Incompetence . . .

SmartBRO sucks!

After five years of subscription, I decided to cut my ties with SmartBRO.

SmartBRO’s service has been terrible and their technical support agents were very incompetent. My phone calls to them frequently get disconnected and they do not bother ringing me back. Each phone call to them can last for a mere minute to two hours — 90% of the time they put me on hold and the conversation ended up with either a disconnection or their representatives will just say “We consulted our ‘support group’ … Wait within 24 hours for an update.” I asked their supervisors to call me during specific times and give me updates but they never kept their word. About 90% (again) of the time, they will ring my phone twice but they will hang up before I could pick up and answer. I asked them to send out a technician and they did — although he didn’t arrive on the date and time he was scheduled. The technician was supposed to arrive on March 8 between 8AM-10AM but it was already 12NN and he was nowhere to be found. When I called their hotline, they said that no one’s going to come out because the technician who was assigned to us was off-course. I talked to another supervisor and demanded a tech out at once but she declined saying that the techs are fully-booked. She told me that a field tech will be dispatched “first thing in the morning” … Lo and behold; the field tech arrived around 12NN the following day. WTF?! I was very frustrated because I was out of the house when the tech arrived. 12NN is NOT “morning” … That’s why it’s called “NOON” … Their agents and the field tech blamed my computer as the source of the problem.

Sun Broadband HUAWEI plug-it modem

SmartBRO cannot explain why my computer only has Internet connection during off-peak hours and why the PING tests continuously drop. I can’t even ping my WAN IP Address. They also cannot explain why I cannot access websites other than their WebConnect and their Portal. I may not be a network guru but I’ve used computers since I was in fifth grade and my line of work happens to be dealing with Internet problems. I’ve checked my computer even as far as performing OSRI. I am 100% sure that my PC is fine.

I cancelled the account yesterday and I was so infuriated because the front desk dude even had the guts to offer me an internet connection via the SAMSUNG Galaxy. WTF? I made it clear that their service is crappy and yet there he was offering me another product! If I was in a bad mood, I’d punch him in the kisser.

I went to SUN Broadband and subscribed to their unlimited plan. I admit that our area is quite remote that’s why Internet services are mostly unavailable there but SUN became my choice since their lock-in period is only 3 months.

Good enough speed. If only the signal lasts more than an hour. LoL!

SUN’s speed is much slower than SmartBRO’s and there are also disconnections (due to signal loss, understandable since I am way too far from their access point) but I didn’t encounter the same symptoms — dropping PING tests, portal-only access, nong-ping-able IP. It’s an indication that my PC is error-free. It was completely SmartBRO’s fault all along and they just won’t admit it.

SmartBRO’s service has been very good for many years, but their technical support’s inefficiencies in detecting the cause of the problem will get customers nowhere. It’s as if a person is sick and he goes to a doctor that cannot pin-point the cause of his pain. He may die because of that doctor’s incompetence.

If my PC is the problem then how come I can use the Internet now that I’m with a different ISP? SmartBRO is just full of bull and this proves it.

Anyway, I’m just waiting for their SmartBRO’s tech to come and pull out the canopy.

Never will I recommend nor use SmartBRO again.


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