Treat ? ? ?

Since Ferdi was not able to go the last time he said he'd treat us out and since he still hasn't fulfilled his promise to us, we had another gathering today hoping that he'd make up for it.

I met up with Toni (who just came back from an out-of-town trip) and Clari (who just stopped by SM Megamall to buy an adhesive tape LoL!) in Figaro – SM Megamall after my Saturday shift. We stayed there for about an hour and it was already 8:30PM but Ferdi was still not around. He was giving another excuse to us; he said he had to attend the wake of his boss's grandfather or something … Toni became furious and was scolding him on the phone. LoL! On the other hand, I asked him if he could just go to the wake after dinner and he said he "will check". I then told Clari again "Wag pilitin. Baka dumugo." (Don't force. It may bleed.) … Whether he comes or not, the dinner will push through.

We began moving our heavy butts because it's nearly closing time. I mentioned some of the restaurants I frequently visit and they got excited when I told them about my shabu-shabu experience in Tong Yang. I told them as well that in case Ferdi's budget wasn't enough, we can just pitch in. They said "Ok."

We started cooking our food while waiting for Ferdi — who arrived after another 45 minutes. All of us had fun preparing our food and we enjoyed chit-chatting while eating. Toni's plate mainly contained shrimp, squid and pork. Clari was so hyped up she gathered much of the seafood, vegetables and tofu! LoL! I gobbled up as much crab sticks as I can get and some other meaty products. Ferdi, I think, got the squid, chicken and barbecue.

Fun part is over, it's now time to pay the tab …

We handed over the bill to Ferdi since he promised that he'd treat us out but to our surprise, he said he's only got P200 in his pocket. The bill was a whopping P2,300!!! We agreed on "filling in" but we never thought we'd be shouldering most of it. It was a good thing that I brought my BPI Edge otherwise we'll be washing dishes that night! It was another WTF moment and I almost lost my cool. I asked Toni and Clari to give me their share because I cannot cover it all. I don't have much money left and that's an unexpected cut from my work-allowance next week.

We stopped by Starbucks to grab a drink before we went home.

After this food trip, I don't think I have any more drive to meet up with friends when things are not planned through.

Take a pick . . ."Whatever" Food (2) ! ! !My plate!Our PLATES!Seryoso sa Pagluluto! LoL ! ! !


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Can we trade neighbors ? ? ?

WARNING: Really graphic and a lot of cussing. Read ONLY when YOU can take it.

Our house is situated on the corner of a seemingly-empty street. It faces the cemented area, while its sides and its back are surrounded by plantation. Most of the time, it’s peaceful here… too quiet that it can be dubbed as a ghost town. Although, sometimes, people wreak havoc and startle all the dogs in the neighborhood and cause trouble to other home owners.

We don’t have “next-door neighbors” … but we do have neighbors — very annoying and hostile neighbors. I feel like I’m trapped in Eerie Indiana or something.

Meet the Surly Bunch:
1) the “home owner”
2) the tattletale teacher
3) the wealthy traffic-starter
4) the ancients
5) the goat-man
6) the asshole and his no-brainer wife

The “Home Owner” … In our subdivision, we frequently call the guards to send tricycles over because walking from our house to the village gate takes approximately ten minutes. There was an instance that a certain someone (who claims that he’s an official of the Home Owner’s Association) received my call. I treated it like the usual, until ten minutes have passed and no trike came. I called again and the same guy received the call. After another five minutes, still no trike. Third time I called, I was really fuming. He told me to stop shouting as he’s an official and I have no right to treat him like that. Sigh, people with power are fuckingly irritating. Of course, I told him that the money that my parents pay to the HOA should be put to good use and officials should be helpful instead of being power-hungry jerks. Honestly, I can only see two possible causes of the problem there… either 1) the trike driver is stupid in following directions or 2) the Home Owner is a dumb ass who cannot point directions correctly. I was late for work that day. What happened to him? I don’t know. I hope he dies soon.

