Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

“In order to preserve your self-respect, it is sometimes necessary to lie and cheat.” --- Robert Byrne

Cheating — may it be on exams, dieting, lovelife, career, etc — is always wrong in a number of levels and it has become my main regret. I am just so glad that I was able to stop my cravings before it was too late.

I underwent the Master Cleanse diet last January 2012 in hopes of looking good when my wedding day arrives. It was an an excruciating 10-day fasting — not eating anything and drinking only lemon juice. Although, there were instances when I ate veggie salads and half a slice of a doughnut. It felt so good when I ate again but I also felt regret, frustration and disappointment when I regained half of the weight I already lost. I stopped the fasting but I continued the “fruits and veggies only” diet. I have set up cheat days (once or twice a week) so as not to deprive myself from eating the food I want. ☺

With love, I admit that I was weak and stupid for giving in to temptations. I lost control and almost went all the way. I cried a lot and felt so much anguish at myself. I never had major regrets until recently. I love my fiancé so much and I don’t want to continue hurting him nor jeopardize our eight years in this relationship. We have been through a lot and will continue to do so but I know that we’ll be able to get through it when we are together. ♥


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret



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