Trip to Boracay 2012 ! ! !

BFFs conquered Boracay!!!

EVENT: Trip to Boracay 2012
DATE: March 24-27, 2012

It’s been a month since we planned this trip although I didn’t prepare much until the day prior to leaving.

It was my first time boarding ZestAir and I like it better than the Cebu Pacific plane since I didn’t feel the air pressure too much. I also didn’t know that NAIA Terminal 4 existed! LoL!

This is also my first time in Boracay!!!

The Zestair Airbus A320-232 landed about 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

Since it was already late when we arrived, my BFFs and I spent the night in Ibajay, where Toni’s relatives are residing.

BFFs in the Ibajay mansion. LoL!

We packed our needed stuff on the following morning then headed to the Caticlan pier and boarded a boat going to Boracay. Our destination was Station-1, the area that constitutes the Grotto. I was not able to take a photo of it because a lot of people sit there for snapshots.

Station 1 Boracay --- Plenty of algae

Boracay’s water had plenty of algae. I couldn’t submerge myself because of it. It was quite a turn-off since most of the beaches I have been to never had them. The locals said these are mostly present during Summer.

Happy Feet - Boracay ☺

What amazed me, though, was how fine the white sand was. It was so soft and had little or no traces of rocks, as if it was made of polvoron. This is the locals’ treasure and source of income so bearing off even a minute amount of it is a criminal offense.

Toni’s uncle shouldered the rental fee for the hotel room (and he also took care of our food). Pretty much, we only spent money for the gala, souvenirs and snacks.

It was a rainy afternoon so we had to postpone our itinerary for about an hour. Thank goodness the rain stopped or everything would be ruined!

Helmet Diving in Boracay is quite an adventure. ☺

HELMET DIVE. Off the coast of Boracay lies many coral reefs. Plenty of which were diving and snorkeling spots. I am not a licensed frogman so the next best thing for me was the Helmet Dive. The steel-reinforced helmet was 35kg — which is 75% of my own weight! My BFFs and I were oriented about the do’s and don’ts prior to our plunge. Our boat was anchored 20 feet above the reef, the waves were quite strong, my helmet was so heavy and I felt the water pressure each time I moved so I was struggling during the entire diving process. Enduring those ordeals was worth it when we finally touched the seabed and saw a large school of critters surrounding us.

I'm a good swimmer. My BFFs couldn't swim. Regardless, that didn't stop us from having fun.

SNORKELING. Unlike the experience I had in Bohol, Our tour guides required us to wear life vests due to a good reason — the water was quite deep and the corals housed a lot of sea urchins, eels and snakes. I was upset since I couldn’t take snapshots underwater. I need to buy a water-resistant case for Epiphany!!!

West Cove Hotel - a.k.a. "Pacquiao Resort"

All in a day's work.

Sunset in Boracay. ♥

ISLAND-HOPPING. It was more like a non-stop tour around Boracay. There was nothing much to see apart from the caves, islets and countless lavish hotels surrounding the island. One of the highlights was the hotel allegedly owned by Manny Pacquiao.

Clari and I sat at the two last portions to prevent too much water splashes.

BANANA BOAT. A long, banana-shaped inflatable sled was being towed by a speedboat at 50-60 knots. It was a 15-minute adrenaline-pumping ride!!! I consider this as the most awesome part of our trip.

Station 1 Boracay

Inner Peace

This shot was taken beside the Grotto on Station 1.

BEACH. This was my first time donning a two-piece swimwear. My BFFs told me that being demure doesn’t work in Boracay. LoL!

This was Toni's daily viand. LoL!

Shrimp never tasted this goooooood! ♥

Toni's breakfast --- to calm her down. ☻

"Great White Omelette with Tuna and Pesto" --- Real Coffee and Tea Café

FOOD. I told my BFFs that we should buy food that’s not present in Manila but for some odd reason we ended up buying a Yellow Cab pizza. Toni’s relatives prepared crabs, shrimps and lechon for us too. We also had breakfast in the Real Coffee and Tea Café and had fruit shakes in a local bar. We didn’t get to taste the infamous calamansi muffin and chorizo burger, though.

We went to d*mall and bought souvenirs. This reminded me of Enchanted Kingdom's "Broadway Street"

SOUVENIRS. I bought another swimwear, a couple of t-shirts, tons of polvorons and two pairs of Shark-shaped slippers.

Testing the waters.

SIDE TRIP. After Boracay, we headed to the Hurom-Hurom Cold Springs in Ibahay. The fee is only P20 each. I didn’t enjoy it much since I am not fond of dipping myself in anything close to freezing point.

Well, that’s about it. I enjoyed our stay and I plan to go back here. although, I’ll let go of the side trips and concentrate more on the beach.


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