Trip to Magalawa Island 2012

Summer is almost over so I wanted to have one last getaway before it ends. My colleagues announced that the next team building destination would be Magalawa Island in Zambales.

Relax …

There was nothing much to see. The sand was ordinary compared to the previous beaches I had been to; trash was everywhere; the toilets were unsanitary; the waters were murky, smelly and icky; and snorkeling was a big joke because the corals were devoid of sea critters. The mountains and trees were spectacular, though… and, the food which the locals served were delicious.

Sunrise in Magalawa island

Happy Feet – Magalawa


Hospitality of the locals ☺

Where art thou, sea critters?

Overall experience was exasperating. If not for the hospitality of the locals and the antics of my colleagues then I would have been completely bored. The aftermath was even more unpleasant because of the persistent itch that I incurred.


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