Dada and Bebe 7th Anniversary ! ! !

I’m very happy because we got to spend our anniversary for many days — all thanks to the flexibility of our schedules (sort of).

April 15.

Dada and I had din-din in The Old Spaghetti House, an Italian restaurant located at the third floor of Robinson’s Galleria. We’ve been planning this for many weeks but we keep forgetting. LoL! The ambiance is very homey and the plate presentation was also nice. However, the dining experience wasn’t all good since the food tasted so-so yet they’re very expensive. We ordered pizza, nachos and spaghetti with meatballs. Of all those, I only liked the nachos. I guess we won’t be returning here anytime soon.

The Old Spaghetti House


Spaghetti with Meatballs



April 17.

I went to Dada’s place so we can spend quality time together. They have a new puppy named “Almond” which was a gift from his cousin. It’s Almond’s second day in their house and he’s still not used to the place. He has been very attached to Dada as if he’s his mommy! He’d follow Dada wherever he goes and would cry if he loses sight of him. They look sooooo cute!  We left Almond in Vrian’s care while we went to Festival Mall.


For many weeks, Dada had been so persistent on reviving my PSP — which I have long thought to be bricked. Dada surprisingly managed to get it going again but some of the buttons were no longer functioning. Dada took it to a shop in Festi and shouldered half of the cost of repairs. He said that that’s his anniversary gift for me. Aaawww~~~

We had din-din in Teriyaki Boy and he shouldered the expenses too. Apart from the salty Yakimeshi rice, all else tasted good.

Teriyaki Boy - Yakimeshi Rice, California Maki and Ebi Tempura


April 19.

Dada and I went to our usual tambayan and stayed there for many hours. Patapon 3 ate up most of our time. Dada used his archer while I used my black mage. The stigma of ranged attackers is “We kill fast or we die fast.” That’s what happened most of the time. LoL! There’s this one quest that took us probably an hour to finish due to its difficulty. It was frustrating and fun at the same time. It’s been so long since I last played games that I almost forgot what the feeling was like. *sigh*

Patapon 3


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