I haz bangs ☻ ☻ ☻

My hair is one of my assets because it’s long and thick. I’ve been taking good care of it for many years. However, there are still instances when hair strands lose vibrance and I get split-ends.

Today, I visited a salon in FCM called “Meynard’s” (formerly a property of Jun Encarnacion). The lady who attended to me was very nice but she lacks the skills of a hairdresser. I asked her to just trim the split-ends and put bangs just like in those Korean posters they have in front of their salon, but she still didn’t get it. She put bangs on one side of my forehead only. I had to “gesture” to her what it should look like before she finally understood. The end product was still messed up. When I got home, I took a pair of scissors and fixed it myself.

Anyway …

Good-bye, split-ends! Hello, bangs! ☻


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