Indifference on a New Year . . .

2010 is here but I didn't feel that it was a special and welcoming day.

I didn't even go out to watch the fireworks.

Last year, I spent the Media Noche with Dada [click here]. This time, I didn't.

I just stayed home playing World of Warcraft.

It sucks.

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I am not a Cat-person . . .

Dada and I went out and had our kris kringle. I gave him a leather wallet and he gave me a Hello Kitty USB flash drive. I don't like it because I am not a cat-person nor a Sanrio fan and HK reminds me of a former friend. I didn't smile when he showed it to me. I shook my head and rejected it. I appreciate him better when he's giving me chocolate marshmallows instead of a limited edition item that's of no use to me… but I thought that I was being rude since that gift is from him, nonetheless. Before our date ended, I voluntarily took the USB drive and told him that it will just serve as a display but I will not touch it. Sigh.This is the first time I rejected a present… on top of that, it's Dada's present!

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I therefore conclude that it’s hard to say NO (for some) . . .

Honestly, this has got to be one of the WTF moments (for the first part) yet fresh (for the latter part) events I've been to.

My friends and I planned on getting together after Christmas so we can all catch up on what's going on with our lives after 10 years of graduating from high school. We've talked about it for a month yet the main plan didn't push through (we were supposed to attend Nostalgia, which was our HS alumni homecoming, yet we decided not to because it was expensive and we were not close with most of the confirmed attendees).

Christmas … I constantly reminded everyone about where and when to meet the following day. All of them replied, very eager for the meet up.

December 26 … I had to take a cab going TriNoma in order to make it on time. Unfortunately, I was still late because I had to stop by the National Bookstore and I bought safety pins to cover my dress that was showing off much of my chest. Clari (HS friend and batch mate) was already there and Alex (College friend and HS batch mate) sent me a message saying that he would be late. Our meeting time was 4PM in Starbucks. Clari got there on time. I was late for an hour. Alex got there maybe 2 or 3 hours later. Clari and I started calling our other friends to ask where they were because we did not receive any update during our wait time.

I called Ferdi (HS friend and 4th yr classmate) asking him where he was and he said that he doesn't have money. I told him that he can just get enough for the commuting expenses then we will shoulder the food cost. We just want him to be there because it is a once-in-a-blue-moon chance that we all get together. We had to call him several times, persuading him to come but money was an obstacle for him. He said his flat was within walking distance to the MRT station in Guadalupe. An MRT ticket from there going to the North Avenue station doesn't even cost P15. I don't get how someone with a job would be completely broke — as in zilch. We then resolved that we would just pick him up in Shaw. Good thing Alex brought his car.

Clari called Toni (HS friend and 4th yr classmate) to ask where she was. Lo and behold, she said she's in Laguna. She said she was there for an extended vacation. I was like WTF?! Last time I checked Facebook, she even asked if she could bring her daughter along because no one could babysit. We agreed. We're used to having her little girl tagging along and it's not a new sight nor a burden for us. I got disappointed and furious because she didn't inform us ahead of time. We were patiently waiting for her and she didn't even give us any text message. We had to spend cellphone load to call her in order to know what was happening. She sent us a text message saying sorry a few minutes right after the call. Sorry always comes later. It doesn't do much, though.

Clari and I then called Vincent (College friend and HS batch mate) to ask where he was. He was very active replying in Facebook so we were thinking that if there's someone who'd surely come, it would be him. Unfortunately, like Toni, he's got reasons — more like excuses — of his own. Alex said that Vincent spent all his money buying gifts and he's got nothing left for our get-together. I was doing the WTF expression again. You know something's coming and you're looking forward to it. Why not save nuff money for it, right? Whatever the reasons were, it was still a hassle because he made us expect. During that time that we called him, he said that he's in Greenhills shopping with his sister. I told him that we're going to fetch Ferdi in Shaw so we can come pick him up too. We suggested that he go to Ortigas and we'll meet him there. He said he's got no money. We asked him to borrow money from his sister. He said his sister didn't approve of it. We asked Alex if it's okay for him to drive going to Greenhills and he said it's fine. Vincent then said that he's only wearing shorts. We told him that it's okay. He then said that he wasn't able to properly ask permission from his mom. Again, WTF?!

It's a common trait of Filipinos to say "No" in a different manner and it sucks people in a fucking guessing game. We did our part in making this get-together work. I was furious but I was also in my nice dress and I won't let any mishap ruin our night. I told Clari that enough is enough. "Wag pilitin. Baka dumugo." (Don't force. It may bleed.) then we took off.

