I had siesta this afternoon and my little sister used my PC for her usual games and browsing. She suddenly stopped (which is unusual since she can go for 15 hours straight playing in front of the PC) and decided to sleep. When she woke up, she told me that the PC froze. Around 5:30PM, I decided to switch my PC back on and an error message was stuck on my screen.

Ethernet Cable Failure

I tried restarting my PC several times but this message always showed up. I tried booting via other options but they also failed because my hard drive cannot be detected.

I thought it was a peripheral failure so I accessed the BIOS and disabled the LAN ROM. I have no idea what that’s for but I tweaked it a few weeks ago, thinking that it can help me resolve my issues with SmartBRO. My PC was able to boot  to Windows right after I saved the new BIOS settings.

BIOS - Integrated Peripherals

I searched the Internet for answers and they mostly point out to the hard drive as the cause. My HD is more than five years old, methinks, and I’ve performed OSRI so many times. I’m actually surprised that it withstood so much beating! LoL!

(My processor, my hard drive and my monitor are the only peripherals that originally came with the package. All else have been replaced.)

I still have to monitor if it’s going to reoccur or if those changes finally restored everything back to the way they were.



p/s. photos grabbed from other netizens.


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