My Gifts and Christmas Wishlist 2011 ! ! !

My expenses have greatly bloated this year and they were mostly spent on my gadgets.

☜ Epiphany ☞

I bought my very own dSLR last January. This is my biggest shell-out for 2011 but I do not regret having Epiphany. She is an extension of how see the world and its beauty. She preserves my memories through the photographs she’s taking.

Ovation Chassis

I bought my new PC last June. I had my old PC for 5 years and it had been repaired and upgraded many times. Although, it crashed one day due to over-usage. I was low on cash so I borrowed some from Dad.

Small but stylish!

I bought my around-the-ear headphones last July as an alternative for my big cans. I am using this more often now since my cans got broken. *sob*

Canon EOS 500D accessories

During the months of November and December, I bought some accessories for Epiphany. My hands are shaky so I bought a tripod for occasions that require it. I bought a screen protector because the old plastic one was removed during our trip to Nagsasa. I bought the prime lense so I can use it for portraits on low-lit areas.

Sennheiser PX200 and HD518

THESE ARE WHAT I WANT!!! I don’t know the quality of the HD518 yet. I just like how it looks and I hope it’s either as good or better than the HD418. I’ve been to a listening room and I have tested the PX200. It is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyy more powerful than any of those I tried and owned. It’s so expensive, though. *sob*


I haz bangs ☻ ☻ ☻

My hair is one of my assets because it’s long and thick. I’ve been taking good care of it for many years. However, there are still instances when hair strands lose vibrance and I get split-ends.

Today, I visited a salon in FCM called “Meynard’s” (formerly a property of Jun Encarnacion). The lady who attended to me was very nice but she lacks the skills of a hairdresser. I asked her to just trim the split-ends and put bangs just like in those Korean posters they have in front of their salon, but she still didn’t get it. She put bangs on one side of my forehead only. I had to “gesture” to her what it should look like before she finally understood. The end product was still messed up. When I got home, I took a pair of scissors and fixed it myself.

Anyway …

Good-bye, split-ends! Hello, bangs! ☻

Photography: Learning Process . . .

Studying the art of photography is difficult yet fun. I am not enrolled in any workshop or what-not so I rely on myself and my buddies for tips.

Aside from occasional “How To” questions I throw at my colleagues, I also browse helpful websites tackling photography.

One such online tutorial I frequently visit is the Camera Labs. They have basic tips on photography and they also have an online forum where other photographers (both amateur and professional) share their ideas and experiences.

I hope in becoming as efficient in photography as I am in PhotoShop. LoL!

These are some of the shots I took on our recent trip to La Mesa Eco Park.

A portrait of my younger sister.

Macro shots bring out the beauty in the littlest of things.

I don't think landscape photography will be my forte.

This is one of the few decent "Action shots" I took. I rested the dSLR on my arm as I speedily moved it from one side of the room to another.

Epiphany . . .

☜ Epiphany ☞

Ever since I got immersed with cosplaying and the fascinating world of photography, I’ve been very eager in getting my own dSLR and be a photographer myself. Unfortunately, I am not very good at saving money and I don’t want to hog my parents’ cash just for this.

I initially bought a Canon IXUS 850 IS because it’s comparable to a dSLR (at that time) but my little sister busted the lenses so I can no longer use it properly. Dad recently gave me an OLYMPUS FE-4000 but it’s too crappy.

It’s a good thing that a colleague informed me of BPI’s 3x S.I.P. Limit promo. I had my mind set on purchasing a dSLR ASAP! When I got home, I immediately called BPI’s  customer service to inquire and I felt so happy when the agent said that I am qualified for the said promo!

I asked my little sister to go shopping with me then and there. We only had two hours left before SM Fairview closes! LoL!

We scouted some accredited shops and they basically had the same price range. I trust nothing but Canon when it comes dSLRs. Canon doesn’t compromise quality even though it’s much cheaper than its other competitors. I bought a Canon EOS 500D because that’s the only one that my SIP can cover. LoL!

I can’t give detailed reviews or opinions about this camera just yet because I am not a skillful photographer. I’ll study and practice some more before I say anything else about it. For now, I’m just happy I can finally take good reso shots and do minimal veeeerrryyy minimal to no editing.

* Epiphany is the name of my camera.

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