The Tattletale Teacher … Teachers are supposed to be intelligent, respectable and — best of all — should have common sense. Several years ago, when my mom still had a store, people would frequently knock on our doorstep and buy something. Sometimes, they go here way too early, when everyone’s still happily sleeping. One of them was a middle-aged woman who kept banging our gate around 6AM. She was like that for 15 minutes. Who in his or her rightful mind would stand on a store for more than 5 minutes if no one’s answering? If he or she is in her rightful mind, she would conclude that the STORE IS CLOSED. I was playing CABAL Online so I ignored her for the most part. But she waited and kept knocking for 15 damn minutes. FIFTEEN MINUTES!!! I was very irritated so I shouted “Sara do pa po!” (Still closed!). Because I exerted effort in looking away from the monitor, my character in-game died! Due to disappointment, I shouted “Putang ina! Namatay ako!” … After a couple of hours the tattletale teacher went to our house accusing me of cursing at her. Talk about moronic! She is the predecessor of another stupid bombshell (who filed for bankruptcy last time I checked.. Hahaha! Karma to bitches!).

The Wealthy Traffic-Starter … Honestly, I have not seen this man. I don’t think he is a bad person. It’s just that some events that happened in his house affected the traffic on our side of the street. A crew from a local television rented his mansion to tape some scenes from a tv drama or telenovela. This happened every Thursday but I forgot what month it was… Whenever they had to shoot, we would see about a dozen or so cars and trucks parked from one end of our street to the other. One time, I accompanied my youngest sibling on her field trip and mom was supposed to fetch us when we got back. Unfortunately, she was boxed out so we had to take a trike going home. Other than this incident, Mr.Wealthy is harmless. He’s probably a good neighbor who knows something about privacy.

The Ancients … AFAIK, old people are generally friendly and talkative. AFAIK too, old people are like vampires because they’re dormant by day and very hostile at night. It is true because these Ancients seem to be fond of karaoke and they take Las Vegas to their doorstep — at night (yes, when everyone else is trying to get a goodnight sleep). This happens too often but AFAIK again, one of the Ancients is a HOA official so he can get away with it. Wow! Seriously, if small-time politicians have no consideration whatsoever to their neighbors, what more are those high-profile loons running for the Presidency?

The Goat-Man … He has not been aggressive to me but my mom sure hates his guts. They both run their own store and they compete with each other in getting more customers. Mom also thinks he’s responsible for our missing dog. If he touches any of our pets (again), his livestock will die an instant death.


The Asshole and His No-Brainer Wife (or Mistress) This asshole was an action superstar in the early 90’s. He was not the fire-starter but people liked him — until he turned to the dark side. Many years ago, he was dubbed as a high official of some rebel group. After that, news about him slowly died down together with his career. The only times he’d be in the news would be when he committed crimes like estafa, rape, DUI and drug dependency. He was also known for causing his mom so much anguish due to his “debilitating alcoholic problem”… OMFG I had no idea that he would be our neighbor! Even though I knew much about his and his family’s background, I didn’t care about it. I care less about our neighbors so long as they don’t intrude my private space. He even gave us a present last Christmas. Mom thought that it was nice of him. I thought it was nice too since we don’t greet him and yet he’s offering us something. Well, everything was fine until last night when he and his wife (or mistress, really I dunno their relationship ’cause I don’t care) started fighting. I was trying to sleep (it was already 12MN) since I have work the following day. But darnit they were too noisy that their voices echoed all over! I could hear them from my room on the 2nd floor! I can’t put my headset on because if I do that, I will not hear my cellphone’s alarm! They were shouting (about positive drug test results, fear from something, being sent to jail, etc), breaking things and beating their car! Too much noise startled our dogs and also our neighbors’ The noise and commotion were too much to bear. What worried me the most was when I heard a boy shout “Lolo! Lolo!” (Grandpa! Grandpa!) Apparently, the boy was trying to get help from The Ancients. OMG I fell down on my knees when I heard the boy. I pity him for having parents like them — a jobless asshole and a good-for-nothing mistress milking their relatives’ earnings. I was about to call our subdivision’s security guards but mom stopped me. She said that calling them would be like pointing a loaded gun on our heads. She heard news about how this asshole fired gunshots on a comedian-turned-politician’s house long ago. With that said, she also told me to keep shush and let it pass. This asshole was known for committing crimes and getting away with it.

