Three Quarters of Doom . . .

This year has been the most difficult because life had been throwing stones at me. Everyday is like Doom’s Day. I am actually surprised that my sanity is intact despite all these.

People tell me that this is my karma for trolling. I, however, don’t think of it that way. Karma happens in another life. Hey, I’m far from dead!

The way I see it: my Yin-Yang was acting up… or maybe some psychotic paranormal being or a retard with super powers became bored and toyed with me.

Who knows?

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OCSI Christmas Party 2011 (GLAM ROCK) ! ! !

☻ Glam Metal ☻

The Preparation

I am a fanatic of Rock Music for as long as I can remember and I have already collected so many clothes and accessories that coincide with the party’s theme. I spent so much money on last year’s company party so I promised myself that I would not spend a dime this time around. My colleagues voted that I wear the Harajuku polo which I bought from the last convention. I also used the Kira boots I wore during our closet cosplay. I bought some cosmetics but I’ll be using them for 4 months so it was okay.

Rock on!

The Makeover

It wasn’t truly a makeover but this is one of those few instances when I invest much on my make-up. I grabbed some glam rock photos on the Internet as my basis then I put make-up on myself.

I tried it on a few hours prior to the party. The foundation I bought was too light. I shouldn’t have believed “beauty experts” when they said that a skin-tone lighter than mine should be applied. I looked like a Kiss fanatic! Ugh!

My hair was ironed but the effects didn’t last long. It was okay since it was meant to be generally messy anyway. I had my nails done as well.

Glam Metal

We reached the venue and I felt like I was in a club. There were only a few people wearing the right clothes. I, myself, am not following the theme. LoL!

The Party

Crossroad 77 was so small and it was HOT — literally speaking. I don’t know how many people were there but I think they squeezed in more than a hundred tables in such a tiny function room.  I even *accidentally* kicked someone — and I can still remember her glare, LoL!

The food was not delicious apart from the spaghetti. The waiters, too, were very unaccommodating. I asked them for a glass of water three times and none of them returned. I had to intentionally grab a glass from another waiter passing by.

With the exception of Talata‘s performance, the rest were lame. I only watched Corp’s skit since TL-Voltz, TL-Dustin and some of Service Assurance were there. IT WAS A ROCK-THEMED PARTY yet most of them were no more than sons of plunder!!!

I didn’t stay seated for more than five minutes. I kept roaming around the hall, looking for people I know and hogging photographers.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Reyann, Alej, me, Zarjoy, Arvie, Cathy, Vivianne and Sheree

LEFT TO RIGHT: Marlon, Adam, Voltz, Jake, Arman, Arvie, Sheree, Cathy, Vivianne, me and Marc. This is HD-GREEN during TL-Voltz's reign. >:3

After the mini-photoshoots, I didn’t find anything appealing anymore. I left the venue shortly after 11PM.

Trip to Nagsasa 2011 ! ! !

Service Assurance planned this outing for several weeks and it was almost halted by the bad weather. Still, we were so set on journeying.

Left to Right: Krista, Hansel, Reyann, me, Onin (kneeling), Aries, Redge, Jeff, Garry, James (extra rice), TL-Ruth, Mylene and Sei. This was actually our photo prior to departing from Nagsasa. LoL!


My colleagues and I bought and packed the stuff we needed for the team outing. It was around 6:30PM when we left Ortigas and started our journey to Nagsasa Cove.

We reached Pundaquit a few minutes to midnight. It was quite windy and the waves were about 1-2 feet high but the sky was mostly clear, with a few clouds and a lot of stars. The planktons were abundant and they were also glowing whenever our boat hit them. Thank goodness, we didn’t encounter any troubles during our sea voyage.

It was past 1AM when we reached Nagsasa Cove. The waves were much calmer compared to Pundaquit’s. There was no electricity so the guys relied on torches while assembling the tents. All of us were tired so we immediately crashed the couch shortly after.


Hoping for a nice sunrise shot was futile since the sun is always rising behind Nagsasa’s mountains. I just roamed around to look for other fascinating things to ease the frustration. LoL!

No sun ... Just the mountains, sea, sand and clouds.

Nagsasa owns different types of terrain.

The peculiar sand formations caught my attention the most. These were probably the results of intersecting sea currents. Bohol‘s sand is white; Bolinao‘s is golden while Nagsasa‘s is silver.

Different sand formations in Nagsasa (with a few twigs and rocks).

The calm sea is crystal-clear so we were able to take snapshots underwater. The abundance of jellyfish was quite a turn-off though. I got stung by one and my arm remained bloated for a few hours.

Photo taken by a colleague. Buddah blesses you. LoL!

A lake situates just a few meters away from the sea. It was surrounded by sand, pebbles and a lot of pine trees. The water was quite murky so I didn’t bother diving in.

Lake water and pebbles.

