Tokyo Café (Late Night Dinner 12) . . .

♥ Mouth-watering Demi Hamburg ♥

Dad’s leaving for Saudi Arabia tomorrow morning so he treated us din-din in our favorite family restaurant – Tokyo Café. Last time I was there was during my birthday celebration and I miss their mouth-watering Demi Hamburg. ☺

It’s a good thing that not too many people were dining tonight so we were able to get good seats as soon as we got there. This is Lola’s and Tita’s first time eating in a fancy restaurant so we had to help them choose what to order and explain their contents. It’s a good thing they enjoyed every bite of those delicious meals. I also got to test macro shots using the OLYMPUS FE-4000 that dad gave me. ☺


♥ RED ♥

I have been very busy this weekend, simultaneously attending two events!!! Uhm, I was wearing the same red dress (but not the same lingerie LoL) for two days because I didn’t go home!

July 10, 2010

I got invited to Tito Oscar‘s 60th birthday (he is Dada‘s dad). I really planned on wearing my new red dress but I had no idea that their theme color is also RED — and that it is ONLY for immediate family members! I was uber embarrassed kasi para akong feelingera. Ngars!

The party was held in the Emerald Garden, their family’s favorite Chinese fine dining restaurant. They mostly go here dusing special occasions. EG served a lot of dishes including Yang Chow rice, Shrimp Salad, Steamed Lapu-lapu, Steamed Crabs, Tapa, Chicken Fillet, Noodles with “Pink” Quail Eggs, Kua Pao, fresh fruits and canned sodas.

Dada was very busy that night attending to the guests so I opted sitting next to his friends: Vrian, Ronna, and Rap-rap. He reserved a seat for me in their family table but I declined. I knew that he was busy and I don’t wanna be left alone there. At least I won’t get bored when I’m chatting with his best pals and their their family-friends (who happen to be our neighbors).

Even though I opted eating on a separate table, I still checked up on Dada and thought if he was doing okay. He became grumpy when I declined his offer a while ago. When he finally sat down, I immediately went to their table and hugged him. I explained to him why I opted not to join their table.

Tita Star gave me a pack of polvorón after the event and they also accompanied us to the nearest bus stop.

July 11, 2010

Dada and I went to SM Megamall after lunch, hoping to watch Despicable Me. Unfortunately, it’s not released yet locally. We strolled around the mall, thinking of things to do, then we bumped into some teenagers wearing wigs. I soon recalled that there’s a convention going on, which is the I Ai Animé — “I ~Love~ Animé” when translated. Dada said this is the perfect time for us to spot the AWESOMERS and the FAILS of cosplay. LoL!

Each ticket cost P100, which is the usual rate for local conventions. When we got in, we found so much moving space that it’s baffling! Yes, it is. Most conventions are jam-packed and a lot of con-goers often occupy the whole 5th floor! Today was undoubtedly different as there’s not much crowd and not much booths. Although, my eyes still feasted on some Lolita stuff and a few awesomers. I managed to buy Lolita stuff from Jaja, the same cute seller from OtakonEK ’08.

Dada took photos of some cosplayers using my cellphone but most shots are either too dim or too blurry. Darn, I regret leaving my camera at home!

We didn’t bother staying too long since there’s nothing much to see. We stopped by Dairy Queen to have ice cream before going to the arcade and played Guitar Hero. We had dinner in Cajun around 6PM. It was getting late and I have work tomorrow so Dada and I had to go home early.

Sigh, I waited for this weekend for a long time and it passed by so quickly! I had so much fun, though. This is also the first time that Dada and I were both wearing red! LoL!

Tsunade & JiraiyaWar MachineAngel-dudeJack SkellingtonChibi in PinkChibi Haruhi


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Late Night Dinner ( 4 – 5 ) . . .

Watching any animated film is a double-edged sword for me — I get to enjoy the film twice (with my family and with my boyfriend on separate occasions) but it also results to more expenses. I guess it’s okay since I rarely take out my family on trips. Dada shoulders most of our date expenses too.

