Incompetence [2] . . .

Pretty decent ... Only for today. LoL!

SUN Wireless Broadband has an excellent signal strength (based on their statistics) but for some odd reason the speed of my connection drops to 0.00 kbps after a couple of minutes and it stays there.  I have to restart my PC each time that happens. That has been ongoing since I subscribed to them. Sometimes I just don’t know which to hate more — the Internet Service Providers or our house’s location.

Surprisingly, it’s been good the entire day today so I’m able to blog again. I am unsure if this will be permanent or if it will go back to how it used to be.

Good enough speed. If only the signal lasts more than an hour. LoL!

Since the connection holds today, I decided to setup my email via Thunderbird. I have no clue what their outgoing mail server was so I called their technical support to ask. I was very upset with the outcome, though.

Me: Ano yung SMTP server ninyo? (What’s your SMTP server?)
SUN TSR: Ano po yung “SMTP” ma’am? (What is “SMTP” ma’am?)

That was a FACE PALM moment! LoL!

The dude even asked me to send an email to to get the answer for that simple question. I did send them an email but they have not replied yet. In the end, I had to search Google for the answer. Actually, the answer still wasn’t in Google. I just figured it out on my own — I used my email provider’s SMTP server.


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