Late Night Dinner : The Godfather . . .

It’s been five months since I last met up with my peers. An opportunity arose when Toni wanted my lolita dress for their Halloween party and I did not let that pass. We had a lot of catching up done.

We were used to hanging out in faraway places but I wanted to stay within our hometown this time around. We decided to meet up in a snazzy cafe called Il Padrino.

... baroque wallpaper!!!

... view from the mezzanine.

AMBIANCE. Lighting was soothing to the eyes, the chairs were comfortable and the interior decorations give it a sophisticated aura. Patrons will really feel at home. They have one computer on the mezzanine that has an active Internet connection — anyone can use it. Their comfort room was also clean. Just like other coffee shops, they have racks and shelves packed with reading materials. Although, unlike the others that don fashion mags, the ones found there were mostly about geek stuff — Discovery, K-Zone and Culture Crash!!! I was thinking that maybe the owner of this cafe is an otaku. LoL!

All these for P610!!! Whoa! (photo c/o toni)

FOOD. The menu contains only a few dishes and drinks. I am not into Italian-style cuisine but I enjoyed the meals. We ordered the Spaghetti with Chicken Meatballs, a Zucchini and Black Forest smoothies. Each serving size was enough for one person.

SERVICE. Too long. It took thirty minutes before my first Black Forest drink was served.

PRICE. If a person can afford the products of other luxurious coffee shops, then this will not be a pain in the pocket. Otherwise, it would be best to stick with 3-in-1 sachets.

OVERALL DINING EXPERIENCE. Il Padrino is a good place for relaxation. I would surely come back here if given another opportunity.

All photos were taken using our CHAMP mobile phones.
I must bring Epiphany next time!


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