Philips SHS4700 ! ! !

Philips SHS4700 has stylish and adjustable ear-hooks.

My Sennheiser HD418 is working fine and it never disappointed me but since my hair must remain PERFECT then I cannot wear big cans or anything that potentially ruin it. I am running low on cash since I just bought a new rig and I also had my hair rebounded, plus I am also paying my monthly dues for Epiphany. Still, I was willing to spend my remaining cash on a nice pair of  earphones that can temporarily replace the HD418. LoL!

I found the Philips SHS4700 and some other earphones while window-shopping. Of all those I tested, this was the one that had the most profound bass and noise-cancellation. It isn’t at par with the cans I previously bought but the sound quality is good enough to keep me preoccupied while travelling or whenever I do not want to be disturbed. This is almost half the price of my HD418 so I hope the purchase is worth it.


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