Trip to Nagsasa 2011 ! ! !

Service Assurance planned this outing for several weeks and it was almost halted by the bad weather. Still, we were so set on journeying.

Left to Right: Krista, Hansel, Reyann, me, Onin (kneeling), Aries, Redge, Jeff, Garry, James (extra rice), TL-Ruth, Mylene and Sei. This was actually our photo prior to departing from Nagsasa. LoL!


My colleagues and I bought and packed the stuff we needed for the team outing. It was around 6:30PM when we left Ortigas and started our journey to Nagsasa Cove.

We reached Pundaquit a few minutes to midnight. It was quite windy and the waves were about 1-2 feet high but the sky was mostly clear, with a few clouds and a lot of stars. The planktons were abundant and they were also glowing whenever our boat hit them. Thank goodness, we didn’t encounter any troubles during our sea voyage.

It was past 1AM when we reached Nagsasa Cove. The waves were much calmer compared to Pundaquit’s. There was no electricity so the guys relied on torches while assembling the tents. All of us were tired so we immediately crashed the couch shortly after.


Hoping for a nice sunrise shot was futile since the sun is always rising behind Nagsasa’s mountains. I just roamed around to look for other fascinating things to ease the frustration. LoL!

No sun ... Just the mountains, sea, sand and clouds.

Nagsasa owns different types of terrain.

The peculiar sand formations caught my attention the most. These were probably the results of intersecting sea currents. Bohol‘s sand is white; Bolinao‘s is golden while Nagsasa‘s is silver.

Different sand formations in Nagsasa (with a few twigs and rocks).

The calm sea is crystal-clear so we were able to take snapshots underwater. The abundance of jellyfish was quite a turn-off though. I got stung by one and my arm remained bloated for a few hours.

Photo taken by a colleague. Buddah blesses you. LoL!

A lake situates just a few meters away from the sea. It was surrounded by sand, pebbles and a lot of pine trees. The water was quite murky so I didn’t bother diving in.

Lake water and pebbles.

Behind the shoreline lie mountains, sandbars, grasslands and multitudes of humongous rocks. I felt like I entered a Monster Hunter map because the similarities were uncanny! I thought Kut-Ku would suddenly descend from the sky! LoL!

Patches of clouds hover the mountains, creating these scenic views.

Grasslands and bushes ...

Breathtaking ---- both literally and figuratively speaking.

... from way up high to down so low ... everything looked magnificent!

This garden of flowers is found beside the lake.

These humongous boulders awaited us on our trip to the waterfalls!!! It was an excruciating climb!!!

Our trip to the waterfalls became the most excruciating moment of my life! It was a cumulative three-and-a-half  hours of crossing all possible types of terrain! I tolerated the grasslands but the never-ending piles of rocks were too much for me. I was grateful because my colleagues assisted  me in getting through this challenge.

Our group photo with the waterfalls as the background --- a mark of our achievement!

My entire body, especially my feet, were sore and my energy was severely drained. Even so, I didn’t give up and was still able to run the last 1Km going back to our camp. My motivation was catching the breathtaking view of Nagsasa’s sunset. It was a great addition to my Sunset collection.

That wraps up everything!


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