I understand that we all have different priorities. What I don't understand is that why didn't they have the initiative to tell us about what's going on which would have prevented us from being like sitting ducks waiting for people who will not arrive? We had to spend cellphone load to call them in order to know what was happening. Apart from the money shelled out from calling and texting, the time and effort it took us to lie in wait was a pain in the butt. Really… Annoying … What they did was unfriendly.

Harsh? Bitter? Who can blame me for feeling this way? It's a "cause and effect" thing. A good friend understands… but a good friend will not do anything intentionally to disappoint his or her friend too.


Anyway, moving on…

Around 7PM, we left TriNoma and went to Star Mall. We waited for Ferdi in ChowKing. He arrived about 5-10 minutes after we ordered food. After a brief chat, we then met Ferdi's boyfriend who tagged along as well.

BTW, I called Dada and told him that we'll push through with our post-Christmas date the following morning and we can finally exchange gifts! Weeee~~~

Ferdi showed us this restaurant in Ermita called Cowboy Grill. The food was delicious and very affordable. There was too much so we had Ferdi take home the leftovers. Clari, alex and I also pitched in for Ferdi and his boyfriend's bill. He said he'll just treat us out next time around. It was the first time I tasted the Margarita. It was nice but I didn't want to get drunk. My body is not acecpting liquor yet. There were also two gay stand-up comedians who continuously entertained us with their green and wacky retorts. Ferdi also sang a few songs and everyone was all ears. I still admire his singing voice. Really amazing!

Around 12:30AM, we left the resto. We dropped off Ferdi and his bf in Quezon Avenue.  Around 1:30AM, we reached our house. I showed Alex and Clari my cosplay pics and told them stories about random stuff. They left around 2AM.

I uploaded photos from my camera and I wrote this blog. Time stamp is "4:29 AM 12/27/2009"

Meeepp! After this blog, I gotta take a nap and by 7AM I should wake up and get prepared for my date with Dada!


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(Aftermath) Ozine Fest 2008 & e-Games Domination II

Ozine Fest 2008

(April 5, 2008) I attended this convention because Faye requested so, because she said we'll be meeting a new Hikarian member. Unfortunately, we did not see her.

I was wearing  my Wrath costume for costripping only but I wasn't able to fix my hair because I was in a hurry. My real hair was showing on most of the photos. Aside from that, I also looked groggy. I didn't have time to put make-up on. 

Some people mistook me for Shana (Shakugan no Shana 2). Hahaha! I honestly dunno this animé so when I saw her photo, I was shocked.

The venue was so small to acommodate all people who attended the event. Most of the time, I was out the Megatrade Hall because it was so congested inside. There were a lot of cosplayers loitering around the 5th floor of SM Megamall. Hahaha!

I met some new and old buddies, thanks to Faye. Some of them thought I am still a teenager. Hiihiii~~

I also won a T-shirt from the Cosplay.Ph booth. It has the "Prepare to get PWNED!" print on it. So cool! Hahahaaaaa!

Thanks to Faye for treating me out for lunch. hehehee~
Thanks to Roy for carrying my stuff and taking some pics.
Thanks to Paul-niichan for letting me stash my stuff in your booth!
Thanks to Bryan for the tips on Chain Of Memories.

e-Games Dominaton II

(April 6, 2008) When I woke up, my body felt so heavy and I could barely move. It took me 2 hours to get prepared for this event. I planned on going to SMX early so I could get freebies, but my body wouldn't let me. Even putting my socks on became a major pain.

I guess I got sick because of yesterday's event. Megatrade was crowded, it was too hot there and when we got out of the hall, it got too cold. So the changes in temperature might have triggered it. My arms, legs and back were also painful… Maybe it was because I was either crouching or standing up most of the time, and that I was carrying two heavy katana all the time.

Even though I know that I have a fever, I still mustered my strength because it's the launch of CABAL Online (the new MMORPG my boyfriend and I are playing), and that this is the only time we can sign-up for the closed-beta. IT'S NOW OR NEVER!!!

My boyfriend and I came late in SMX. After buying tickets, we immediately signed up and got our CB accounts (hooray!) and then we also signed up for the CABAL-freeplay.

The character that Dada (my boyfriend) tried out was a Force Blader, and the PC he was playing at was tied to the main projector of the CABAL booth. Fort Ruina (one of the in-game maps) has a catchy background music so when Dada entered there, the speakers went booming and a lot of people came in to have a peek at the CABAL-Ph Booth.

We stayed a bit longer and watched the band performance and cosplay. I forgot the name of the girl-band that was there … "Pacha" was it? They were a bunch of sexy girls in sexy outfits that made each and every guy's head turn. It was really fun watching the reaction of the selected guys on stage when the girls did the lap dance on them. LOL!

