The Levels of Cheating . . .

“In order to preserve your self-respect, it is sometimes necessary to lie and cheat.” --- Robert Byrne

I admit that I cheated and I have learned from it. I am also thankful that Dada was there to support me despite my weak resolve. He explained to me that the gravity of cheating varies — so does the punishment. I couldn’t describe it more so I just thought of putting our conversation about it. (not the exact words but the gist is the same)


The “Bus Stop” Analogy

Dada: What’s the difference between “riding a bus from point A to point C” and “riding a bus from point A to point B?”

Me: you stopped in the middle?

Dada: Same goes with cheating. The gravity is different. The price to pay is also different.


Cheating the Master Cleanse Diet

Me: I ordered a doughnut so I could sit there and wait for you… but I got bored so I ate half of it. I feel guilty for cheating!

Dada: Okay lang ‘yan.

Me: No, it isn’t! I lost 15 lbs last week after the cleansing diet but I gained 1 lb today! I stopped eating the doughnut because I suddenly remembered how painstaking it was not eating anything but lemon juice for ten days! It’s so much hard work and I don’t want the results wasted.

Dada: See? So you now realize that cheating has its consequences. Halfway is acceptable but if you eat everything (or go all the way) then you know what’s gonna happen.



3 responses to “The Levels of Cheating . . .

    • haha! it actually has multiple meanings… i am guilty of cheating on my diet.. and “that other meaning” … but he forgave me, nonetheless. that’s why im grateful. ♥

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