CANON 3-Year Warranty ~ ~ ~

I just got my CANON Warranty Card and Manual. YEY!

Epiphany (my dSLR) has so many warranties under her belt.

  • It has a 1-Year shop warranty from ELECTROWORLD.
  • It has 1-Year Accidental Warranty also from ELECTROWORLD.
  • It also has a 3-Year warranty straight from CANON.

Call me paranoid but I don’t give a damn. I know taking good care of my camera is still the primary key, but it doesn’t hurt to ensure that someone would be there to aid me when Epiphany needs repairs.

*** the serial number has been removed for security purposes

5 responses to “CANON 3-Year Warranty ~ ~ ~

    • hi! you need to register for the 3-yr warranty on their website. you can call their hotline to check if the 3-yr warranty pushed through. this card will then be mailed to you several weeks (or months) later.

  1. Just want to ask this. How did you forward the requirements? I mean the “snap shot copy of sales invoice (this mean the receipt) and bar coded portion of your box with the serial number” How did you do it? By scanning those things. You send it through yahoo? To Canon Customer Care?

    I really need to know those things. Because i dont have idea. Thank you for replying..

  2. follow the steps stated here:

    you need to submit scanned copies of the ff:
    – official receipt
    – filled-up warranty card (the form that came with the camera)

    call their hotline 8849000 to verify if they have received your registration form a day or two after you’ve submitted it. sometimes, their inbox goes over-quota so your email will just bounce back to you.

    it took me three emails and a personal email from one of their managers before i got my warranty processed.

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