OCSI Christmas Party 2011 (GLAM ROCK) ! ! !

☻ Glam Metal ☻

The Preparation

I am a fanatic of Rock Music for as long as I can remember and I have already collected so many clothes and accessories that coincide with the party’s theme. I spent so much money on last year’s company party so I promised myself that I would not spend a dime this time around. My colleagues voted that I wear the Harajuku polo which I bought from the last convention. I also used the Kira boots I wore during our closet cosplay. I bought some cosmetics but I’ll be using them for 4 months so it was okay.

Rock on!

The Makeover

It wasn’t truly a makeover but this is one of those few instances when I invest much on my make-up. I grabbed some glam rock photos on the Internet as my basis then I put make-up on myself.

I tried it on a few hours prior to the party. The foundation I bought was too light. I shouldn’t have believed “beauty experts” when they said that a skin-tone lighter than mine should be applied. I looked like a Kiss fanatic! Ugh!

My hair was ironed but the effects didn’t last long. It was okay since it was meant to be generally messy anyway. I had my nails done as well.

Glam Metal

We reached the venue and I felt like I was in a club. There were only a few people wearing the right clothes. I, myself, am not following the theme. LoL!

The Party

Crossroad 77 was so small and it was HOT — literally speaking. I don’t know how many people were there but I think they squeezed in more than a hundred tables in such a tiny function room.  I even *accidentally* kicked someone — and I can still remember her glare, LoL!

The food was not delicious apart from the spaghetti. The waiters, too, were very unaccommodating. I asked them for a glass of water three times and none of them returned. I had to intentionally grab a glass from another waiter passing by.

With the exception of Talata‘s performance, the rest were lame. I only watched Corp’s skit since TL-Voltz, TL-Dustin and some of Service Assurance were there. IT WAS A ROCK-THEMED PARTY yet most of them were no more than sons of plunder!!!

I didn’t stay seated for more than five minutes. I kept roaming around the hall, looking for people I know and hogging photographers.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Reyann, Alej, me, Zarjoy, Arvie, Cathy, Vivianne and Sheree

LEFT TO RIGHT: Marlon, Adam, Voltz, Jake, Arman, Arvie, Sheree, Cathy, Vivianne, me and Marc. This is HD-GREEN during TL-Voltz's reign. >:3

After the mini-photoshoots, I didn’t find anything appealing anymore. I left the venue shortly after 11PM.


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