Philips-O’Neill “The STRETCH”

Philips O’Neill “The STRETCH”

My previous Philips and Sennheiser cans retired after their wires snapped. I bought a cheap around-the-ear mini-headphones from a famous otaku store but it only lasted for a month. Wiring issues have become my usual dilemma. I am having a hard time looking for someone who could repair my headphones as well.

Anyway …

I needed new headphones badly and I don’t want to buy ordinary nor generic ones anymore.

PowerMac is my favorite headphones supplier. The only problem is that not all of their products can be tested prior to purchasing them.

I love rock music more than any other genre so I require my headphones to have very defined sound quality, dynamic bass, reduced treble and (of course) a reasonable price. So far, only a few Sennheiser level-entry headphones fit the bill. Unfortunately, all Sennheiser cans are tightly sealed so the salesladies refused my request of trying them out. I think I spent about 15 minutes looking at all the available items in PowerMac, while reading and trusting only their descriptions, before I finally stumbled upon “The STRETCH”

Philips-O’Neill “The STRETCH” … What initially caught my attention were the color, shape and texture of its box. The headphones, its wires and its packaging come in my favorite color mix — red and black.

The saleslady allowed me to test it out. She said, “Let’s try it on your iPhone.” I think it is always assumed that patrons of PowerMac are filthy rich!!! I don’t have an iPhone but I am lucky enough because I picked up an abandoned iTouch. Tee-hee~


  • COLOR. I love the combination of red and black.
  • THE STRETCH. Its headband is made of flexible plastic that could be stretched and twisted.
  • DURABLE “STRESS-RELIEF” WIRE. Since wires have been a constant problem for me then this becomes a Pro. In case it snaps from the jack then I can easily replace it.
  • NOISE-CANCELLATION. Its circum-aural cushions fit well around my ears. Once it is worn, only minimal ambient noise can be heard. This is perfect when I want to isolate myself from the rest of the world and just concentrate on my own thing.
  • DYNAMIC BASS. Heart-thumping bass!!! Nuff said.


  • NOISE-CANCELLATION. Yes, it is both a Pro and a Con. The foams function like suction cups and they trap air pressure. It can sometimes be painful to the ears. Very minimal ambient noise will be heard once the headphones are worn so wearing this in hazardous situations or areas is not recommended.
  • MINIMAL TREBLE. I think this is a distinct feature of Philips. No matter how boastful the bass is, there is still that irritating treble that causes minute screeches. It is a good thing that my DAP has a treble reducer.
  • WARRANTY. Philips only offers six months of warranty, which is waaayyy lesser than its competitors.

Overall, this is an awesome pair of headphones which is worth my money.


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