Behind the shoreline lie mountains, sandbars, grasslands and multitudes of humongous rocks. I felt like I entered a Monster Hunter map because the similarities were uncanny! I thought Kut-Ku would suddenly descend from the sky! LoL!

Patches of clouds hover the mountains, creating these scenic views.

Grasslands and bushes ...

Breathtaking ---- both literally and figuratively speaking.

... from way up high to down so low ... everything looked magnificent!

This garden of flowers is found beside the lake.

These humongous boulders awaited us on our trip to the waterfalls!!! It was an excruciating climb!!!

Our trip to the waterfalls became the most excruciating moment of my life! It was a cumulative three-and-a-half  hours of crossing all possible types of terrain! I tolerated the grasslands but the never-ending piles of rocks were too much for me. I was grateful because my colleagues assisted  me in getting through this challenge.

Our group photo with the waterfalls as the background --- a mark of our achievement!

My entire body, especially my feet, were sore and my energy was severely drained. Even so, I didn’t give up and was still able to run the last 1Km going back to our camp. My motivation was catching the breathtaking view of Nagsasa’s sunset. It was a great addition to my Sunset collection.

That wraps up everything!

DAD’s Eat-All-You-Can Merienda ! ! !

left to right: Rhea, me, Arvie and Jofil

We recently discovered that DAD’s has an afternoon snack buffet for only P169 and it begins shortly after our shift ends daily.

These are some of the food my colleagues and I have tried: lugaw, spaghetti, carbonara, ginatan, dinuguan, puto, kutsinta, palitaw, siomai, lumpiang shanghai, lumpiang ubod, shawarma, nachos, french fries, corn dog, hamburger,  cream puff and chocolate cake.

We dined here for three times in a span of a week and my tummy became bloated each time we left this restaurant!

Yamaha : Run for Heroes 2011 ! ! !

Rio dela Cruz --- what an amazing guy!

Marvin (my colleague) invited me to join the Yamaha Run for Heroes. I was iffy at first but I still wanted to experience what it’s like participating in a strenuous sport and test how healthy I really am.

This is the longest run I ever accomplished!

It has been more than a year since I last stepped on a treadmill and the longest time I jogged was only 20 minutes — and that was a few weeks ago. Due to the constant rain (and my uber-powerful laziness), I did not have ample time to practice for the main event. Still, I didn’t back out. I can’t! I already paid the P600 fee! LoL!

My colleagues and I arrived in Bonifacio High Street around 5:30AM. We just took a couple of photos then we headed off to the race track. We were composed of two guys and three girls. I knew that the guys would go ahead of us so the girls and I thought of staying together. The 5Km race officially started at 5:45 AM.

Seeing all the participants made me feel intimidated and driven at the same time. Most of them have truly athletic bodies while a select few are even bulkier than I am. I know that I won’t be finishing this first but I don’t plan on being the last one either. My main concern was my endurance. I am like a cheetah — fast sprint, fast burn out. It was very difficult keeping my pace. Good thing there were water stations every kilometer or so. “ARE WE THERE YET?!” became my constant question during the entire race.

I finished the race in 45 minutes ! ! !

Reaching the finish line (with my sanity and body parts intact) is the best and most rewarding moment I ever had that day!!! Whoa! Hey, that’s not bad for a first-timer, is it?

We didn't get to have our photos taken on the actual finish line... but, pretty much, this is how we looked like. LoL!

We got some nice freebies afterwards. We got bags, caps, UNILAB products, free food and drinks plus a certificate. After taking the stash, we just posed for some more photos then we headed to Shakey’s. LoL!

Oh lookie~ So many many writings! Me want it too!

I got home shortly before 12NN. I was sooooo exhausted that I slept for the next 12 hours!

Will I do this again? Probably not. Maybe. We’ll see.☻

Fragments of Memories . . .

A month has passed since my old PC died so I seldom went online. It was frustrating because a lot of things happened and I can barely remember them now. Only fragments of memories remain within — awaiting salvation. LoL!

Meiko's Pink Birthday~

Claribelle and I celebrated our birthdays together with the rest of the barkada. As usual, I am the only one in a dress and they were wearing jeans! Toni showed us a restaurant showcasing all sorts of Coca-cola memorabilia, which has been aptly named The Real Thing Diner. Their main color is red with a splash of white in between. The shelves beside the main entrance are donned with mugs, stuffed toys, bottles, and other trinkets. Another shelf is located atop the windowpane which is decorated with soda cans of varying designs. There is also a wide-screen TV playing Coke commercials dating back from the 80’s! How’s the food? Well, definitely not the best among the lot but the taste is just right. Another cool thing is that this is the one-and-only restaurant serving Royal True-Orange floats (AFAIK)! I felt so bad that I left Epiphany at home (darn rain)!!!

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Trip to Bolinao 2011 ! ! !

It’s HD-GREEN‘s team building with Marvin! No, wait… It’s the HD basketball team‘s excursion with Sheree and me tagging along! Bah! Whatever! LoL!

