The Origins of My Pseudonyms

The Origins of My Pseudonyms

People have been asking me why I chose these cyber nicknames instead of my real name. Well, my true name is unique but it sounds funny so I don’t like it. It is always a source of ridicule. I decided to create and recreate my nicknames as compensation.
Meiko Kuromaku (f.k.a. Meiko Tachibana)

Meiko (メイコ) is a combination of my birth name and the Japanese suffix used for young girls. I always write it in katakana since it doesn’t have a symbolic meaning. Most people call me by this name. Sometimes they are too lazy so they call me “Meiks” instead.

Tachibana (橘) is Ukyo‘s surname and it is what I used when I joined a Weiß Kreuz pen-and-paper RPG. Both Ukyo and Weiß are associated with flowers. I used it for my first year in the otaku world but I dropped it shortly after Sakura Wars became famous — since one of its characters also uses this surname then a lot of people claimed to be of the Tachibana descent.

Kuromaku (黒幕) is Sakyo‘s surname. Black (“kuro” in Japanese) is my favorite color. This surname is not widely-used locally and internationally. I am using this most of the time.



“Meiko” has been so saturated — thanks to the Vocaloid fandom — so it was very hard for me to register this name anywhere on the Internet. I was playing Final Fantasy 8 and I encountered the Lunatic Pandora. I jumbled some of its letters and “lunarpanda” was born. I like the moon and I love pandas as well. ♥


Luna Fearghaile Lévesque

“Meiko” and “lunarpanda” do not make awesome Gothic names. They are too cute. Thus, I came up with this instead.

Luna is (obviously) derived from lunarpanda.

Fearghaile is derived from Sheamus‘ surname. IMHO, out of all the current WEE superstars, he’s the only one standing out…. and his complexion is something to be envied by girls!!! LoL!

Lévesque is Triple H‘s surname. He is my favorite WWE superstar! ♥



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