VocaFusion 2012 . . .

Love is War

My youngest sister had been bugging me since March 2012 about a Vocaloid-themed convention which she desperately wanted to attend. She was so excited that she asked me to buy tickets a few days after pre-sold ones were available — and because of that, we officially became Guests #1 and #2!

I was skeptical on going, but Jesuke’s presence convinced me to push through with it. My sister, on the other hand, wanted to see her favorite “utaite” perform live.

We arrived in SMX around 11AM but the gates opened 30 minutes or so later than expected, which allowed us to have brunch prior to entering the function room.

Rerulili is teaching the kiddos a thing or two about Vocaloid.

FUNCTION ROOM: It was small yet there were plenty of booths, resulting into tightcrawl spaces for walking. Luckily, the air-conditioning was fine and squatters were kept at bay.

BOOTHS: I saw the usual stuff. I was a bit irked with the presence of irrelevant booths. Team Onii-chan only had a handful of displays and I couldn’t help but think how much money people would burn just to have and stare at them. I bought a punk polo shirt but I totally regret it since the quality was so bad.

Cosplayers from Vocafusion

COSPLAY: There were only a handful of catwalk cosplayers, Most of them were girls and some wannabe-girls. Of course, there was a sheer abundance of squatters outside the function room.

SPECIAL GUESTS: It was my first time to see them. Jesuke is soooooooo pretty~ Osamuraisan’s guitar skills were awesome. I didn’t pay attention to Rerulili (although I find him cute) while he was giving tips because I don’t consider myself as a Vocaloid fan anyway. As for the others, they were also cool but I just didn’t like them as much.

Osamuraisan. I did my best not to show his face.

PROGRAM: Song and dance numbers from utaite and cosplayers were okay. I felt like I was in some sort of indie concert. The crowd was lame, as usual.

PICTURE POLICY: I initially raised an eyebrow when the marshals commanded us to delete photos of the special guests. I glared at one of them as I refused to hand over Epiphany. It was like when Eraserheads performed on our school grounds — the faculty forbade anyone to take pictures of the band. The organizers allowed snapshots, so long as their special guests’ identities remain unknown. As far as I know, it was only Osamuraisan who did not want his face shown. Jesuke’s and Rerulili’s photos are all over the internet already. Besides, I did not, in any way, agree nor sign any contract forbidding me to post their photos. Then again, one of the Vocaloid fans convinced me to pipe down and told me to just consider it as a “rare privilege” seeing these utaite in their glory.

More photos: [here]


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