The Villa . . .

The front door of our house...

We went to our old house in Caloocan which is currently being renovated. I haven’t been there in six years. Going back there was both nostalgic and awful.

When I was in college, that village looked like a ghost town. However, as the years passed, more and more people occupied the empty houses and it’s now as crowded as a marketplace. Most of the houses were somewhat decrepit, except for a select few that’s possibly been maintained well by its owners. I can hardly recognize the landmarks I used to know — such as the basketball court and the sari-sari store. The forest path which leads to a used-to-be-well-known resort has now been blocked. I’m also unsure if that resort is still operational.

Aside from that village, a lot of subdivisions have also been built on its neighboring areas (which used to be covered with rice fields). Almost every subdivision we’ve passed by has at least one church and one school. There were also plenty of convenience stores and other businesses.

It’s quite far from the mainland and transportation is very difficult during rush hours. Back in college, it takes me almost an hour to travel from our house to Novaliches-Bayan (that excludes the time I had to spend standing in line to get my ride). Maybe those have been doubled by now.

I’ve had plenty of memories in that village, both pleasant and not, but I’m much happier now that we’re out of there.

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