Fragments of Memories . . .

A month has passed since my old PC died so I seldom went online. It was frustrating because a lot of things happened and I can barely remember them now. Only fragments of memories remain within — awaiting salvation. LoL!

Meiko's Pink Birthday~

Claribelle and I celebrated our birthdays together with the rest of the barkada. As usual, I am the only one in a dress and they were wearing jeans! Toni showed us a restaurant showcasing all sorts of Coca-cola memorabilia, which has been aptly named The Real Thing Diner. Their main color is red with a splash of white in between. The shelves beside the main entrance are donned with mugs, stuffed toys, bottles, and other trinkets. Another shelf is located atop the windowpane which is decorated with soda cans of varying designs. There is also a wide-screen TV playing Coke commercials dating back from the 80’s! How’s the food? Well, definitely not the best among the lot but the taste is just right. Another cool thing is that this is the one-and-only restaurant serving Royal True-Orange floats (AFAIK)! I felt so bad that I left Epiphany at home (darn rain)!!!

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Gizzard . . .

Legends of the Guardians : The Owls of Ga’Hoole

Soren is a young Barn Owl who’s enthralled with his father’s stories of “The Legendary Guardians of Ga’Hoole” … He shares this enthusiasm with his younger sister, Eglantine, while his brother Kludd resents it.

Soren and Kludd accidentally fell off from their tree on the night of their first branching lessons. They were then snagged by the Pure Ones‘ patrol group and were brought back to their fortress to work as either soldiers or pickers. Soren befriended the very frightened Elf Owl, Gylfie. Both of them became pickers while Kludd stayed with the Pure Ones’ queen, Nyra, and became an aspiring soldier. The owlets who’re chosen to be pickers were moon-blinked so they will not resist the Pure Ones’ orders. Soren and Glyfie prevented this, which caught the attention of Grimble (a member of the patrol group). Grimble, realizing that these brave young owls may be his only hope of redemption, taught them how to fly and instructed them to seek the Guardians’ help in defeating the Pure Ones. Soren and Glyfie were then accompanied by two other owls Twilight (a Great Grey Owl) and Digger (a Burrowing Owl); plus Mrs.Plithiver (Mrs. P, a “pink” Black Mamba). They soared over the Sea of Hoolemere and searched for the Great Ga’Hoole Tree where the Guardians live. In their search for these legendary owls, they also learned the value of family ties, friendship, courage and honor. With the help of Ezylryb (the leader of the Guardians’ warriors), they develop their skills to stand up against Metalbeak, Nyra and the rest of the Pure Ones in one epic battle.


This movie is truly breathtaking! I’d let out a deep, relieving sigh every time a chase or action scene is finished. It is also very fast-paced but I never got confused with the story. Although, little kids may not like it and may feel sleepy because, as my little sister puts it, “It’s more action than comedy” … The owlets’ learning curve is something I truly liked. I love seeing the transition of an apprentice into knighthood.

The 3D rendition is very astounding! The characters and the scenery are very realistic. Since owls have big eyes, the animators had the liberty with their expressions. The English accent also added flavor to the film.

The only let-down I see here is that the ending is very predictable… but overall, the experience has been great.

I give it :

The Sands of Time . . .

"Set in the mystical lands of Persia, a rogue prince reluctantly joins forces with a mysterious princess and together, they race against dark forces to safeguard an ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of Time – a gift from the gods that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world." Yahoo Movies

It was getting late but after Dada and I had dinner, we still managed to watch Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time.

I never owned any Prince of Persia games but I got to play it once using my classmate's computer back in grade school (I'm referring to the monochrome 386 PC). I am not a fan so I didn't set any expectations.

This film illustrates how powerful the Persian Empire was — although their portrayal here is far different from that in 300. There were scenes of young Dastan in the market place that reminded me of Aladdin's song "One Jump Ahead". The concept of how the Sands of Time and the dagger work is also similar to Next although Dada said that in the P.O.P. game, the purpose of those items is different. All throughout, its scenes were chaotic but were also entertaining. Hands down as well to Dastan's actor and his costume designer as they remained true to the game!

I give it :

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Mini “Will Smith” ! ! !

Dada is a Jackie Chan fanatic and I am a fan of Will Smith so we thought of watching The Karate Kid to see what they have in store for the audience. Although Will Smith isn't part of the cast, he is the producer of the film. The main character here is his son, Jaden Smith.

Jaden plays the role of Dre Parker, a 12-year-old boy who migrated to China with his mom in hopes of a better life. He develops a crush on Mei Ying (his violinist classmate) which infuriates their school's top bully, Cheng. He was saved by Mr.Han (Jackie Chan) during one of his ordeals. They went to Master Li's dojo where Cheng trains, but they were turned down and were instead forced into entering a tournament. Mr.Han taught Dre kung-fu using the "jacket technique" LoL! They also traveled to the Wudang Mountains and continued Dre's training to prepare him for uhm … "the fight for his life?" LoL!