Politicians, celebrities, prominent people.. they all get to fuck with other people’s lives and don’t get punished for their crimes. Damn, that sucks!

I therefore conclude that it’s hard to say NO (for some) . . .

Honestly, this has got to be one of the WTF moments (for the first part) yet fresh (for the latter part) events I've been to.

My friends and I planned on getting together after Christmas so we can all catch up on what's going on with our lives after 10 years of graduating from high school. We've talked about it for a month yet the main plan didn't push through (we were supposed to attend Nostalgia, which was our HS alumni homecoming, yet we decided not to because it was expensive and we were not close with most of the confirmed attendees).

Christmas … I constantly reminded everyone about where and when to meet the following day. All of them replied, very eager for the meet up.

December 26 … I had to take a cab going TriNoma in order to make it on time. Unfortunately, I was still late because I had to stop by the National Bookstore and I bought safety pins to cover my dress that was showing off much of my chest. Clari (HS friend and batch mate) was already there and Alex (College friend and HS batch mate) sent me a message saying that he would be late. Our meeting time was 4PM in Starbucks. Clari got there on time. I was late for an hour. Alex got there maybe 2 or 3 hours later. Clari and I started calling our other friends to ask where they were because we did not receive any update during our wait time.

I called Ferdi (HS friend and 4th yr classmate) asking him where he was and he said that he doesn't have money. I told him that he can just get enough for the commuting expenses then we will shoulder the food cost. We just want him to be there because it is a once-in-a-blue-moon chance that we all get together. We had to call him several times, persuading him to come but money was an obstacle for him. He said his flat was within walking distance to the MRT station in Guadalupe. An MRT ticket from there going to the North Avenue station doesn't even cost P15. I don't get how someone with a job would be completely broke — as in zilch. We then resolved that we would just pick him up in Shaw. Good thing Alex brought his car.

Clari called Toni (HS friend and 4th yr classmate) to ask where she was. Lo and behold, she said she's in Laguna. She said she was there for an extended vacation. I was like WTF?! Last time I checked Facebook, she even asked if she could bring her daughter along because no one could babysit. We agreed. We're used to having her little girl tagging along and it's not a new sight nor a burden for us. I got disappointed and furious because she didn't inform us ahead of time. We were patiently waiting for her and she didn't even give us any text message. We had to spend cellphone load to call her in order to know what was happening. She sent us a text message saying sorry a few minutes right after the call. Sorry always comes later. It doesn't do much, though.

Clari and I then called Vincent (College friend and HS batch mate) to ask where he was. He was very active replying in Facebook so we were thinking that if there's someone who'd surely come, it would be him. Unfortunately, like Toni, he's got reasons — more like excuses — of his own. Alex said that Vincent spent all his money buying gifts and he's got nothing left for our get-together. I was doing the WTF expression again. You know something's coming and you're looking forward to it. Why not save nuff money for it, right? Whatever the reasons were, it was still a hassle because he made us expect. During that time that we called him, he said that he's in Greenhills shopping with his sister. I told him that we're going to fetch Ferdi in Shaw so we can come pick him up too. We suggested that he go to Ortigas and we'll meet him there. He said he's got no money. We asked him to borrow money from his sister. He said his sister didn't approve of it. We asked Alex if it's okay for him to drive going to Greenhills and he said it's fine. Vincent then said that he's only wearing shorts. We told him that it's okay. He then said that he wasn't able to properly ask permission from his mom. Again, WTF?!

It's a common trait of Filipinos to say "No" in a different manner and it sucks people in a fucking guessing game. We did our part in making this get-together work. I was furious but I was also in my nice dress and I won't let any mishap ruin our night. I told Clari that enough is enough. "Wag pilitin. Baka dumugo." (Don't force. It may bleed.) then we took off.

