Philips-O’Neill “The STRETCH”

Philips O’Neill “The STRETCH”

My previous Philips and Sennheiser cans retired after their wires snapped. I bought a cheap around-the-ear mini-headphones from a famous otaku store but it only lasted for a month. Wiring issues have become my usual dilemma. I am having a hard time looking for someone who could repair my headphones as well.

Anyway …

I needed new headphones badly and I don’t want to buy ordinary nor generic ones anymore.

PowerMac is my favorite headphones supplier. The only problem is that not all of their products can be tested prior to purchasing them.

I love rock music more than any other genre so I require my headphones to have very defined sound quality, dynamic bass, reduced treble and (of course) a reasonable price. So far, only a few Sennheiser level-entry headphones fit the bill. Unfortunately, all Sennheiser cans are tightly sealed so the salesladies refused my request of trying them out. I think I spent about 15 minutes looking at all the available items in PowerMac, while reading and trusting only their descriptions, before I finally stumbled upon “The STRETCH”

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My Gifts and Christmas Wishlist 2011 ! ! !

My expenses have greatly bloated this year and they were mostly spent on my gadgets.

☜ Epiphany ☞

I bought my very own dSLR last January. This is my biggest shell-out for 2011 but I do not regret having Epiphany. She is an extension of how see the world and its beauty. She preserves my memories through the photographs she’s taking.

Ovation Chassis

I bought my new PC last June. I had my old PC for 5 years and it had been repaired and upgraded many times. Although, it crashed one day due to over-usage. I was low on cash so I borrowed some from Dad.

Small but stylish!

I bought my around-the-ear headphones last July as an alternative for my big cans. I am using this more often now since my cans got broken. *sob*

Canon EOS 500D accessories

During the months of November and December, I bought some accessories for Epiphany. My hands are shaky so I bought a tripod for occasions that require it. I bought a screen protector because the old plastic one was removed during our trip to Nagsasa. I bought the prime lense so I can use it for portraits on low-lit areas.

Sennheiser PX200 and HD518

THESE ARE WHAT I WANT!!! I don’t know the quality of the HD518 yet. I just like how it looks and I hope it’s either as good or better than the HD418. I’ve been to a listening room and I have tested the PX200. It is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyy more powerful than any of those I tried and owned. It’s so expensive, though. *sob*

Philips SHS4700 ! ! !

Philips SHS4700 has stylish and adjustable ear-hooks.

My Sennheiser HD418 is working fine and it never disappointed me but since my hair must remain PERFECT then I cannot wear big cans or anything that potentially ruin it. I am running low on cash since I just bought a new rig and I also had my hair rebounded, plus I am also paying my monthly dues for Epiphany. Still, I was willing to spend my remaining cash on a nice pair of  earphones that can temporarily replace the HD418. LoL!

I found the Philips SHS4700 and some other earphones while window-shopping. Of all those I tested, this was the one that had the most profound bass and noise-cancellation. It isn’t at par with the cans I previously bought but the sound quality is good enough to keep me preoccupied while travelling or whenever I do not want to be disturbed. This is almost half the price of my HD418 so I hope the purchase is worth it.


The Head Turner

When Dada and I went to Festival Mall last Saturday, we stopped by PowerMac and that’s where I saw these gorgeous headphones! What caught my attention from the lot was the Sennheiser HD418. According to its product description on the box, its BASS rating is 8/10. Too bad they did not have one open for testing so I cannot guarantee if that rating is for real or if it doesn’t live up to my expectations. I included it on my Christmas Wishlist. Hehehe~

Two more days went by and I started feeling so uneasy. I was on my way home, walking in Robinson’s Galleria when I decided to check Digital Hub because I know that apart from PowerMac, this store is an official distributor of Sennheiser products and they have a testing area too. Lo and behold, they had one HD418 in their listening room!!! I leaped on their store and immediately connected the headphone to my DAP. I was completely blown away by the powerful BASS.  I knew I just had to own one!!! I also saw the PX100-II and its sound quality is much more defined than the HD418 but I grew tired of mini-headphones and earbuds. I dropped the PX100-II then paid for the HD418. I told the lady not to bother putting it back in the box because I will already use it.

My Sennheiser HD 418

My Sennheiser HD 418 when worn ♥


  • Compared to the other models from the HD Series that I have tried, this one has the most powerful bass. The sound quality is also as defined as my PX-100.
  • There’s little or no room for ambient noise. Hoorah!
  • Cushions are very comfortable. They don’t press down on my head nor ears even after many hours.
  • The prints are refreshing. This beats all those sub-standard SkullCandy and Mix-Style headphones that jejemons frequently wear. LoL!
  • It is a CERTIFIED HEAD-TURNER!!! Maybe because it’s huge while I’m petite. d(ಠ‿ಠ)b


  • The single-sided cable is too thin! One false move and it can snap.
  • The earpiece and headband are made of plastic that can easily be scratched or cracked.
  • The headband doesn’t have a complete fit. Adjusting it is also a pain.



A4Tech HS-28-2 (Silver)

My PC’s headset got busted and that’s about the 10th or 11th that I purchased from CDR-KING. Each didn’t even last for two months. I also bought several keyboards from them and they didn’t last a week. I also bought a memory card reader from them and it cracked open after two or three months. I then realized that buying cheap products (both in terms of price and quality) whilst my siblings and I are rough-housing the computer all the time isn’t as practical as I hoped it would be.