The character progression was kinda slow which occupied most parts of the film and the climactic parts were too short. I still enjoyed watching, though. Jaden has improved his acting a lot and his role here may pilot his entire career. Dada and I agree that he's soooooooo much like his father — facial expression, the way he talks, behavior, etc — so we dubbed him "Mini Will Smith" LoL!

*The Original Karate Kid*
This film should not really be entitled "Karate Kid" since the martial arts used here is Kung-Fu but I guess they retained the title because there were tidbits from the original movie that were used as a reference. Miyagi-sensei (Pat Morita) looked subtle while Mr.Han is more rigid.

*Reminiscent to Kung Fu Panda*
The Wudang Mountains has an uncanny resemblance with the Jade Palace and Valley of Peace. The scene where Jaden drank from a fountain that had the Yin-Yang on it reminded me of the Hall of Heroes which housed the Dragon Scroll.

I give it :

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Give a Day to Get a Day . . .

"After challenging an evil dragon, rescuing a beautiful princess and saving your in-laws' kingdom, what's an ogre to do? Well, if you're Shrek, you suddenly wind up a domesticated family man. Instead of scaring villagers away like he used to, a reluctant Shrek now agrees to autograph pitch forks. What's happened to this ogre's roar? Longing for the days when he felt like a "real ogre," Shrek is duped into signing a pact with the smooth-talking dealmaker, Rumpelstiltskin. Shrek suddenly finds himself in a twisted, alternate version of Far Far Away, where ogres are hunted, Rumpelstiltskin is king and Shrek and Fiona have never met. Now, it's up to Shrek to undo all he's done in the hopes of saving his friends, restoring his world and reclaiming his one True Love." — Yahoo! movies

Shrek exchanged one day (the day when he wasn't even born) with Rumpelstiltskin to reminisce the feeling of being a feared ogre again and because of this, the events that were supposed to happen in Far Far Away never occured. Instead, Rumpel took over the kingdom; Donkey works for Rumpel and the witches, Fiona leads "The Resistance" — a group of Ogres fighting for freedom, and Puss became Fiona's pampered pet! LoL! Shrek then realizes his mistakes and musters all his willpower to fulfill Rumpel's "exit clause" which will revert everything back to the way things were supposed to be.

It is very rare for an animation film to have sequels and don't mess up. Neither Shrek : Forever After nor any of its predecessors are at par with any Pixar films I watched. Still, it did deliver so many funny moments that made me laugh so much!

Whenever Puss is around (especially when he's with Donkey), there will never be a dull moment! Rumpelstiltskin's voice actor is also very amazing! He is like the counterpart of Bolt's Rhino! Match it up with the animation itself — the 3D rendition they had for this film is much better than Shrek 3.

I watched Shrek Forever After  in two occasions : 1) in Robinson's Galleria with Dada, and, 2) with my mom and my silblings in SM North as a part of my birthday celebration.

I give it :

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Mad Hatter is MAD ! ! !

"19-year-old Alice returns to the whimsical world she first encountered as a young girl, reuniting with her childhood friends: the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Dormouse, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, and of course, the Mad Hatter. Alice embarks on a fantastical journey to find her true destiny and end the Red Queen's reign of terror." — Yahoo Movies

This is possibly one of the very rare films which had the support character's name listed preceding the main protagonist.

Anyway …

I had the chance to watch it in 3D and the film truly has stunning visual effects, voice-overs and certain twists (I had to admit — I evaded the debris sometimes because I really thought they were going to hit me). Johnny Depp gave the Mad Hatter life (although it was more subtle than in the animated version). The Red Queen is very likable too, despite her notoriety (she's got reasons why she does brutal things after all).

The last parts of the movie were kinda dull, though. I was expecting more with the "duel" and the "epilogue" but they were unsatisfactory IMHO.

Overall, it was fun to watch — yeah, biased towards Johnny Depp!

I give it :

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Spectacularly ordinary . . .

"AVATAR takes us to a spectacular world beyond imagination, where a reluctant hero embarks on an epic adventure, ultimately fighting to save the alien world he has learned to call home. James Cameron, the Oscar-winning director of "Titanic," first conceived the film 15 years ago, when the means to realize his vision did not exist yet. Now, after four years of production, AVATAR, a live action film with a new generation of special effects, delivers a fully immersive cinematic experience of a new kind, where the revolutionary technology invented to make the film disappears into the emotion of the characters and the sweep of the story." — Yahoo! Movies

A lot of people said that this movie is a "must-watch" and that they were "blown away" by the stunning visual effects so I also thought of watching it even though I didn't like the trailer.

Dada said he gets dizzy with 3D so we just went to a regular cinema. I plan to watch it in 3D with my sib come New Year.

Pandora is a primitive and hostile planet with lush supplies of unobtainium. One of its inhabitants is a tribe called the Na'vi. They can communicate or "bond" with everything around them by linking their hair strands (weird but fresh concept LoL). Apart from that, it's just a Pocahontas remake and nothing more. The story is very predictable.

I give it :

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