Tea 101

I am beginning to love milk tea an macaroons… Although, they’re a bit expensive so I can only eat these once in a while.

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9th Anniversary of Philippine Ragnarok Online ! ! !

My little sister and I were very visible since we’re on the front row. ANG SAYAAAA!!!

I thought that we were unfortunate because we failed to acquire premium passes for Cosmania 2012. As it turned out, it was actually a blessing-in-disguise!

The 9th Anniversary of Philippine Ragnarok Online fell on the same date as Cosmania’s. Level Up Games announced that KAMIKAZEE would be performing too so I knew that I SHOULD NOT MISS IT!

I am so glad that I did what my gut told me to do. I did not regret every single second (and cent) I spent on this event!!!

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Engagement Gift . . .

The iPhone 5 has recently been released in many parts of the world. Some gave it positive reviews while some gave it a shrug.

I don’t have an iPhone 5 and I don’t think I will ever get one. What I do have is its predecessor — the iPhone 4S… and no, I won’t be writing any feedback about it. A lot of journalists and bloggers already did that. What I want to share is how I acquired it.

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Three Quarters of Doom . . .

This year has been the most difficult because life had been throwing stones at me. Everyday is like Doom’s Day. I am actually surprised that my sanity is intact despite all these.

People tell me that this is my karma for trolling. I, however, don’t think of it that way. Karma happens in another life. Hey, I’m far from dead!

The way I see it: my Yin-Yang was acting up… or maybe some psychotic paranormal being or a retard with super powers became bored and toyed with me.

Who knows?

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