-factor and it’s really jaw-dropping when a character executes a spell or a skill! It’s uber FLASHY! The background music also adds much excitement to the game. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

The levelling system is quite similar with RF-Online, wherein points for base and skill/spell are different. RF’s term to it is “PT” while in Cabal, we call it “skill-grinding” … PVP will not give as much adrenaline rush as RF but it’s really nerve-racking when you see two players battling. Haha!

I created a wizard since it’s a class I am really accustomed with. I managed to get my wizzy to base level 92, with AM/Completer skills in 2 months time.

I only stopped playing CABAL because I transferred to Makati and I couldn’t take my PC along with me.

I was supposed to take part in the Closed Beta of CABAL-Ph but I got too lazy. The servers were always full and it was filled with n00bs. XD

“Tell Me” — dance step in Cabal plus “Jindale” video [link]


Wonderland Online [link]

I timed out from the 3D games for a couple of months and tried this. It’s isometric just like Ragnarok Online, but the camera angle is fixed, bringing the classic 2D look. The battle system is Turn-based as opposed to all the MMO’s I played, which are Linear. This is really boring especially if you are with party members who can’t decide what spell to cast or skill to use. PvP is also boring. So what I usually did was buy HP and SP items then use the “remote control” to bot. Yes, one of its features is botting so I can leave my characters anytime. Just like ToP, I can open several game clients at the same time. In WO, players can choose any character and each can become any class they want. So, two players can have the same avatar, but different job classes. It’s really cool!

I also collected pets in WO, but in here, I don’t need any special item to get a pet. Just fight a certain monster that’s a few levels lower than my character and pray that I can capture it.

Manufacturing ate up most of my game time because depending on the item I wanted to craft, it may take a split-second to a week before completion. The longest I spent in crafting was 2 days, when I tried making the “Stairs”. Then, I boasted all those items in my Tent which I called “House of Panda!” The tent is where a character can rest, store items, manufacture or just play around while on-the-go.

We stopped playing this after a month or two because it was hard to level up and it was getting too dull.


MMORPG that I play / played ~ ~ ~ (Part 1), (Part2), (Part3), (Part4), (Part5)


MMORPG that I play / played ~ ~ ~ (Part 3)

*** please excuse the date.. i just want this on top of my blog entries~

ROSE Online [link]

Dada gave me a choice between playing Grand Chase or ROSE and I chose the latter because it reminds me so much of the past MMO’s I played. I had several mishaps trying to install and also run the game because my video card is already failing. Nonetheless, I managed to resolve those issues with his help.

I made a Muse, which is the spell-caster class and once again, I decided to build a Full-Support character. I named her after that cute cosplayer I found on the web, Kipi. No, I am not a fan-girl of Kipi. She’s just the first person that pops out of my head when I hear the word “cute”. Alodia is NOT cute. She’s beautiful. Uhm ..Anyway, we halted playing when we reached Level 160 (we’re finally able to wear the last armor set). I just had nothing else to do since Kipi’s a support character and she cannot wander alone. Dada lost interest as well and he’s now playing WoW.

After I upgraded my computer, I decided to make a second character and named her Maldita, a girly name mentioned in “Chicksilog” (theme song of pRO) which means “b!+ch”. She is a summoner — a semi-offensive type Muse class. She has a few buffs like Kipi but she can also summon creatures that would aid her in attacking monsters. She is my alter-ego in this game so I wanted her to have that angst-factor, as opposed to Kipi’s gentle looks.

This game, although it’s quite old, still has some noticeable bugs here and there. Some are useful, some are serious, while some are just so annoying. I didn’t bother reporting them to the GM‘s though.

There’s also this fairy that randomly spawns and buffs characters. I think she’s Arua, the one Alodia cosplayed during a LUG event. With her help, we were able to kill monsters much faster.

I can’t say that ROSE will tantamount the fun I had when I played pRO and CABAL but I still liked it. I stopped playing this when I felt bored having to do the same set of quests and monster-slaying all over again.

ROSE Online Evolution Muse Costumes
Kipi’s Cleric costumes [link]
Maldita’s Summoner costumes [link]


Wind Slayer [link]

Timing out once again from 3D games and returning to the world of side-scrolling!!! This is reminiscent to Maple Story (another MMORPG I played before but never really got to include it here since I don’t have screenshots) with a touch of Ragnarok Online job classes and cards.

Leveling up a character takes quite a while and the party system is kinda weird. Even if you’re party members, you cant set the item sharing for everyone. Whoever has most hits gets the loots and the bulk of the EXP. Since it’s a side-scrolling game, the maps don’t have much room for movement and the monsters are scarce. If three or more players try to be in a single map, chances are one of them will do the mobbing and the rest will just kill-steal.

Just like Wonderland Online, some forging and upgrading items are compounded from simple loots to more complex materials. It is time-consuming so it’s best to just buy them rather than having to undergo the effort of mining, compounding then just failing the upgrade.

The one thing that I didn’t expect to be exciting here is the PvP. Well, I’m not the PvP type of gamer but I was forced to enter the arenas because I need the points to buy the items necessary for a job change. Whenever I am out of mana, I enter the arena to while away time as my character regenerates. It’s hard to fight when everything moves. The terrain, the players, their summons and their spells. It’s uber chaotic when in the PvP room! One good thing about the it is that there’s an option to set all of the participants levels to the maximum (Lvl 49) with all stats maxed out to 55. This way, even the lowbies have the chance of beating up highbies. What matters in PvP are the fighting tactics and equipment of each player.


LUNA Online [link]

After being uninterested with MMORPG’s for quite a while,  I began surfing the Internet for new games and stumbled upon this cute stuff that’s reminiscent to Ragnarok and ROSE.

The game provides job classes SOOOOO SIMILAR to ROSE Online thus I created a Mage and turned her into a Cleric. The downside of being a Cleric in this game is that NO ONE NEEDS A CLERIC. Each job class can support its own journeys and would rather travel alone than have a Buffer who’d share half of the EXP and loots.

The game provides a lot of quests to do and these quests require a lot of effort changing maps, beating up monsters and talking to countless NPCs in different locations … The worst part of it is that the only scroll available is a return scroll, thus you can only return to your save point. Other map scrolls are not available or they need to be crafted using uber RARE materials. There’s an “Amateur Transfer Scroll” given to newbies so they can hop from one map to another but it only lasts for seven days upon opening it. Other transfer scrolls are very RARE and are uber pricey in the market.

I played LUNA for less than a month and got bored with it. Cuteness factor isn’t always the solution.


MMORPG that I play / played ~ ~ ~ (Part 1), (Part2), (Part3), (Part4), (Part5)


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