9th Anniversary of Philippine Ragnarok Online ! ! !

My little sister and I were very visible since we’re on the front row. ANG SAYAAAA!!!

I thought that we were unfortunate because we failed to acquire premium passes for Cosmania 2012. As it turned out, it was actually a blessing-in-disguise!

The 9th Anniversary of Philippine Ragnarok Online fell on the same date as Cosmania’s. Level Up Games announced that KAMIKAZEE would be performing too so I knew that I SHOULD NOT MISS IT!

I am so glad that I did what my gut told me to do. I did not regret every single second (and cent) I spent on this event!!!

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Holy Week Happenings + 6th Anniversary ! ! !


April 3, 2010 … I met up with Dada in Megamall after my Saturday shift and we watched Clash of the Titans.

We left around 6:30PM and rode a bus going to Sucat. We arrived in his place shortly after 8PM. No one else was around because the rest of his family went to Ate Leslie‘s farm to spend the Easter Sunday.

This became a chance for Dada and I to bond some more and get the “newly wed” type of feeling (IMHO). I had to admit, we both had personalities that surfaced only at that time. He knows that I couldn’t cook so I was never a good help to him around the kitchen. All I could do was stare at him while he was cooking. I also don’t know how to use the broom! To compensate for my shortcomings, I was the one who washed the dishes. I also noticed that he’s very meticulous, especially on household chores. He even asked me to sweep the floor! Golly, I seldom clean my room and there I was cleaning their house. It somehow turned me off since I’m not a neat-freak nor do I like doing chores. I was contemplating if I am ready to commit to someone who’s my exact opposite… It’s going to be tough but I hope I’ll make the right choice.

Apart from that, my stay in their house has been wonderful. It is a new experience for me and I like it! We were not able to do a DVD marathon but it’s alright since we’re able to talk about other serious matters. Spending quality time with Dada is always good and I am really happy being with him.


April 11, 2010 … Dada and I spent our 6th Anniversary. Yey! Well, it’s supposed to be April 13th but we both have work on that day so we celebrated it earlier. I was very grumpy at first because I was expecting that he’d plan something new to make the day extra special but he didn’t have anything in mind at the time. We just set the argument aside and we managed to spend more quality time together. He also told me that he plans on taking me out of town again during my birthday! Weeee~~~! Dada also showed me how Guitar Hero works. It’s nerve-racking but I am beginning to like it! After the arcade trip, we had dinner in Burgoo. The food was costly but very delicious! There was a large sheet of paper covering the table and the waitress used it to write our names on it. She left the crayons on the table so Dada and I doodled on it and I also took the cocktail umbrellas as a memento.