I watched Toy Story 3 with Dada right after my shift and we had dinner in Sizzling Pepper Steak. AFAIK, it’s part of the Teriyaki Boy food chain. It’s a Japanese-themed casual dining restaurant which serves western-style food, much like Tokyo Café. The dishes are served in a sizzling hot plate wherein we must flip the meat and stir the rice for them not to be overcooked. The dips and sauces they have for their dishes are also something that amazes me. I tried their new Barbecue Pepper Rice (I think that’s what it’s called) and it’s very delicious! The mango juice is already a staple food for me. LoL!

Next time I watched Toy Story 3 is with my mom, siblings and aunt. This is our first time to watch a Digital-3D film in our very own SM Fairview!!! The prices are much lower here than in other movie houses, probably because the people residing in Fairview are mostly composed of the masses and Henry Sy wants to accommodate most of them.

Anyway, after the movie, we had dinner in Congo Grille. This is a family restaurant that serves mainly Filipino dishes at very affordable prices. We ordered Kare-kare, Sizzling Stuffed Squid, Banana Split, Buko Pandan, a couple of Java rices and watermelon shakes.

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28th birthday ~ ~ ~

May 26, 2010 … It was my first time spending my birthday in the office. I was quite irritated because I don't like working during special occasions but there's nothing much I can do about it this year. Anyway, as a courtesy, I treated my colleagues with two trays of spaghetti and a full-sized chocolate cake from Goldilocks. It cost me more or less P1k but it was OK and I think I became a bit at ease with them.

Dada and I were not able to go out because his work got in the way. I felt really bad. We even had an argument about it. Tsk! Well, he promised to make up for it so I let it pass.

Anyway (again)

May 27, 2010 … It was my day off the following morning so mom, my siblings and I went to SM North and celebrated there.

We had lunch in our favorite family restaurant, Tokyo Café. I ordered my favorite Demi Hamburg and Milk Oreo; Mom had her usual Seafood Salad; Leidi also ordered a Demi Hamburg and Caramel Espresso; while Popay had the Loco Moco and Milk Oreo too. The bill only cost me P1.1K so it was good enough. We need to be fancy sometimes. Maybe next time, I'd take them to Saisaki.

Popay and ShrekCheeeeeee~Hugzzzzz~


Prior to lunch, we grabbed tickets for Shrek : Forever After (Digital 3D) and they had their photos taken with a Shrek mascot. I was feeling a bit lazy so I didn't bother having my photo taken (also, I don't like entrusting people to take photographs of me using my camera).

May 28, 2010 … It was time for me to pay this month's bills. I also bought toiletries amd kikay make-up. By the end of the day, I've used up all my earnings for this cutoff. It was as if there's bad luck following me, my BPI ATM card got voided too so I can neither pay my BPI-EDGE credit card nor get money from my Direct Save-Up account. Jeez! I gotta control my expenses!

Well…. It's been a fun birthday week… Not the happiest birthday I had but it was still good.. and hell NO I'm not ashamed to say my age —– coz I don't look like a 28-year old anyway. Har har har!

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The Shabu-Shabu Experience . . .

Dad organized a mini-reunion for his former colleagues from Dunkin Donuts. How long has it been? I guess, more than 20 years … They decided to meet-up in Tong Yang, a Chinese hot-pot style restaurant located in the Atrium of SM Megamall. Mom, my siblings and I tagged along. I skipped my overtime for this and it was a good thing I did! ☺

Anyway, Tong Yang serves a wide variety of dishes. They have pork, beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables, sushi, desserts and beverages. The only thing they don't have is rice — which is ironic for a Chinese restaurant.

I DON'T COOK so it was a nice experience preparing my own meal, for once. I didn't burn myself nor set the room on fire. LoL!

Shabu-shabu is NOT FOR THE HUNGRY. Cooking eats up about half an hour or more and it takes patience to get everything "well-done" … This place is only good for large gatherings because people can chat while they are cooking and/or eating.

Tong Yang --- Function Room (1) . . .Tong Yang --- Function Room (2) . . .Tong Yang --- Hot Pot ! ! !Tong Yang --- Function Room (3) . . .

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Surprised ! ! ?

Dad came home and surprised all of us. He said he wanted to patch things up with Mom.

