Light Up the Darkness . . .

Visayas Avenue is one of the most prominent streets in our subdivision. As of late, only one house has been built on one side and the rest are filled with trees and other plants.

Visayas Avenue is where joggers, pet owners, motorists and other home owners frequently cross paths --- but never actually talk to one another. ☻

Because this is an open area with massive amounts of oxygen, a lot of joggers frequently go here. The ironic thing about these joggers is that they run around many times a day but they still bring their cars with them –— they spend hours and hours jogging yet they’re too lazy to walk from here to their own houses! o_O

"Pieta" is a representation similar to the Virgin Mary carrying Jesus when He wa brought down from the crucifix.

The TV series Pieta was often filmed here. I hated those days because they always caused traffic. Yes, there’s traffic INSIDE a subdivision. How “cool” is that?! LoL!

All them white ladies can't scare motorists now. LoL!

Motorists who are not very accustomed to the place often feared this part of the subdivision because it’s pitch-black at night. It has been like that for many years. It’s a good thing that the officials of the Home Owners Association FINALLY realized that it was time to “Light Up the Darkness!”

Light up the Darkness . . .

It was a great opportunity for me to try out night photography without having to travel a lot. My younger sister and I enjoyed the mini-photoshoot we had — at 11PM. Rarrgh!


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