Holy Week Happenings + 6th Anniversary ! ! !


April 3, 2010 … I met up with Dada in Megamall after my Saturday shift and we watched Clash of the Titans.

We left around 6:30PM and rode a bus going to Sucat. We arrived in his place shortly after 8PM. No one else was around because the rest of his family went to Ate Leslie‘s farm to spend the Easter Sunday.

This became a chance for Dada and I to bond some more and get the “newly wed” type of feeling (IMHO). I had to admit, we both had personalities that surfaced only at that time. He knows that I couldn’t cook so I was never a good help to him around the kitchen. All I could do was stare at him while he was cooking. I also don’t know how to use the broom! To compensate for my shortcomings, I was the one who washed the dishes. I also noticed that he’s very meticulous, especially on household chores. He even asked me to sweep the floor! Golly, I seldom clean my room and there I was cleaning their house. It somehow turned me off since I’m not a neat-freak nor do I like doing chores. I was contemplating if I am ready to commit to someone who’s my exact opposite… It’s going to be tough but I hope I’ll make the right choice.

Apart from that, my stay in their house has been wonderful. It is a new experience for me and I like it! We were not able to do a DVD marathon but it’s alright since we’re able to talk about other serious matters. Spending quality time with Dada is always good and I am really happy being with him.


April 11, 2010 … Dada and I spent our 6th Anniversary. Yey! Well, it’s supposed to be April 13th but we both have work on that day so we celebrated it earlier. I was very grumpy at first because I was expecting that he’d plan something new to make the day extra special but he didn’t have anything in mind at the time. We just set the argument aside and we managed to spend more quality time together. He also told me that he plans on taking me out of town again during my birthday! Weeee~~~! Dada also showed me how Guitar Hero works. It’s nerve-racking but I am beginning to like it! After the arcade trip, we had dinner in Burgoo. The food was costly but very delicious! There was a large sheet of paper covering the table and the waitress used it to write our names on it. She left the crayons on the table so Dada and I doodled on it and I also took the cocktail umbrellas as a memento.



Hypnagogia . . .

November 7, 2009 . . .
I skipped work because I was feeling lazy. What I did was I met up with Dada and we spent quality time together the whole day.

I never thought it would also bear one of the most terrifying moments in my life.

Earlier that day, I asked Dada to switch off the lights so we can fall asleep easily. We took a nap in the afternoon and I had a very weird dream … In my dream, I invited Dada to our house in Bagong Silang and we had a sleepover. It went on for a couple of minutes then I woke up — or so I thought. When I opened my eyes, the room was almost pitch-black and I can only see a silhouette of the furniture in that room. I closed my eyes again because I wanted to rest some more…

After a few seconds, I felt my whole body turn numb. Then I heard a man’s voice and it was very loud! He was continuously blowing a raspberry (in Tagalog it’s called “belat”) on my left ear and he was also laughing. I was very frightened because I know that Dada was still sleeping and no one else was in the room. I was thinking that it might be a Whisperer or any other type of paranormal entity. My body felt so cold as I continue hearing “the voice”, which was getting louder every second..! but I was too scared to open my eyes. I wanted to cry but no tears would fall. I wanted to pinch Dada’s legs but my hands would not reach him. I couldn’t move… I couldn’t speak… I was completely petrified!!!

I was in total panic but I know I needed Dada’s help. Even though I couldn’t utter words, I mustered all my strength to make a humming sound that was loud enough to catch Dada’s attention. I repeated it several times and it woke him up. I heard him say “Beh, wake up! You’re having a bad dream!” When he hugged me, I knew that I would be okay. I opened my eyes and I immediately hugged him. Yes, I was finally able to move and “the voice” had vanished.

These paranormal experiences are not new to me . I’ve had OBEs ang ghost visits since I was a kid but I never got used to them. I guess, even the bravest of those ghost hunters still fear “the unknown”. As I was writing this, I still felt the chills.



Dada once told me that the mind is a powerful tool so I must think of logical reasons as to why things happen. This will also assist me in facing my fear.

SLEEP PARALYSIS is the most plausible explanation I have researched. Symptoms include numbness or immobility, false awakening and auditory hallucinations — very accurate to the ones I had. SP is caused by a supine position when sleeping, sleep deprivation and stress. BINGO!

I think, the sleeping disorders I have been having since June are finally showing me their effects. I work in a BPO company wherein the schedule frequently changes — every four weeks to be exact. This is a sign that I really need to change my job.


A(H1N1) ? ? !


June 11 (Thu) … I went to the MegaClinic to have myself checked because I've had sleeping problems for the past week. I sleep in the bus going home from work. In some cases, I faint when taking in calls and/or when eating. The doctor advised me to take sleeping pills and doze off nowhere else but my bed. I took the second advise but I'm too afraid to try out any sort of sleeping pills because of what happened to some Hollywood actors and actresses.

June 19 (Fri) … I've been having a serious cold which hindered me from breathing properly. I have an interview coming up and I don't want this thing getting in the way. My mom suspected that I have the Swine Flu. She told Popay (my sibling, 9yrs) not to come near me since I am sick. I asked Leidi (my sibling, 17yrs) to get my temperature. I got 37°C flat – that's the normal body temperature of humans. I also told Dada (my boyfriend) about this. He and Tita Star (his mom) were hysterical and told me to see the doctor immediately.

June 20 (Sat) … I skipped work and headed to the MegaClinic again. Dada was there with me, like always. He carried my stuff and treated me both lunch and dinner. Anyway, the lady doctor diagnosed "Upper respiratory Tract Infection" … She gave me medicines that amounted to a whopping P2,000!!! I was hesitant to buy the meds because they're expensive but Dada scolded me and told me to follow the doctor's orders.

June 21 (Sun) … My head kept throbbing whenever I move; my body was aching; I couldn't breathe well using my nose; and, my temperature went up to 38.5°C!!! By now, my family's really frantic. Dada was also worried about my condition. "Ang tigas kasi ng ulo!" is what he always tells me when he's angry. I religiously took the prescribed medicines to make myself well. I also covered myself with a blanket and drank a lot of water.

June 22 (Mon) … It's supposed to be my interview with Capital IQ but I'm still sick. I called their HR to reschedule the interview next Monday. I'm so glad they agreed! My cold's gone and so was my fever. Although, my head still hurts when I make sudden moves. I stayed home and told everyone I'll be visiting the doctor again tomorrow.

June 23 (Tue) … I skipped work for the 4th time this month. I've talked to 3 different doctors and a couple of nurses. I've memorized every corner of the MegaClinic. Dada escorted me again and took care of me while we're waiting for my name to be called. The 3rd doctor sent me tot he lab for a blood test. He's also suspecting that I might be positive for A(H1N1). The results were normal, though. He said it might be because of the antibiotics I took so he still put me under observation for another 4 days. For now, he diagnosed me as having "Acute Bronchitis"

July 7 (Tue) … My health is going for another haywire stage. I had LBM attacks last night and today, preventing me to go to work.

I seriously need to find a new job or my money will just be used for paying my medical bills!!!

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