Wi-Tribe . . .

This is my third attempt on getting a decent Internet Service Provider.

My first ISP was SmartBRO. It generally had a good signal, stable speed and minimal dropouts. Unfortunately, when problems arise, their technical support people are more or less no better than a fifth grader. I ended my subscription after being loyal to them for five long years [full story here]!!! GLOBE, SKYCable, PLDT, Bayantel : all these are unavailable in our friggin’ remote area. I tried Sun Broadband for three months. The first few days were horrible. [full story here] Problems started multiplying during my third month with them. A little wind or drizzle will plummet the signal to zero. Playing MMORPGs also became a burden. I could not simultaneously play games, browse and use Skype.

Not even close to 1 Mbps…

Wi-Tribe became available in our area about a few months ago but they only had a download quota of 6GB a month. I am a heavy user so 6GB will never be enough for me. It was just recently that they abolished the quota and decided to go “Unlimited” so I became interested and I didn’t think twice on subscribing (with a 24-months lock-in period)!

That “Up to 1 Mbps” is always a WTF disclaimer.  When the technician installed it, I was only getting 200 kbps download speeds. He said that the speed increases while I am using it…… Lies! I tried my usual stuff and the best I could get was 560 kbps!!!

I called their technical support hotline and asked how I can access my portal. The dude who assisted me was knowledgeable enough to tell me all the details I needed. I was so concerned when I saw that I’ve consumed almost 9GB in less than a month and that the quota shown on my account was 6GB! The agent said to just disregard what was stated in there because they have indeed switched to “Unlimited” plans. He said that their portal page and database haven’t been upgraded yet. LoL!

An almost “WTF” moment


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