Best of Animé 2011 [Day 2] . . .

I only visit conventions once in a while and I have to have a good reason before doing such.

My original plan was to meetup with a cosplay-buddy to get my commissioned items but since he had personal things to take care of then our meetup was cancelled. Still, I decided to go because I also promised my little sister that I would accompany her in looking for the manga  that she wanted. I also thought that it would be a great opportunity for me to search for Gothic pendants which are very elusive in regular stores.

MOA is a relatively large place and I don’t frequently go there so I get lost easily. It’s a good thing that I know and I had spotted the right people to follow —- the nerds! We followed their lead without them noticing and after a few minutes, we were already in front of SMX. LoL!

I was surprised that the hall was quite empty even though it’s the middle of the day. The first thing that we did was roam around and looked for manga. Unfortunately, there was none. We only found magazines, pirated DVDs and other customized memorabilia. The only booth that had manga was that of Japan Foundation. My little sister decided to stay there while I roam around some more.

The shops that had a wide variety of merchandise truly caught my attention. I bought a nice Harajuku polo from Sugarfree and Blue. I’ll wear it the next time I attend a convention. It was also nice seeing the Gothic and Lolita communities broadening in the country. I also bought a cross pendant and a customized mug.

I didn’t bother taking photos of cosplayers because they didn’t appeal much to me. I did spend time taking photographs of figma and nendroids, though.

figma from:


Shueisha is Against Scanlations . . .

Shueisha (株式会社集英社)
recently announced their concern regarding illegal copies of manga overflowing on the Internet, known to many overseas fans as "scanlations"

IMHO, scanlations are like a double-edged sword. It can either make or break the animé and manga industries.

I am a supporter of scanlations mainly because I don't know much Nihongo. I also don't have money to shell out for either the Shounen JUMP nor TokyoPop versions of the manga I like.

However, I respect all manga-ka and I know the feeling of being plagiarized so I will support their endeavors.

(¬_¬) (^__^) (O_O) (>.>) (T_T) (o_O) (#_#) (>_<) (TAT) (o_o) (*__*) (<__<) (~__~) ($__$) (@__@)


今、ネット上には漫画を不正にコピーしたものがあふれたいます。これらの『不正コピー』とアップはすべて、漫画家たちの気持ちに反しておこなわれたものです。それて、 『この作品はこう読んでほしい』という作者の意図をも大きくね曲げています。『不正コピー』を作りネットにアップする行為な、たとえそれが気軽な気持ちでおこなわれたとしても、漫画家が心血を注いだ表現活動を傷つけることであり、また法に触れる行為でもあります。




(¬_¬) (^__^) (O_O) (>.>) (T_T) (o_O) (#_#) (>_<) (TAT) (o_o) (*__*) (<__<) (~__~) ($__$) (@__@)

Translation (credits to OneManga) :

To all our readers

There are now many people unjustly posting copies of manga on the internet. These unjust copies are inconsistent with mangakas' feelings. They are also distorting the authors' intentions of "I want the work to be read this way". The actions of posting these unjust copies on the net, into which the mangakas have poured their hearts, are not only hurting mangakas in real life but are also against the law, even if done in a light-hearted manner.

Every time we discover such "unjust copies", we talk to the mangaka and consider every possible countermeasure. But the number of inconsiderate people is great, and at present we cannot deal with all of them. We have a request for all our readers.

The unjust internet copies are deeply hurting the manga culture, mangakas' rights, and even mangakas' souls. Please understand once again that all of that is against the law. Also, the mangakas and Shueisha will severely deal with any unjust copies found on the internet. We ask that our readers please continue to support us.

~ Weekly Shounen Jump editorial department

(¬_¬) (^__^) (O_O) (>.>) (T_T) (o_O) (#_#) (>_<) (TAT) (o_o) (*__*) (<__<) (~__~) ($__$) (@__@)

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(Aftermath) Ozine Fest 2008 & e-Games Domination II

Ozine Fest 2008

(April 5, 2008) I attended this convention because Faye requested so, because she said we'll be meeting a new Hikarian member. Unfortunately, we did not see her.

I was wearing  my Wrath costume for costripping only but I wasn't able to fix my hair because I was in a hurry. My real hair was showing on most of the photos. Aside from that, I also looked groggy. I didn't have time to put make-up on. 

Some people mistook me for Shana (Shakugan no Shana 2). Hahaha! I honestly dunno this animé so when I saw her photo, I was shocked.

The venue was so small to acommodate all people who attended the event. Most of the time, I was out the Megatrade Hall because it was so congested inside. There were a lot of cosplayers loitering around the 5th floor of SM Megamall. Hahaha!

I met some new and old buddies, thanks to Faye. Some of them thought I am still a teenager. Hiihiii~~

I also won a T-shirt from the Cosplay.Ph booth. It has the "Prepare to get PWNED!" print on it. So cool! Hahahaaaaa!

Thanks to Faye for treating me out for lunch. hehehee~
Thanks to Roy for carrying my stuff and taking some pics.
Thanks to Paul-niichan for letting me stash my stuff in your booth!
Thanks to Bryan for the tips on Chain Of Memories.

e-Games Dominaton II

(April 6, 2008) When I woke up, my body felt so heavy and I could barely move. It took me 2 hours to get prepared for this event. I planned on going to SMX early so I could get freebies, but my body wouldn't let me. Even putting my socks on became a major pain.

I guess I got sick because of yesterday's event. Megatrade was crowded, it was too hot there and when we got out of the hall, it got too cold. So the changes in temperature might have triggered it. My arms, legs and back were also painful… Maybe it was because I was either crouching or standing up most of the time, and that I was carrying two heavy katana all the time.

Even though I know that I have a fever, I still mustered my strength because it's the launch of CABAL Online (the new MMORPG my boyfriend and I are playing), and that this is the only time we can sign-up for the closed-beta. IT'S NOW OR NEVER!!!

My boyfriend and I came late in SMX. After buying tickets, we immediately signed up and got our CB accounts (hooray!) and then we also signed up for the CABAL-freeplay.

The character that Dada (my boyfriend) tried out was a Force Blader, and the PC he was playing at was tied to the main projector of the CABAL booth. Fort Ruina (one of the in-game maps) has a catchy background music so when Dada entered there, the speakers went booming and a lot of people came in to have a peek at the CABAL-Ph Booth.

We stayed a bit longer and watched the band performance and cosplay. I forgot the name of the girl-band that was there … "Pacha" was it? They were a bunch of sexy girls in sexy outfits that made each and every guy's head turn. It was really fun watching the reaction of the selected guys on stage when the girls did the lap dance on them. LOL!

I got mad at my boyfriend because I thought he said that he would replace CABAL-Ph with those girls… Whereas it was the other way around pala. He said he'd rather play Cabal. LOL.

After that, my boyfriend and I went to Mall of Asia and watched Semi-Pro (starring Will Ferrell). I was supposed to give him the T-shirt I won yesterday since it was too big for me, but I ended up using it because I was really sweating. XD

I got home around 10:30 PM and immediately went to bed.

Dadaaaaaa!! Thanks for taking care of me. Hahaha! I know, I act like a baby. I'll give you chocolates on our 4th anniversary as payment, don't worry.


This is Ascedia, my Wizard on the CABAL-US client. I'm also gonna make a wizard in CABAL-Ph. Weeee!!!


Right now, I still have a fever so I don't think I'd be able to go to work… Gasp! Back to bed!

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