May 16 – 4:00 PM. This trip was almost canceled since 3/4 of our teammates declined. My boss then asked us if we still wanted this to push through. It’s mostly the boys who confirmed they’re coming. My boyfriend will not allow me to go unless another girl comes along. Sheree was undecided since she has no money. I lent her money. We still lacked one person so I encouraged Marvin to come along. He said he would if someone can also lend him money. Jeff pitched in for him. ALL SET! Whew!

May 17 – 3:30 AM. Sheree and I met with the rest of the guys in SM North. We just stopped by a gas station then our journey to Pangasinan started.

Sunrise en route to Pangasinan

After about six hours, we stopped by the market place to have breakfast and buy some stuff. We also dropped by one of Pangasinan’s known churches, the St.James the Great Parish. It’s not much to look at but it’s decent enough. A lot of bats were resting on its ceiling — creepy and awesome at the same time!

St. James the Great Parish

Inside "St. James the Great Parish"

It was around 11:30 AM when we arrived in our rest house in Bolinao. We have a great view from where we are. The interesting things about this beach are the changes of the tides and the vast marine life it holds.

Bolinao Beach (High Tide)

Bolinao Beach (Low Tide)

During low tides, plenty of fishermen cross the open seas and bring out their nets. That was also a chance for me to take photographs of the sea creatures that inhabit the waters.

This is a garden of Long-spined Sea Urchins. They are quite small but bring a lot of pain to those who unwittingly step on them. It was a scary sight but the locals are used to them.

Double-spined Sea Urchin. I thought it was a starfish and I was glad that I didn't touch it. LoL!

Black Sea Cucumber. Slugs may be slow on land but they sure move quickly underwater. This slimy thing formed an "L" shape in a blink of an eye!

After we stashed our stuff, we headed to our next destination the Waterfalls. Our tour guide said that there are two waterfalls but they’re both far from where we are. It took us about 45 minutes before we reached the first one.

Bolinao Waterfalls (1). The picture and the view look great! Wait, there's more. The water is covered in moss. I didn't enjoy swimming in murky waters. Blergh.

Since the waterfall trip was a big frustration, we just went back to the rest house and dipped in the kiddie pool the entire afternoon.

Around 5PM, the sun was almost setting so I grabbed Epiphany once again and walked the sandy beaches. I had fun taking sunset and low-angle shots. LoL!

Sunset in Bolinao

We had dinner at about 7PM then the guys lit up the bonfire an hour or so later to start their drinking sessions.

Preparing the bonfire

I was the only one who didn’t get drunk nor tipsy (because I didn’t drink LoL). I just ate their pulutan. It was enjoyable (and somewhat creepy) watching them telling jokes, confessing to the wrong people, horsing around and plainly having fun. I have no idea where they’re getting their will power to stay awake but I already called it a night shortly after 12MN.

The following morning, we went to the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse and shortly took photos. There’s nothing much to look at apart from the flowers and the stray kittens.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Since the beach where our rest house is isn’t really good for swimming, we headed to Patar Beach, which was about another 30 minutes ride away.

*sings* Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec☻

Happy Feet (Bolinao) ☺

Sheree was sunbathing (and was half-asleep) when we started clicking our cameras. LoL!

LEFT TO RIGHT: Marc (Mac-mac), Jeff, Meiko (me), Marvin, Sheree (She), Jenesse, Marlon (Tiny), Adam, Boss Voltz, Jake (Macho)

It’s been a while since I last swam in open waters. There were a few weeds and schools of fish and the sand isn’t as fine-grained as those in Bohol but the experience was still breathtaking (literally anf figuratively speaking, hehe~). We all had fun swimming, playing in the sand, and having a mini-photoshoot with Sheree.

While waiting for our clothes to dry, we roamed around the community near the beach and bought some souvenirs. I got me a couple of keychains since they’re only P20 a piece.

This is one of the many suovenir shops surrounding Patar Beach. Most of the products are made of seashells, starfishes and capiz.

Our last stop was the Enchanted Cave, which was about a 5-10 minute ride away from Patar Beach.

Enchanted Cave

We originally didn’t want to enter the water since our clothes were almost dry but when we saw how cool the ambiance was then all of us (except Mac-mac) jumped into the water.  I felt a bit claustrophobic since this is the first time I  entered a cave so I just stayed close to the group.

According to the locals, this is the most beautiful out of the three caves in Bolinao. This is artificially lit with fluorescent bulbs and the rocks were tied with nylon ropes which swimmers can hold on to.

The deepest part of this cave is about 8ft and the water is clean, clear, cold and refreshing. Although, it was still hard to swim considering most of the rocks can be as sharp as a knife. It was better walking while holding on to the ropes then just find a good shallow spot to stand on. There were no fishes, snakes or any other marine life in there — just people having fun. LoL!

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