I understand that we all have different priorities. What I don't understand is that why didn't they have the initiative to tell us about what's going on which would have prevented us from being like sitting ducks waiting for people who will not arrive? We had to spend cellphone load to call them in order to know what was happening. Apart from the money shelled out from calling and texting, the time and effort it took us to lie in wait was a pain in the butt. Really… Annoying … What they did was unfriendly.

Harsh? Bitter? Who can blame me for feeling this way? It's a "cause and effect" thing. A good friend understands… but a good friend will not do anything intentionally to disappoint his or her friend too.


Anyway, moving on…

Around 7PM, we left TriNoma and went to Star Mall. We waited for Ferdi in ChowKing. He arrived about 5-10 minutes after we ordered food. After a brief chat, we then met Ferdi's boyfriend who tagged along as well.

BTW, I called Dada and told him that we'll push through with our post-Christmas date the following morning and we can finally exchange gifts! Weeee~~~

Ferdi showed us this restaurant in Ermita called Cowboy Grill. The food was delicious and very affordable. There was too much so we had Ferdi take home the leftovers. Clari, alex and I also pitched in for Ferdi and his boyfriend's bill. He said he'll just treat us out next time around. It was the first time I tasted the Margarita. It was nice but I didn't want to get drunk. My body is not acecpting liquor yet. There were also two gay stand-up comedians who continuously entertained us with their green and wacky retorts. Ferdi also sang a few songs and everyone was all ears. I still admire his singing voice. Really amazing!

Around 12:30AM, we left the resto. We dropped off Ferdi and his bf in Quezon Avenue.  Around 1:30AM, we reached our house. I showed Alex and Clari my cosplay pics and told them stories about random stuff. They left around 2AM.

I uploaded photos from my camera and I wrote this blog. Time stamp is "4:29 AM 12/27/2009"

Meeepp! After this blog, I gotta take a nap and by 7AM I should wake up and get prepared for my date with Dada!


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Trash . . .


I found one of my old diaries while I was cleaning my room. That diary contained mostly what happened during my first year in college. Some are good, some are bad, some are enraging…

I told Dan that I wanted to get even with the people who bullied us in school, since a lot of them thought of us as unpopular nerds. Dan said being bitter is a waste of time and plotting revenge would be like fighting pieces of trash.

He said that some of those who bullied us are now in much worse situations. One of them is now a drug addict, two or three of them got impregnated during college, some of them became mere salespeople.

I guess he has a point. Even if we served as laughing stock during those days, we should also be thankful that we did not end up like them.

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Second wave of ailments . . .

September 26 … It was the fourth time I experienced serious palpitations. The first three were probably triggered by drinking too much coffee-vanilla. The latest was caused by the argument I had with my boyfriend during Ondoy.

October 2 … I went to Medical City (SM Fairview) to have my heart checked up. The cardiologist suspected a lot of causes (kidney, thyroid, lungs, blood, heart, caffeine intake and anxiety attacks). It was the beginning of a series of  other check ups.

October 11 … I skipped work again because I had a 2D-ECHO scheduled. This was my first time taking that lab test and I almost freaked out when my heart made some weird noises! LoL! I also had a blood sample taken, an X-Ray and ECG.

October 16 … I had rhinitis and I could barely breathe through my nose. This was probably caused by the unpredictable weather conditions. I went to the clinic three times. Despite that, the company nurse refused to send me home early and my supervisor cannot do anything about it. It was one of the most irritating times of my life.

October 17 … I skipped work again and went back to Medical City. By this time, I’ve already recognized the nurses and they too have become familiar with me. The ENT doctor gave me 1 day of bed rest. I met up with Jeiro to lend her my red wig. I was also happy when I told her that I can go to EK the next day!!! I also told Dada about it. He was against it at first but we settled it. I really love him! ♥

October 18 … I woke up and my rhinitis is gone — so was my voice! That didn’t prevent me from going to the Enchanted Kingdom though! Even without a voice, I can still have fun! [link to “OtakonEK 2009”]

October 19 … I skipped work again to meet up with the cardiologist. All tests indicated that I am very healthy – especially my heart. She wanted me to take Pulmonary tests but I cannot afford anymore time on it unless I file a long medical leave. The bills also amounted to P15k (that’s about 315 US dollars) so I am very thankful because we have MediCard (HMO). I just concluded that it might be my anxieties causing everything.

