[TRIP] Manila Ocean Park 2011 . . .

First time I went to Manila Ocean Park was in 2008, during my youngest sibling’s field trip. We only stayed there for an hour. This time, I made sure that our stay would be worth it.

My younger sister and I passed by Quiapo en route to MOP. It was the first time I saw the famous church housing the Black Nazarene. We stayed there briefly then we rode a taxi going to MOP.

Ironically, this contains the fins of a Whale Shark. We never saw a whale shark there.

Kung hei Fat Choi!

This is the lobby where the souvenir shops and restaurants are.

Sunset in Manila Bay Feb 2011

Sunset in Manila Bay Feb 2011

The package we got was worth P600. It includes the Jellies: Dancing Sea Fairies, Marine Life Habitat, Marine Life Show, Oceanarium, Fish Spa and the Musical Fountain Show. In total, we spent about P3000 for this trip, including the travel fare and food.

Jellies: Dancing Sea Fairies. There were so many jellyfishes on display although most of them are swimming inversely — possibly due to the current produced by the water pumps.

These tubes are filled with transparent jellyfishes. The tubes' lights gradually change.

Transparent Jellies

This looks like Spongebob's favorite jellyfish.

They swim inversely due to the current.

Pretty ... Poisonous?

Marine Life Habitat & Marine Life Show. This showcases a few witty sea lions who were so fond of swimming and loitering around. We got to see two of them perform and they were very entertaining. They are like trained dogs — less the fur and barking sound.

One of the young sea lions emerged while a diver cleans their pen.

Vincent and Isabel with their trainers.

Isabel is trying to locate the toy gun that was submerged in the pool.

Oceanarium. This houses a wide variety of marine life. Looking at the colorful sea creatures was very entertaining but it was so challenging taking photos of them. Flash photography is forbidden as it will startle the fish so I had to constantly change Epiphany‘s settings in order to take the shots I like.

A school of fish swimming around this water plant.

Garden Eels

A fish just got out of the sea anemone

Blacktip Reef Shark

These remind me of a Shin Seiki Evangelion "angel" ☻

I don't know what this is called.

Swimming freely -- Sea Horse

Fish Spa. We dipped our feet in a shallow pool containing a lot of “doctorfish.” These fishes nibbled on our dead skin cells allowing the softer skin to grow. i felt ticklish at first but once I got used to it, the experience was great. LoL! ☺

Plenty of doctorfish = Plenty of dead skin cells! LoL!

Musical Fountain Show. This is a more extravagant version of the Water Plaza during the World Light Expo 2007.  I enjoyed it, except for the dancing stars.

Lights + Fountain + Fireworks!

Lights + Fountain + Fireworks!

Manila Ocean Park is a great place for marine life lovers such as myself, but it still needs a lot of improvement. We didn’t see much during my first trip here and until now, some portions of MOP are still closed or unfinished. I’ll probably pass by here again after a couple of years. ☺


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