One of the things he planned on doing is to take us all out of town. They were thinking of going to Puerto Gallera the following week but we thought that a ferry ride is too risky for people who don't know how to swim — Mom and siblings. So, we ended up going to 88 Spa. Our stay wasn't as exciting as when Dada and I first got there. I felt some sort of restraint. I then concluded that measuring the excitement of one trip is not about the beauty of the place but it's the company you get from the people who're with you during the entire trip.

Dad also bought a black Toyota Innova. I am not into car specs so I don't know its features but I like it because it's comfy. Aside from the out of town trip and the car, Dad also bought me a Sony DVP-NS15 and a 40" Sony Bravia!!! Whooohooo!!!

Sony Bravia KDL 40 ! ! !Sony DVP NS1538PToyota Innova

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Trip to Enchanted Kingdom – OtakonEK 2009 ! ! !

Event : OtakonEK 2009
Date : October 18, 2009
Venue : Enchanted Kingdom

Last year, I said that OtakonEK will be my pilgrimage because Azrael confirmed that this will happen every September. OtakonEK was a bit postponed this year due to typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) [link, viewable by family & friends only], which hit the country a day before its actual date. I also thought that I won’t be able to attend because of my work’s schedule. As if luck was really on my side, I had an acute laryngitis which became my excuse for skipping our shift. Even without a voice, I can still have fun!!! Dada was against it at first but when I explained to him that I have been planning this for the longest, he then allowed me to go. Wheee!!!




Jeiro and Lora went to EK wearing Pirate costumes while Leidi and I were just wearing casual clothes. I planned on donning the Scarlet gown [link], but I realized that it would be too cumbersome and I don’t want to pose for pictures there (yeah, I have issues).

Leidi and I missed both the 10:30AM and 12:30NN shuttles so we had to commute going to Sta.Rosa, Laguna. I was thinking that if something else goes wrong or if we get lost, we might not make it to EK! During those times, I realized that people can either be complete @$$h073S or be very helpful to the needy. Some people took advantage of the situation and charged us too high for fares, while some are very kind to point us the fastest routes and tell us the actual rates.


We arrived in EK around 1:30PM and immediately stashed our bags in the locker area. Leidi was a bit reminiscing because she said that the last time she’s been there was when she was ten. It was time for her to feel the thrills of the rides she missed during her elementary years! LOL!

1) Roller Skater (mini roller coaster) — Leidi wanted to try Dodgem (bump cars) but I told her that it’s too boring so as an appetizer, I took her here. I think she had fun. Hehe~

2) Anchor’s Away (swaying pirate ship) — The line was pretty long and we waited for about 10 minutes before our turn. While standing in line, Leidi felt scared as she heard the screams and wanted to back out. I firmly told her “NO! We are going to take the topmost seats! You see blood everyday [you’re a nurse-to-be!] and you can’t handle this?!” Hehehe~ Of course, people go to EK to experience the thrills and I want nothing less. While the ship was swaying back and forth, Leidi got really scared at tinawag na niya ang lahat ng mga santo! LoL! She screamed “OH MY GOD -TAMA NA – SHET – ANG PUSO KO – LORD – OPERATOR – STOP – AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!” all in one breath! LoL!


3) Grand Carousel – no lines, I wonder why? LoL!

4) Flying Fiesta (wave swinger) – Leidi said that if she survived Anchor’s Away, she can survive anything! LoL!




5) Wheel of Fate (giant ferris wheel) – it was our time to relax a bit and enjoy the view.

6) Rialto (motion sim theater – feat. Speed Racer) – if my reaction to Sponge Bob was “That was it?!” for Speed Racer it was “What the fn(K”?!”

7) Jungle Log Jam (log flumes) – We didn’t get wet. It was still cold, though.

8) Rio Grande Rapids (river rafting) – We were VEERRRRYYYYYY WET! LoL!

Despite the fact that we arrived late, we still managed to try out eight rides. This is my best record as of late. LoL! The Space Shuttle is undergoing maintenance so Leidi wasn’t able to feel what it’s like being the signature ride of EK. Nonetheless, we’re able to watch the Sky Wizard fireworks display contest. The entry that we liked was #11.


We got home around 12:30MN. Cold and tired, but we had fun. LOL!