I got mad at my boyfriend because I thought he said that he would replace CABAL-Ph with those girls… Whereas it was the other way around pala. He said he'd rather play Cabal. LOL.

After that, my boyfriend and I went to Mall of Asia and watched Semi-Pro (starring Will Ferrell). I was supposed to give him the T-shirt I won yesterday since it was too big for me, but I ended up using it because I was really sweating. XD

I got home around 10:30 PM and immediately went to bed.

Dadaaaaaa!! Thanks for taking care of me. Hahaha! I know, I act like a baby. I'll give you chocolates on our 4th anniversary as payment, don't worry.


This is Ascedia, my Wizard on the CABAL-US client. I'm also gonna make a wizard in CABAL-Ph. Weeee!!!


Right now, I still have a fever so I don't think I'd be able to go to work… Gasp! Back to bed!

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Pixel Artwork from [link]


My Friendster Horoscope only tells about money so I'm not gonna paste it here.

Anyway …

It's been a rollercoaster ride this month; sometimes I feel happy and sometimes I don't. Overall, I guess it's been okay.

During the first week, Dada (my boyfriend) and I underwent that "unpleasant phase" [link]. I was really worried and I am thankful because I had my friends and buddies who cheered me up that time. It's the first time I cried inside the company premises and whenever I recall it, I feel really embarassed. I'm glad that's over. Hahaha!

On the second week, we had the company Christmas party [link]. It was a tad bit early but I had fun. I got to know people better and I saw Bamboo perform live. He sang one of my all-time fave songs – 214. *sigh*

Dec.10 … Dada and I met to have a long talk. I thought he would break up with me so I took the advice of my office-buddy – she said I should look my best so I wouldn't feel too bad when that time comes. I felt really happy when Dada hugged me. When I asked him, "Does this mean we're back to normal again?" he said "Yes."

There were a lot more things that happened during the third week … I got sick for almost five days, but I still had to go to work because I can't be absent during the 6-month long training and probationary period. Yes, I (along with 3 of my teammates and some other agents) was transferred to the DELL account by force by our Operations Manager [link]. I was not able to go with my mom and siblings to fetch dad from NAIA as well because of this.

Dec.22 … My parents, siblings and I went to MoA during the weekend to do some shopping. I was able to buy a couple of clothes and accessories (which are all either black or white). Oh yesh, I love these colors! I was hoping to have lunch in the TokyoCafe but they don't serve fish so we went to Congo Grille instead.

Dec.23 … I gave Dada my gift, a grey Skechers™ backpack – with lots of pockets (just as he wanted). I thought he would not accept it because I purchased it from a girlie store, but I'm so glad because he did like my gift. ^_^ We were not able to go shopping for clothes and gifts this week (yet again) because we ran out of time. Sigh, next week we can't go out because our days off are different. Oh well. @_@;

Dec.24 … Well, I just stayed home with my family. There was a bit of a commotion because my Dad got upset when he found out that we don't have any "handa" for the Noche Buena. I told him I can't stay up late as well because I have work tomorrow. We're really not used to preparing stuff during Christmas time and it's always just a regular day for me and my siblings… but since Dad's here, he was expecting more – which he did not get. So as not to make him more disappointed, I told him that I'd be treating them all out for dinner tomorrow. ^_^;

Golly, so many things happened this month!

Despite all the bad stuff that happened, I'M STILL ALIVE!!! Hahaha!


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Trip to Baguio 2007 …

Day 1 – May 10, 2007

    2:19 AM, I woke up late because my alarm clock did not ring. I got out of the sleeping quarters and looked for my team mates, but they're all gone. Apparently, they all headed to the bus station – without me. I called my TL and asked for directions. 3:00AM, I rode a taxi going to Cubao, hoping I'd catch up with them. 3:45AM, I found them all waiting in the lounge. 4:00AM, the bus left and headed to Baguio. I slept most of the time and didn't bother looking at the scenery.

    11:00AM, the bus arrived in Baguio. We then rode a jeepney going to Hancock – Tip Top, where our transient house is located. After we unpacked our things, TL said we'll go shopping in SM-Baguio. I brought my digicam, cellphone and wallet with me so I could take pics and buy stuff. Ish and I had lunch in Kamimura, a Japanese food joint, while the rest of them went to Pizza Hut. Afterwards, we bought some things in the grocery. Since some of the guys took a while to shop, I decided to pass by Surplus and browse for some clothes. When I got back, they're GONE! I informed them of where I'd go but they didn't bother telling me that they're gonna leave already. WTF, this is the second time I got ditched by "my team mates." Some others were left behind too so I rode a cab with them.

