9th Anniversary of Philippine Ragnarok Online ! ! !

My little sister and I were very visible since we’re on the front row. ANG SAYAAAA!!!

I thought that we were unfortunate because we failed to acquire premium passes for Cosmania 2012. As it turned out, it was actually a blessing-in-disguise!

The 9th Anniversary of Philippine Ragnarok Online fell on the same date as Cosmania’s. Level Up Games announced that KAMIKAZEE would be performing too so I knew that I SHOULD NOT MISS IT!

I am so glad that I did what my gut told me to do. I did not regret every single second (and cent) I spent on this event!!!

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If only we could . . .


It’s sad when the people you know become the people you knew; when you walk past someone like they were never part of your life; how you used to be able to talk to them for hours and now you barely look at them. It is sad how time changes EVERYTHING.

Despite everything, I still like you and you will always be my friend — I don’t know if my feelings will ever change. I am grateful to you for vilifying all I love and sanctifying all I hate. Perhaps in the next lifetime, we’ll be together.

Switchfoot: Hello Hurricane ! ! !

Since my boss mentioned that Switchfoot is coming back to Manila, I knew I just had to see them perform live! Dada and I bought tickets a month prior to the event. I initially wanted VIPs but we settled for Lower Box seats since they’re the cheapest and they’re still reserved (and because Dada is jealous LoL!).

I scooted out of the office thirty minutes before the concert time and jumped on a cab with Dada. We arrived in the Philsports Arena around 7:30PM. We thought we’re late but it appears that everyone was still lined up outside. They didn’t let anyone in until about 8PM.

It was 8:30PM when Imago (the opening act) sang their singles “Akap”, “Sundo” and “Effect Desired None” … I am not very familiar with the band but they’re cool.

After about another hour, Jon and the rest of Switchfoot walked onto the stage and the crowd started cheering! There was so much energy from this band and their fans love them! I was screaming my heart out most of the time while I was jiving with them and all their fans too!

Jon gave a heart-warming remark “Thank you for giving me one of my best friends, Mr. Jerome Fontamillas.” OMG! This is an indication that Switchfoot loves the Philippines so much and their fans reciprocate to that. According to them, this country has the best crowd! Whooaah!

Switchfoot is such a great band!

Lower Box Seats --- This is our actual distance from the stage. It was not good for taking photos but Switchfoot's music echoed all over the arena and the experience was still awesome! AMEN!!!

They sang a total of 16 songs from their set list; including my favorites “Meant to Live”, “Dare You to Move” and “Only Hope” … OMG! I almost cried when they sang “Only Hope”!!! It was a cheezy moment but I consider it solemn…. REALLY!!!

It was a very awesome music experience and I had so much fun! I feel so blessed for being a part of this concert. ♥

Since we’re too far from the stage then we couldn’t get decent shots and the ushers prohibited the use of dSLRs unless we’re official event photographers. Of course, that warning didn’t stop me and other people from taking snapshots. LoL!

In less than a day, other fans have already uploaded video clips from the concert — much to my delight!

Fixation ♥ ♥ ♥

It’s very seldom that I like or have a crush on anyone (possibly it’s because I am already in love with my boyfriend tee-hee~). Once in a while, though, I do stumble upon guys who I grow fond of, especially if they fit the bill.

Three physical qualities that I like in a guy:  (1) tall ; (2) chinky eyes ; (3) deep hunky voice.

(Dada has all these. LoL!)

Anyway… I decided to feature HAWT men who make me *swoon* and *drool* everytime I see them. They’re all celebrities, of course. ☻

Tetsuji Tamayama

Tetsuji Tamayama is a Japanese actor. He’s about 182cm (5’10” or so) and he definitely has  piercing chinky eyes and a deeeeeeeeeeepppp hunky voice that melt the hearts of the ladies. I first saw him in the movie Nana 2 when he played the role of Takumi. He changes his looks too much that it’s quite hard to recognize him. I like him better with the goatee, though. He looks so serious.

Hiroyuki Sanada

Hiroyuki Sanada is also a Japanese actor although he has been appearing in some Hollywood films like Rush Hour 3. He’s also about 5’10”. I consider him as the older version of Tetsuji-sama. LoL!

Tetsuya Ogawa

Tetsuya Ogawa is the leader of L`Arc~en~Ciel. He’s also the lead guitarist and he mostly writes songs for the band. He also sings but his voice is not as powerful as Hyde‘s. Okay so he’s not much to look at but he makes it up with his guitar skills. Any average-looking person WILL look awesome if they play at least one musical instrument, IMHO. LoL! He’s about 5’6″ according to netizens.

Gackt Camui

Gackt Camui is a J-Rock artist like Tet-chan. He’s also 5’11” and has a veeerrryyy deeeep and powerful voice. I’ve listened to many of his songs and he’s a great singer! Squall Leonheart was patterned after this guy’s facial features. He looks soooo girly! Japanese girls like girly-looking men more than the beefed-up ones.

Chad Kroeger

Ooookaaayy… Chad Kroeger doesn’t have chinky eyes but he definitely is tall and has that hunky hunky huuuunnkkkyyyyy voice.  He’s 6’1″ (the same height as Dada.. EEEKKK!!!). He is my favorite vocalist and Nickelback happens to be my FAVORITE ROCK BAND!!! Both his facial features and singing voice are unconventional that he’s been dubbed as the “Scary Jesus Man” LoL! He did look like Jesus Christ during their first few mainstream years and it is scary! I am in love with him, nonetheless. *swoon*

Chad Kroeger

Hello Hurricane [ tickets ] ! ! !

Switchfoot LIVE in Manila ( Lower Box Tickets )

Dada and I went to TriNoma the other day and claimed our tickets for the Switchfoot concert. I originally planned on getting the VIP tickets because I want to meet and greet one of the bands I soooooooo love. However, Dada said that “we’ll go there for the music” and I think he felt jealous when I told him my reason. I think he wants my full attention onhim while we’re listening to the songs. LoL!

If, by any chance, Nickelback goes here… I will get the VIPs!!!!!!!!

It’s kinda ironic that an agnostic like me would be listening to a Contemporary Christian band, moreover attend their concert. But hey, I like Switchfoot and their single “Only Hope” has been my inspiration for many years — maybe not in a context of Holiness but more of applying it to my relationship with my beloved.

RAKISTA *signing off*

Curtain call of NU107 at 12MN on November 7, 2010.

They were aptly playing EraserheadsAng Huling El Bimbo

This is the ONLY radio station I’ve tuned into since I developed my interest in Rock music. It’s so sad that they had to reformat their programming. No more 40-minute Rockathon, In the Raw and NU Rock Awards. q(>w<)p

Goodbye and thanks for the inspiration, NU107 — the one and only HOME OF ‘NU’ ROCK!!!