[Diet] Master Cleanse . . .

My hair had been dyed red, I lost 20 lbs and 4 inches of my waistline. People say that I look like a different person now. LoL!!!

Ever since that weird proposal, I have been picturing myself donning a beautiful wedding gown — “shaggable” as Dada describes it. However, my body mass and weight don’t actually belong to the smexy-types. It had been more than a decade since I wore pants with a 26″ waistline. My weight about a month ago was 135 lbs and my waistline was 34 inches.

My colleague then persuaded me to try out Master Cleanse because a lot of people in our company confirmed that they indeed lost weight after just ten days. I was reluctant at first but picturing myself as a sexy bride became my determination!!! We bought the ingredients needed for the cleansing diet — Maple Syrup (Grade B), Cayenne pepper and fresh lemons. We had dinner in Red Ribbon and bid all our favorite food “Goodbye!” before going home (because we won’t be eating for ten days).

Day 1 (Jan. 11, 2012):

I forgot to drink the laxative tea yesterday. My colleague said that I should make it a habit to drink it at night because its effects are so gradual that it could affect my daily routine. Sometimes it really pays off reading the manual — but I was just too lazy! Because of that, my stomach grumbled the entire day and I had to use the loo every hour. I even offered myself to the porcelain goddess right after shift.

My after-holidays figure. X3

Day 2 (Jan. 12, 2012):

I failed to drink the laxative I bought since I was so tired. I brought it to work but the pouch had a hole in it, causing the shavings to scatter in the water. I had to throw it away. I didn’t have an extra tea bag with me so I was worried of what could happen. I felt dizzy the entire day and also experienced motion sickness but I was not sure if it was the effect of this cleansing diet or if it was due to my lack of sleep. The urgency had been more frequent too. I had to use the loo every 30 minutes. My nose was more sensitive than the usual as well. I could smell food even when it was a couple of meters away from me. The fragrance of perfume also made my stomach grumble. There was so much food in our fridge and mom’s ADOBO smelled so good!!! It was so hard to resist but I managed anyway. I drank the laxative at around 7PM. I slept at 9PM then woke up at 11PM. I used the loo then crashed the couch once again.

Day 3 (Jan. 13, 2012):

My stomach was so painful and I unloaded at around 4:40 AM. My colleague requested that I wear a dress and use the bag I bought from AVON. I was reserving my dresses for the weekend so I just opted on donning a blouse and a skirt. I remember that I had to unbutton the black pleated skirt before I could wear it. Now, I just had to slide it up. LoL! This is also the first time, after decades, that I get to tuck my blouse in. The headache was lessened, though I still felt it whenever I moved my head too much. I became more tolerant to the delicious scents of food and perfume as well, although there were times when my stomach grumbled. I felt a bit down for missing the pizza treat and the Corp party, though. I guess it would be okay so long as I gain the body that I want on my wedding day! I weighed myself in the office clinic and I was so surprised to know that I lost 10 lbs! I am now at 125 lbs.

Day 4 (Jan. 14, 2012):

Dada and I went to SMX for the wedding fair. We had lunch in Tokyo Cafe at 11:30AM. I ate Chicken Teriyaki Salad with the Caesar dressing. I only managed to eat half of the serving and we had the other half to go. At about 2PM, we decided to watch “Immortals” and I ate the rest of it inside the movie house. We headed to SM-Fairview to meetup with Leidi at 6PM. Dada then conned me into eating a slice of the OishiManju. It completely slipped my mind! The three of us had dinner in Pizza Hut. I had garden salad and mushroom soup. Damn, I cheated a lot today. I drank the laxative before I slept but I felt so guilty all throughout.

Day 5 (Jan. 15, 2012):

I had to unload in the bathroom for about 4 times in a span of two hours. I continued my juice and water diet. My stomach was growling in the evening so I ate 3 pieces of meatballs (each with the size of a jack stone ball). I had laxative again before I went to bed.

Day 6 (Jan. 16, 2012):

I lost another 5 lbs!!! I am now 120 lbs. I lost a total of 15 lbs since I started this diet. Yey!

Day 7 (Jan. 17, 2012):

I was actually thinking of quitting and some colleagues requested me to do so since they saw how gloomy and unenergised I had become. A part of me wanted to stop, but another part persuaded me to continue. There had been many things in the past that I tried but failed to finish — and I do not want this to be one of them. If I couldn’t finish this challenge, then I will never accomplish bigger challenges that would come in my way.

Day 8 (Jan. 18, 2012):

I am now 115 lbs !!! It’s still 15 lbs overweight but I’ve achieved something that I never thought I would in my entire life! This is even much better than when I entered Fitness First!

“Y’ALL AIN’T CAPABLE IF YA AIN’T NOBLE.” Not everyone who tries the Master Cleanse succeeds. I am so glad that I didn’t give up so I’m now enjoying a new lifestyle. I’ll do my best to reach my ideal weight of 100 lbs!

Day 9 (Jan. 19, 2012):

I started using a girdle as a support for my belly. It’s still bulky although I’m guessing it’s just the skin. I fitted my pants and I was surprised as I was able to tighten up my belt buckle up to 4 notches! I tried my cheongsam on and it fits as well! It’s been a while since I was able to wear it. ~sob~

Day 10 (Jan. 20, 2012):

I didn’t lose extra weight because I cheated yesterday — ate mushroom soup, garden salad and apple slices. It’s okay, I guess, since 20 lbs is MUCH more than I expected.


I didn’t stop dieting even after the program was done. I thought of doing this again but my friends advised me not to because too much laxatives WILL kill my bones.

I resolved on not eating rice (possibly until our wedding day) and just maintain the “veggies and fruits” diet. Although, once in a while, I’d eat fatty stuff again. I regained 7 lbs after five days but my body mass continued to shrink. After another three days, I burned the weight again. I actually was not sure if the weighing scale in the office was busted or if my body was indeed that reactive.

January 31 came and I maintained my weight of 115 lbs. I reduced 4 inches from my waistline!!! I am still 15 lbs overweight but prolly in a few months I’d be able to wear sexy clothing. LoL!

With my new red hair and slimmer body, a lot of people in the office barely recognized me… and when they did, they would either stare or smile and say “PUMAYAT KA NAAAA!!!”


2 responses to “[Diet] Master Cleanse . . .

  1. Kuromaku san, hajimemashite. Congratulations on the diet, you look great. I am English but will be moving to Tokyo for a few months, very soon. I have done the mc diet before and found it great. Just wondering where did you get the ingredients needed in Tokyo ie Maple Syrup (Grade B), Cayenne pepper and fresh lemons. Thanks xxx

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