My Collection : Pendants . . .

I never thought how much pendants I have until I made this blog!!!

Most of these gorgeous pendants have either been misplaced, stolen, worn out or given to others. Only the current batch remains with me.

Lux in Tenebris

LUX IN TENEBRIS – I call it “Light in the Darkness” because the multiple white and gold necklaces look like rays of light. The chains are too thin and they get tangled easily. Nonetheless, it’s pretty. I bought this from BodyKendi (a.k.a. LolitaVirus).

Espiritu Sancti

ESPIRITU SANCTI – I decided to call it “The Holy Spirit” because of the two-tone color. The silver tone symbolizes the “Body” while the gold tone is the “Holy Spirit.” The manufacturer used low-grade paste on the gold cross that’s why it easily came off. I had to use rugby to put it back. I bought this in one of the stalls in FCM (where I also bought Vespillo).


CLAVIS – It means “key” in Latin. The edges of this cross look like keyblades from Kingdom Hearts. I bought this in one of the stalls in FCM (where I also bought Vespillo).


VESPILLO“The Undertaker” in Latin. The red paint on this cross is shaped like a tip of a sword and the cross’s edges are shaped like shovels. I bought this in one of the stalls in FCM.


ROSEUS – It means “Rosey-Red” in Latin. I bought this from LolitaVirus.


PULLUS – It means “Black” in Latin. I bought this from LolitaVirus.


TIMEKEEPER – This pendant is like a locket with a watch. I was lucky as LolitaVirus had one last piece. I didn’t hesitate on buying it along with the Skulls connector ring.


KAI – This is my second golden pendant. There are some writings engraved on the cross but I don’t know what they mean. This was originally part of a necklace but I am now using it as an additional decoration for my key chain.. I bought this from one of the booths in the Best of Animé 2011.


STEAMPUNK = I bought this necklace from a colleague. This is an AVON product from their August 2011 catalogue. This is a part of the “men’s section” but I didn’t care. I like the design.

Necklace Collection 2010

1.) WHITE FLAME = from Penshoppe
2.) SANCTUS = I forgot where I bought this… >.<
3.) THIRTEEN =  bought from a colleague. I use this more often as an earring rather than as a pendant.
4.) YDDRASIL = from Penshoppe
5.) P&S = from REBEL Gear
6.) APOLLO = this is a gift from a colleague (Christmas party monito-monita)
7.) LADY WEB = from SM Megamall’s department store

Necklace Collection 2009

1.) RAZOR ANGEL = from Penshoppe
2.) GOTHIC NIRVANA = from Gargantilla
3.) PURE INTENTIONS =  from Gargantilla
4.) DARK INTENTIONS =  from Gargantilla
5.) PUNK SILVER CROSS = from a bargain store in Market! Market!
6.) GREGORIAN ANGEL = from Penshoppe

Necklace Collection 2008

 1.)  TWIN DESIRE = I bought this in Divisoria. Jeiro (my cosplay-buddy) and I each had one. I gave mine to a good friend.

2.) GOTHIC EMPRESS = bought from Genevieve Gozum. This is my *FAVORITE* necklace of all time.  I used to wear this everyday. I misplaced it when my boyfriend and I checked in a hotel. I’m still trying to look for a spare (since GG no longer has one). I hope I find one before I die! *sniff* T___T

3.) SEVEN JEWELS = I bought this in Divisoria. I had two. I lost the first one during a rainy day in SM Megamall. I gave the other to my beloved cousin.


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