Engagement Gift . . .

The iPhone 5 has recently been released in many parts of the world. Some gave it positive reviews while some gave it a shrug.

I don’t have an iPhone 5 and I don’t think I will ever get one. What I do have is its predecessor — the iPhone 4S… and no, I won’t be writing any feedback about it. A lot of journalists and bloggers already did that. What I want to share is how I acquired it.

Faith and Doubt had been embracing me during the Three Quarters of Doom. I have been shrugging off my fiance’s attempt on keeping my optimism alive but he did not give up. He wanted to reassure me that despite the wedding’s delay, it will still happen.

A month before my telecomm subscription expired, he accompanied me to have it renewed and he also bought me an iPhone 4S. He said that this serves as an “engagement ring” and an assurance that things will work out.

The truth is that I am so thankful to my fiance (I can’t wipe the happiness out of my face) but my doubts never left even though I already have this gift.


It is because we are currently paying for a condo unit. I don’t think I need to elaborate this part further.

Anyway …

I’m enjoying Instagram and other various apps. I also bought a fish-eye lens to expand my amateur photography skills. LoL!


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