    When we reached the transient house, I immiediately borrowed the heater and took a long bath. Then after dinner, the Miss-41 mini-pageant started. My TL asked all of us to introduce ourselves but I told them I don't wanna take part in it… It's just not my cup of tea. I became their photographer instead.

    Its was 2AM and I felt tired. The front gate is locked and there's no other way to our room so I called our teammate who has the key to open it. She said "sandali lang" as she asked another teammate if she's also gonna use the front gate. Unfortunately, Ms.Drunk#1 is already too drunk and crashed in another person's couch instead. I waited for Ms.Keyholder for about 5 minutes but she still hasn't opened the gate. I'm really fuckin tired. I sat down as I waited some more. After about 5 minutes, Ms.Drunk#2 went downstairs and said she needed to pee. Ms.Keyholder and some others followed and tried to pacify her. Of course, that again prevented me from getting out of the gate! Ms.Keyholder kept saying sorry to me but I'm not buying it. If she opened the gate immediately in the first place, none of this happened.

Day 2 – May 11, 2007

    The team went to several places, viewed some sights, took pictures and bought stuff. I went to Maharlika with Mommy Gem, Ish, Ifliza, Salvy, Zelle and her family. I was able to buy some clothes and souvenirs that amounted to less than 500 bucks. I saw a gorgeous katana in one of the shops, but it's worth 3.5K so I felt disappointed. Besides, If I buy that, the security guards in the bus station might confiscate it. ~__~

    Going back to the transient house was a tough one. Not only it was raining, taxi drivers became assholes and are getting picky with their passengers. After an hour or so of waiting, we decided to go to the jeepney terminal instead. It was gruesome as we walked 3 overpasses while we're drenched. I managed to keep my cellphone and digicam dry throughout the ordeal. Thank goodness we're able to make it. I immediately went to the shower and took a bath – without using the heater.

    Salvy decided to sleep with me and the folks downstairs because she said she felt something in the second floor. I just laughed as she explained to me what that is. We had a little chit-chat before we went to bed. She thought I am a femme because I am "astig" when I'm on The Floor. After talking for a bit, she realized that I'm the absolute opposite of what she first thought of me. But I did confess to her that I love it when people think I'm a lesbian. It only means I look cool.

Day 3 – May 12, 2007

    Everything seemed well today. We go to several more parks, took pictures, bought strawberries and peanut brittles. I didn't take a bath anymore since it's getting late and I just packed my stuff. We arrived at the bus station around 2:30PM. The bus left by 3PM.

    This time, I wasn't able to sleep and I often took pictures of the scenery. It was still raining and there was so much air pressure as the bus cruised down the mountain that I thought my eardrums would burst! I called Dada several times to update him as to where I was.

    I got home by 11PM and I greeted Tita a Happy Birthday. I gave her a t-shirt and a cigarette case. Leidi prepared a strawberry shake for me and Popay. I then had a little chit-chat with Dada (and we planned for our date the next day).

    Thank goodie, I'm home!!! There's no place like home!!!


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Trip to Grotto

    Last time I remember going to Grotto was when I was in 6th Grade and that was when my playmates from Bagong Silang invited me over to join them. I recall that it was 2 AM when we rode a trike going there so it was still dark. When we did the Station of the Cross, we just followed a white flag with a torch on it so we wouldn't get lost.

    After 13 years, I return to this solemn place with Dada and his relatives. It's not really my thing to do this yearly pilgrimage as I am agnostic, but I am thankful to Dada's parents for inviting me over. I got a chance to take pictures using my sister's Premier DS-3087S and my Nokia N70. It's another great experience for me and I will treasure this forever.

Enjoying the Scenery ...

    It's like I'm back in Mindoro, with all the towering trees and grasses. The Stations of the Cross were also a good sight. Tita Bituin and Tito Oscar (Dada's parents) asked me to read the contents of the 8th Station… I was really nervous! Thank goodness it didn't rain or everything will be ruined! The weather was relatively hot and I was really sweating. Dada constantly wiped my face with his towel and offered me food and drinks. He also carried my bag. ^_^

Planning to Step on the Next Level …

    After the Station of the Cross, we headed back to the Picnic Area to rest and have something to drink. Dada and I had a little talk too.

     He said that we should always resist temptations because he does not want to end up like his brother. I have no qualms with that because it's for our own good naman e.

    He told me that he wants us to plan our future carefully now that he's graduating. We decided to save enough money so we can settle down. I told him that it's okay if we just have a civil wedding as long as we can have a house of our own. He smiled when he remembered about his promise to me a few years back — that we'll get married once I'm 25. Hahaha! It's a nice thought, but I'm in no hurry like I always tell him.

    A few days more and it'll be our 3rd Year Anniversary. Weeee!!!

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