Yamaha : Run for Heroes 2011 ! ! !

Rio dela Cruz --- what an amazing guy!

Marvin (my colleague) invited me to join the Yamaha Run for Heroes. I was iffy at first but I still wanted to experience what it’s like participating in a strenuous sport and test how healthy I really am.

This is the longest run I ever accomplished!

It has been more than a year since I last stepped on a treadmill and the longest time I jogged was only 20 minutes — and that was a few weeks ago. Due to the constant rain (and my uber-powerful laziness), I did not have ample time to practice for the main event. Still, I didn’t back out. I can’t! I already paid the P600 fee! LoL!

My colleagues and I arrived in Bonifacio High Street around 5:30AM. We just took a couple of photos then we headed off to the race track. We were composed of two guys and three girls. I knew that the guys would go ahead of us so the girls and I thought of staying together. The 5Km race officially started at 5:45 AM.

Seeing all the participants made me feel intimidated and driven at the same time. Most of them have truly athletic bodies while a select few are even bulkier than I am. I know that I won’t be finishing this first but I don’t plan on being the last one either. My main concern was my endurance. I am like a cheetah — fast sprint, fast burn out. It was very difficult keeping my pace. Good thing there were water stations every kilometer or so. “ARE WE THERE YET?!” became my constant question during the entire race.

I finished the race in 45 minutes ! ! !

Reaching the finish line (with my sanity and body parts intact) is the best and most rewarding moment I ever had that day!!! Whoa! Hey, that’s not bad for a first-timer, is it?

We didn't get to have our photos taken on the actual finish line... but, pretty much, this is how we looked like. LoL!

We got some nice freebies afterwards. We got bags, caps, UNILAB products, free food and drinks plus a certificate. After taking the stash, we just posed for some more photos then we headed to Shakey’s. LoL!

Oh lookie~ So many many writings! Me want it too!

I got home shortly before 12NN. I was sooooo exhausted that I slept for the next 12 hours!

Will I do this again? Probably not. Maybe. We’ll see.☻


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