9th Anniversary of Philippine Ragnarok Online ! ! !

My little sister and I were very visible since we’re on the front row. ANG SAYAAAA!!!

I thought that we were unfortunate because we failed to acquire premium passes for Cosmania 2012. As it turned out, it was actually a blessing-in-disguise!

The 9th Anniversary of Philippine Ragnarok Online fell on the same date as Cosmania’s. Level Up Games announced that KAMIKAZEE would be performing too so I knew that I SHOULD NOT MISS IT!

I am so glad that I did what my gut told me to do. I did not regret every single second (and cent) I spent on this event!!!



My little sister and I thought of joining the Early Bird event but my fiance did not allow me because of certain perilous situations. It was okay since I knew that a lot of geeks would be camping outside SM Skydome anyway and I had no chance against them.

We arrived in SM North shortly before 11 AM but even the poring plush dolls were sold out!!! We received news that a lot of people started camping as early as 12 noon of the previous day. Sheesh! Talk about addiction!!!


Eight guilds duked it out to reach the finals. Survival was dependent on their battle tactics and teamwork. Some took their enemies by surprise while some attacked head-on. Some noble warriors even had one-on-one combats. The two finalists, Lord of Doom and Chromosomes, will be vieing for the title next month at Level Up LIVE 2012 and will represent the country on the Ragnarok World Championship. May the best guild win!!!



Plenty of hunks, babes and beckies strutted their stuff on stage, impressing judges and audiences alike. My personal picks did not win, though. ~_~

Muffin Overdrive


I guess about 98% of the cosplayers attended the other event. SOBRANG OKAY LANG!!!



Their songs, other than “Torete,” were foreign to me.



Security became tighter than the usual. Barricades were setup and bouncers were all over the place. I also asked my little sister to stay close and watch out for mosh pits.

The personal assistants of Kamikazee were already busying themselves, setting up their equipment on stage while the RPC was still commencing. I was irked when some of the people behind me started screaming. Maybe they thought that the PAs were the band members. LoL!

The first to come out was Puto, followed by Led, Jomal then Bords.

Jomal’s guitar was so shiny! I think I’ve seen it on their videos but it still looks as if it’s brand new.

Led Tuyay of Kamikazee (CRUUUUSSHH!!! ♥)

My eyes had also been glued to Led. He’s so tall and cool!!! *crush*

IDOL Jay Contreras of Kamikazee \m/

“Idol” Jay came a bit later, after the others finished preparing their stuff. Once he was on stage, the crowd went crazy and were screaming their hearts out!

Kamikazee performed five songs:

  • Martyr Nyebera. The title of the song is a playful spelling of Martin Nivera. This is a song about a couple quarreling over so many things yet, despite the fights, they still love each other.
  • Doo Bi Doo. This was part of the “Kami nAPO Muna” album, which is a tribute to the Apo Hiking Society. It encourages people to enjoy music, no matter how it was made.
  • Halik. It tells of a guy whose girlfriend left him after she realised that he was not as good as she thought he was.
  • Chicksilog. This is the “national anthem” of Philippine Ragnarok Online and I think this song catapulted Kamikazee’s success. It tells of a Ragnarok player who fell in love with another player named “Maldita.” They finally decided to meet up face-to-face and his world was shattered when he found out that “Maldita” is actually a guy! LoL!
  • Narda. This is very straightforward. It’s about a guy who is fascinated with Darna (the local version of Wonder Woman) and he wishes of at least being noticed by her.


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