Heaven & Eggs ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞

Party Like a Rock Star \m/*.*\m/

Heaven & Eggs has been a personal fave since I started working in Makati. Whenever I had money to spare, my colleagues and I (sometimes Dada and I) dined there.

Their previous theme was a Garden setting, wherein some chairs were dangling from the ceiling to look like swings. Their menu was also similar to Pancake House‘s. About a year or so ago, they changed it to the Rock Star theme. I do not have any qualms with it. In fact, I am very much pleased with the ambiance because I am a big fan of rock music and going to H&E makes me feel “at home.” \m/*.*\m/

Manila Spareribs 1965

The food is awesome! Big servings, good presentation, great taste! Customer service is okay. Not that good but it wasn’t bad either.

I suggested this to my friends and all of them liked the dining experience. Most of us are living up North but we might come back here if another opportunity arises. LoL!

(We went to Starbucks right after, btw.)


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