Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

When I hear the word “indulge” what comes to my mind are FOOD and VANITY!

I indulge myself with things that would feed me (literally and figuratively speaking) whenever my time and my money permit.

* * * * flooding with self-portraits and lots and lots and LOTS of food!!! * * * *

New Year = New Look ! ! !

Every six months or so, I’ll visit the salon and have my hair rebounded. I wished to have a fiery-red hair just like my old wig but I also feared that my boss would kick me out for doing such. December came and so did our beefed-up salary. I really wanted a new look! I disregarded the fear of losing my job and I hurried to Heaven’s Salon (Rizal branch) right after our trip to Mindoro. Haha! It was long and tiring because we spent almost ten hours to get everything done. Since my hair was originally black, dyeing it hot-red turned it auburn-ish instead. I was dissatisfied at first but I learned to love it. I will go back there after three months to have it redone (and hopefully get the result I want)… then the cycle will continue.

Cross Pendant Collection

My fiancé wore a cross pendant when we first met. Ever since that day, I had been fascinated with cross pendants and I have collected quite a lot in due time. I am not religious, though, so I never bought crucifixes. Crosses are staple accessories for Goths. Most of my necklaces and pendants have either been worn out, given to others or misplaced. I only have the current batch with me now. More details on this blog entry: [My Collection : Pendants . . .]

… and now, the FOOD!!!

Feast thy eyes with photos of luscious dishes and sweet pastries from various restaurants and shops within Metro Manila. For details, please read my [blogs about food and drinks].

Hamburg with Shrimp

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Halloween 2010 . . .

High School Friends

(left to right) Vincent, Toni, me, Clari, Alex

My friends and I planned this atsumaru for quite sometime. Since all of us are working in different BPOs and shifts, it became a challenge to setup the meet. We agreed on the date and time after several conversations in Facebook and Yahoo Messenger.

Toni and I met up around 7PM. Alex and Vincent arrived around 7:30PM and we drove to Kamuning. We parked in the Sgt Esguerra Avenue around 8:30PM and picked up Clari. This is the first time Vincent came along with us and he became our “tour guide” LoL! Since it’s late, we decided on cruising Tomas Morato because it’s famous for its night life. We were contemplating on choosing between Tong Yang, Banapple and Chili’s. After much thinking, we decided to dine in Chili’s.

This is our first time there so we had no idea what to expect. I had a hard time selecting from their menu because they’re so darn expensive! They serve American food just like Cajun and Heaven n Eggs. We ordered the Bottomless Tostada Chips, Fish and Chips, Big Mouth Burger Bites, and the Baby Back Ribs and Chicken. I was planning on getting another Baby Back Ribs and Chicken but it’s a good thing that I backed out because the servings were HUGE! A single order is enough for the five of us. We actually had a hard time consuming everything! Aside from the food, the ambiance is really nice. The waiters were also accommodating and even initiated to take our group photos. They also have this gimmick that they’ll sing for you if it’s your birthday.

* photos c/o Toni

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Our dining experience has been great, although I am unsure if I’ll have another chance to go here. It’s far from our place (and it’s darn expensive).

Late Night Dinner ( 9 ) . . .

The first and the last time I ate in Yoshinoya was during its opening day in SM Megamall many years ago. I didn’t like their meals one bit so I vowed never to return — EVER!

Then comes Dada suggesting we have dinner there! >.<

He said he recently had lunch there with his friends and he liked it. Dada is really good at convincing me to do some things that I really do not like doing and he’s taking advantage of it … Blergh!


We headed to their Robinson’s Galleria branch after our shift. What surprised me is that although this is generally a Japanese food joint, they serve kimchi and pork dumplings. LoL!

We ordered the Jumbo Plate (Gyudon + Ebi Tempura combo), Sio Mai, Green Tea, Red Tea, and Strawberry Mousse. Although they advertised the Jumbo Plate as “good for two” it just wasn’t enough for the both of us. The serving was too small to be called “jumbo” and the shrimps were so tiny! It’s a good thing that the Gyudon, Tempura and the sauce that came with the meal were tasty. The Sio Mai were okay. I didn’t like their Strawberry Mousse.

Overall, it was an okay dining experience. I know now what and what not to order in case we decide to come back.

Late Night Dinner ( 8 – b ) . . .

We enjoyed dining in Cajun the last time Dada and I went out so I asked him to try their branch in Robinson’s Galleria. As usual, the dishes were very delicious!

Dada tried the Seafood Jambalaya (I think that’s what it’s called) which has fried prawns and calamaris dipped with Alfredo sauce. I ordered Tony’s Favorite Chops with Saffron Rice. Instead of the Mojos side dish, I had it replaced with Mixed Vegetables. Funny thing is that some of the ingredients for the pork chops were different from the one we ordered before. The previous one had no onions but this one has plenty. This one also had sauce all over my plate while the previous one didn’t.

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Late Night Dinner ( 7 ) . . .

KOMORO SOBA is a Japanese restaurant based on the ground level of SM Megamall. This is where Dada and I frequently eat because we love their dishes.

They serve the BEST KATSUDON IN THE METRO! Aside from the Katsudon, we also love their Kakiage, Ebi Tempura, California Maki and Mango juice.

The quality (and quantity) of their dishes greatly declined these past few months but it’s still better than most Japanese casual dining restaurants.

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Late Night Dinner ( 6 ) . . .

Shakey's SundaeMojos 'n' DipSolo Pack ChickenManager's Choice
I was feeling awful the whole day because my stomach hasn’t digested all the food I consumed last night. Dada and I strolled around Robinson’s Galleria first to look for a nice gift for Tito Oscar (his dad). We passed by Saizen and HandyMan and browsed for gardening tools (since Tito Oscar likes gardening).

After window-shopping, we decided to have dinner in Shakey’s. I have had both good and bad dining experiences in this restaurant that’s why I only recall going here four times in my entire life. The first time my family went here was when I was still a little girl and I HATED their pizza. Second and third times I went here were with my colleagues from 24/7, both of which were good experiences. Tonight is the fourth time I’ve been here and I had mixed opinions about their dishes.

We ordered a large Manager’s Choice thin-crust pizza, Solo Pack chicken, Mojos ‘n’ Dip, and shakes (Chocolate for Dada and Strawberry for me). The Mojos are REAAAAALLLLLLYYYY delicious! The Caesar Salad dip is also heavenly! The fried chicken is also delicious but the gravy was too bland. As for the pizza, it really didn’t taste good at all. It was kinda salty. I guess that’s how they make it – truly Italian, as compared to Pizza Hut‘s sweet-and-somewhat-Filipino-Style pizzas. I then noticed that most of the people were dining in not because of their pizza, but because of their other dishes. LoL!

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Girl Talk ( 2 ) . . .






When Dada and I had an argument, Toni and Clari wanted to cheer me up so we went out on a Friday night. We met up in TriNoma around 5:30 PM.

Toni and I were there earlier so we had time to stroll around the mall and browsed for clothing. Toni is the Fashion Police among the group and she gave me tips on what to consider when buying clothes.

Shopping always makes me lively! I bought two petite dresses (a black sheep dress from Maldita and a red floral dress from Folded&Hung) while Clari bought a pair of Bohemian shoes and square earrings.

We had dinner in Sizzling Pepper Steak then got our drinks in Starbucks. After so much food intake, my stomach became distended. LoL!

Black SheepStarbucksRed Floral




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