Dada and I went to Festival Mall yesterday and we searched for good headsets in OCTAGON. I was contemplating on whether to get a new headset from Logitech or from A4Tech. My mouse and keyboard are from Logitech and I know that the quality is good, but there are some things I liked about the A4Tech HS-28-2.


  • HS-28 is circumaural and it comfortably fits my ears.
  • I am unsure if it has a noise-canceling feature but I heard very minimal ambient noise while playing my MP3s.
  • The ear cushions are washable.
  • The volume control is on the left earpiece. This eliminates the hassle of dangling and easily-snapping wires.
  • It’s one of the few headsets I’ve seen that is BASS-driven. This is good for both my music-listening and gaming preferences.
  • Nominal Impedance is 32Ω, the same with my PX-100.
  • One year warranty (A4tech warranty, not OCTAGON’s)!


  • The mic is non-adjustable and it’s only 1/2 the length of other standard models.
  • The mic captures nothing but ambient noise. Dada said he hears the background more than he hears me.
  • The headbands are pressing too tight so the cushions will hurt after a couple of hours.

Christmas Wishlist 2010 ! ! !

(´;ω;`)My Sennheiser PX100 has been with me for two years. I love this mini-headphone because it is small yet very powerful (like me… nyahahah).

I’ve had it repaired once because the wire became loose. I’ve also replaced the foamies several times because they kept deteriorating after a few months. Recently, the earpiece snapped from the headband and putting adhesives don’t work. I am unsure if I can still repair it. I think I’ll just keep it in my gadget storage until I have enough “working” resources.

Anyway, Christmas 2010 is nearly here and I have no gift for myself. I plan on buying a GE X5 but I don’t have enough cash for it just yet. maybe I’ll borrow from Dad and just pay him on a monthly-basis or use my credit card.

Aside from a new camera, these are the gadgets that I want to have …

Christmas Wishlist 2010

Life cannot be without music ♫ ♪ ♫

I travel almost everyday and everywhere I go, there’s bound to be music — the FM radio being played on the bus, the novelty songs on TV or the jingles being repeatedly played in malls. They are all “music” but to me they are considered as NOISE. Anything that doesn’t appeal to my ears is noise.

I bought my own awesome headphone, a rare amplifier then I used my PSP as my Digital Audio Player (DAP) — so I can save myself from being irritated by the noise around me. Unfortunately, my PSP died and I badly needed a new DAP. My mobile phone is a good choice but it doesn’t entirely block ambient noise and the cable that came with it also has a loose channel.

I cannot stand traveling without listening to my playlist! Good thing it’s payday so I passed by the Robinson’s Appliance Center and bought a new DAP — the Philips GoGear Spark.

CNET marks it as the “diamond in the rough” because of its features and compact design. It’s so small that it’s just about the size of my amplifier.


  • It has preset equalizers (Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Classical, Jazz, Techno, Pop) and an extra option to customize it.
  • If the equalizer cannot produce the preferred output, the FullSound™ can be selected instead. It’s a plus for bass-heavy music.
  • The 1.5 inch (128×128 dpi) color display screen shows the album covert art of the song currently played. If there’s none available, it shows the wallpaper.
  • The font size on the menu is readable, unlike most DAPs wherein you’d have to squint a bit to see the small letters.

  • The response-time is quick. Each click brings up the selected option immediately.
  • Sound quality from this DAP is at par with its competitors.
  • Battery life is up to 27 hours!
  • It’s easy to carry!!!
  • It comes with free firmware upgrades/updates.


  • The earbuds that came with the package are sub-standard. Match this DAP with your cans or earbuds of choice for a better listening experience. *wishes for an AKG K701*
  • The DAP is inaccessible while it’s charging.
  • It can only be charged via a USB port. If a PC is not available, buy a Universal USB Charger.
  • It only supports MP3, WAV and WMA sound formats.
  • Only songs that are currently played can be added to the preset playlist(s). You can’t create your own playlist.
  • The screen is prone to fingerprints.
  • Chappy FM radio tuner (don’t need this anyway)
  • Hissing sound on recorded audio (don’t need this too)
  • People with large hands may be frustrated with the volume, power and lock switches found on the side of this DAP.
  • First-time users may find the navigational keypads “challenging” .. We though it was using the touch-screen technology. It turned out that they were near the edges of the display screen and I have to click them to use the DAP’s menu. The sales guy and I took ten or so minutes to figure that out! We had to ask assistance from another salesperson who attended a seminar conducted by Philips. Damn noob-moment! LoL!

I finally figured out how the playlist works!!!

Beside the 3.5mm headphone jack, there’s the OPTION button. While a song is being played, click it and there is the option “Add to Playlist” . LoL!

Overall, it’s a good gadget once you get used to it and it’s worth the money.
I have no regrets buying my own Philips GoGear Spark.


UPDATE: January 4, 2011

My DAP has been acting up for the past few weeks.I was very frustrated because I lost my receipt and I cannot take it back to the shop where I bought it.

  • It fails to power on. I have to press the power switch several times before it boots.
  • It doesn’t play the songs in a random order even though the “Shuffle” option is on.

Thank goodness for the Internet! I read a couple of articles indicating that Spark users also have problems similar to mine. I visited the Philips official website and there’s a walkthrough on how to resolve these. I had to reset my DAP to its factory settings and reinstall the drivers and firmware updates. After I did those, my DAP is back to normal.