October 21-24 … I was absent the whole week because my voice has not fully recovered. I went back to the ENT and he diagnosed that it’s an acute laryngitis. The Operations Manager then asked for a “Fit-to-work” certificate. I never filed any.

November 7 … My sleeping problems has taken its toll. While I was taking a nap, I experienced “Sleep Paralysis” and it was one of the most terrifying things that happened to me. It wasn’t just because I couldn’t move nor talk during that ordeal, I was also having auditory hallucinations. I was really scared! I am very grateful to my boyfriend because he was the one who woke me up. If he wasn’t there, I might’ve died. [link to “Hypnagogia . . .”]

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Reviving from Quiscience . . .


About two years ago, I had to wipe out all the contents of my computer due to a persistent virus that has been activated by my siblings. I failed to backup some of the things I needed and lost a lot of pertinent information in the process.

Another thing I lost was the ability to use my Canon ScanLide 25 [link], a scanner I bought together with my Genius G-Pen 450 wireless tablet [link]. I bought them as Christmas gifts for myself since I wanted to do more artworks as part of my leisure time. The driver cd for the scanner has been misplaced and we didn't  know who's responsible. Mom and I had a week-long fucked-up argument because of it as well (… and that's another fucked-up story I can't forget).

Anyway … because of the argument and because I couldn't find a free driver download site for the scanner, I decided to completely stop using it. I slowly halted from submitting artworks on my DeviantART account too.

Fast forward to this date …

Dan Paulo (my college buddy) asked me to design a coat for him because he plans on using it for a wedding (whose wedding, I no longer asked). I told him that it has been a year since I last held a pencil and that I've retired from designing clothes. I also told him the story behind the scanner as an excuse. He was very persistent, though.

We then had a deal or a challenge that if he gets me the driver I need for free, then I would say "yes" to him . . . Gosh, that was one of those somewhat regretful things I said. Hahaha! After a couple of minutes, he gave me a zip file containing what I needed! [link to full chat with Dan (for family & friends only)]


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WTF Moments 001 . . .

This day has been nothing but mishap. Dunno why the negative vibes have been with me the whole day!

MMORPG – Wind Slayer
I tried compounding an Elementrium so I can use it to upgrade my weapon. As per the info, compounding it has a 75% chance of success. I failed THRICE! Those three times I failed, I was always in the 25% failure mark! Amf! I was so pissed that I just entered the PvP room and tried gaining WSP's. I am always the first to die! WTF! Mages suck in battle.

The reason why I don't answer phone calls is because I am really bad at entertaning people. A PLDT contractor called and asked me so many personal questions to the point that I thought he was a fucking stalker. He then hung up while I was asking him what he wanted from my mom. THANK GOODNESS the Caller ID system was invented! I got his number and I put it on my to-spam list. GRRR!!! All I need now is an extra SIM so I can spam his fucking inbox! I told mom to report the BS contractor to PLDT but she said it wouldn't do any good. That's the difference between Filipinos and Americans… When Americans get pissed, they complain ASAP. Filipinos tend to let the situation pass that's why BS people keep doing BS things.

Mom asked me to hurry so I can hitch a ride with a neighbor going to SM. Because I was so frantic, I left both my Fitness First ID and most of my cash in my room! GAAAAAAAAHHH!!! Good thing I had a few coins in my pocket so I used it to go back home. GAAAAAH!

A bunch of kids were running up and down the escalator and bumped into me. Good thing I had a firm grip or all of my workout stuff would be scattered! I scolded them and a kid cried. Of course, their mom approached me and tapped my shoulder. Probably she was gonna shout at me but she got shocked when she saw my face. I was wearing my red contact lenses and I had that "Wrath's Glare" so she just asked what's going on. I told her to teach her kids how to behave in public areas. She took her kids and left. I then proceeded to the FiFi entrance. GRRRRR!!!!

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