Dada’s Birthday 2012 ♥ ♥ ♥

L likes sweet chocolate cakes. ♥u♥

It was Dada’s birthday!!! He’s a year older than me again — for the next five months! Hooray!

I gave this small Black Velvet Cake to my fiancé on his birthday. A funny experience that we had was we accidentally tipped the box containing it but we were surprised that its shape remained perfect. We later found out, after trying to slice it, that the coating was made of an elastic substance. Our reaction was “So that’s why!” Haha! It’s very delicious! ♥

Before I went to the province last year, Dada and I had an argument which eventually led to a truly-weird-but-funny engagement proposal. He promised that we’d talk about it further once I got back. So during his birthday dinner, we discussed bits and pieces about tying the knot. He said that he would be the financier while I’ll be the organizer.

The excitement stressed me a lot… but I’m happy. ♥


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