5th TAGCOM (Toys & Hobbies Convention) ! ! !

Events photography sure isn’t simple. This is definitely not my forte. Aside from the fact that I lack the proper tools (and skills), I also had to constantly request for the cosplayers to pose and then compete with other photographers in getting the shots I wanted. Unfortunately, I was also wearing wedges so I couldn’t walk too much.

Lookie! Epiphany has a tissue wrapped on the built-in flash. LoL! Lawrence said tissues are used as "diffusers" and I was amazed because it did work wonders. LoL!

Anyway, it was still nice seeing my cosplay and my photographer friends. Lawrence gave me useful tips and Erving lent me his camera accessories. Jeiro and Lora also attended the event and I was impressed on how intricate their costumes were. I was kinda surprised too that they still recognized me despite the fact that I’ve gained much weight and I have bangs. LoL!

Some of the cosplayers who attended the 5th TAGCOM.

I only took shots of the cosplayers that caught my attention and there’s just a few of them (some are not included here). I also got disappointed with the quality of the photos I was producing — maybe because I wasn’t putting my heart into it.

Steady ... steady ... steady ... AAAAAAAAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!

I just roamed around the convention area to ease my frustrations — I felt a bit better but my feet were starting to burn!

The convention area was so small yet it's jam-packed with cosplayers, hobbyists, otaku and their chaperons.

I was eying on a Lolita shop near the stage but I got irritated when I found out how poorly-made the products were. Those people have even sewn ruffles on the edges of the cheap umbrellas to imitate parasols. Blergh!

The booth that caught my interest was The Keybie Café. It had numerous chibi renditions of animé characters. I bought four cellphone-chains which were P50 a piece.

The Keybie Café. The lady there was kind enough and she allowed me to take photos of her booth.

Jeiro, Lora, Lawrence and I held a mini-photoshoot right after the catwalk. We found a nice spot just a few meters away from Marks & Spencer and there was a wall with glowing yellow-green lights.

Lora as the "Lunatic Queen" and Jeiro as "Elisabeth" (Pullip dolls)

The aura suddenly changed when we had the entire space for ourselves. I was able to produce decent photographs with the help of Lawrence and the lights. We then decided to hold a more formal photoshoot soon. Tee-hee~


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