CHInoy HAO BANG 2012 ! ! !

Dragon Flags


Dada and I welcomed the Year of the Water Dragon by attending the CHInoy HAO BANG in San Miguel By the Bay – SM Mall Of Asia.  Dada is partly Chinese. I have no Chinese blood running through my veins. What I wanted to do was celebrate the results of my diet pact – my cheongsam finally fits!!! LoL!

EYE Ferris Wheel

There was not much to see apart from the EYE Ferris Wheel, the dragon dancers and a few other booths. I was expecting a lot of bargain stores but all we found were food stalls and parlor games. We watched the programs a bit before heading back to the mall.

Tanabe Japanese Restaurant's "Kani Salad"

Dada suggested that Tanabe Japanese Restaurant was a good spot for watching fireworks displays. I didn’t hesitate dining there (even though it’s very expensive) because the view, the food and the customer service were all great!

The event’s conclusion was the CHInoy HAO BANG – Fireworks Display, which lasted for about five minutes.

More photos:


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