Weekly Photo Challenge : Possibility

This puppy is only a few weeks old. We don't have a name for it yet.

I am not sure if puppies at this age can already see their surroundings or at least view the silhouette. It often cries when it can't feel anything moving near it.

Tee-hee~ Little puppy is sleepy~ That's the mom's feet on the upper right of the photo. LoL! These are merely snapshots. I'm really not that good taking photos of moving subjects --- like kids and pets --- that's why I used multishots to get decent photos. *sigh*

Wanda is our pet Havanese but she mated with mongrels thus her puppies come with different appearances, temperaments and personalities. Some of her brood are feisty, some are timid, some are playful, some are noisy, some have long coats, some have short coats, some grow into large dogs, some are small, and all of them are ALWAYS HUNGRY!!! ☻

This puppy is one of Wanda’s fourth batch of litter. It’s barely a month old and we don’t have a name for it yet. We don’t know what its appearance and temperament would be a few months from now. I am also unsure if mom would decide to keep it or donate it just like the others. So many possibilities and only time can tell what is in store for this little bundle of joy. ☺

This is my official entry for this week’s photo challenge: [Possibility]


This one is an extra…

I password-protected my new PC  since the people in our house destroyed my previous computer. They won’t be able to access this now without my permission. Tee-hee~~~


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